Capitol Hemp in D.C. Closes, After Police Raid in October Seized Smoking Devices

Adam Eidinger stands next to the wall and gives it a good, solid knock. “Hemp board,” he says. “First retail store to be built out of it. It’s held up remarkably well.”

Eidinger and business partner Alan Amsterdam imported 2,000 pounds of the stuff from China while building Capitol Hemp in an Adams Morgan basement four years ago. Since then, hemp-board shelves have held products also made of non-psychoactive strains of industrial cannabis — soap, paper, shoes, coats, hats. Dog beds and wood stain, even.

But no longer. Friday was Capitol Hemp’s last day of business.

The reason lies in the back of the store, behind a closed door. There, more hemp shelves held dozens of delicate glass pipes and other intricate smoking devices.

In October, D.C. police raided the shop and a Capitol Hemp location in Chinatown, now closed. They arrested six employees and seized $350,000 worth of glassware, alleging that its sale violated the city’s drug paraphernalia laws. To get their merchandise back and avoid criminal prosecution, Eidinger and Amsterdam agreed in April to close their D.C. shops.

On Friday, a steady crowd filed in for one last time to check out shirts and hats, many sporting images of cannabis leaves. Some inspected discount pieces of artisan glassware — don’t use the B-word — that retail for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

Its owners, meanwhile, stood in the shop commiserating with customers and soon-to-be-laid-off employees about doing business in a city where residents and elected officials have long supported medical marijuana and liberal politics, but police and prosecutors have taken a hard line on enforcing drug laws.

“We’ve been legal. We’ve paid our taxes. We’ve gotten all our permits,” Amsterdam said. “When you do everything by the book, you expect a little bit more.”

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  1. mexweed on

    Beautifully crafted as the bongs were, they were expensive enough to be exploitative of public gullibility when cheaper equipment can be good enough. Most bongs I have seen also have excessively large bowls, promoting hot fast-burning tokes of 100mg and more followed by water stealing out some of the cannabinoids.

    Interesting that the police used the bongs etc. as leverage to get the stores to close; at least the property was returned, not vandalized.

    Consider moving to Denver or Seattle where, because of New Cannabis Legality, harm-restriction vape (not smoke) equipment is also perforce legalized! Instead of fragile cannabinoid-wasting bongs, specialize in manufacturing and marketing 25-mg-serving size, (“single toke”) one-hitters (national types include choomette, kiseru, midwakh, sebsi).

    The propaganda in your store can instruct users that an ideal crater diameter is 5.5mm/7/32″, the #40 screen is pre-shaped by an easy mechanical process to fit the crater, and lighter flame operation involves holding the crater opening about an inch above the top of the flame so that 385-F air enters the crater, “suck slow, don’t glow till after 19 seconds or so.”

    This screen prevents standard #16 sifted herb and #32 fine sifted kief from gettin’ drawn down inside to clog the midchannel.

    By replacing the deadliest of all modern public health disasters, the 700-mg $igarette or 500-mg joint “rolling papers”, with built-in dosage titration, this Moderation-Built-In equipment will actually protect many new cannabis users against gettin’ “stoned” and having some accident that right wing frauds could blame on the cannabis.

  2. jackenauf on

    closed up the store when america is going down the tubes with no jobs? our government is out of control and moronic. so many products can be made out of hemp

  3. Anonymous on

    and the funniest thing in this story is that Obama is going to be reelected soon.America you should see a psychiatrist because you are really sick in your head

  4. gutrod on

    When it comes to cannabis prohibition, America is a virtual police state with a bunch of bullies & venomous prosecutor’s doing their dirty work. Did they run out of gangsta’s and terrorists to pursue? Bring back the 70’s when there was real freedom.
    Peace Bro!