Marc Emery Continues to Hammer U.S. on Drug War

Four years ago, the election of Barack Obama, now battling hard for his second term as U.S. president, gave the drug-legalization movement in B.C. and else-where great hope for enlightened change in U.S. and Canadian government policy on illegal drug use.

Now, high-profile Vancouver activist Marc Emery says Obama has proven a major disappointment.

Indeed, the Prince of Pot has accused the president of aggravating the so-called war on drugs, under which scores of Americans languish in jail, serving what appear to be excessively long sentences, even for seemingly minor drug offences.

“Barack Obama has done nothing to alleviate this prohibition punishment system, despite having smoked marijuana and used cocaine,” Emery wrote in a piece posted this week in the New-York-based Huffington Post. “He has made the drug war even worse.”

How has Obama done this? “Of his many damning failings in ignoring the cruelty of the drug war is that he has issued the fewest pardons (under 25) of any full-term president of this century, and just 10 for drug offences — and one sentence commutation in his four years,” Emery said.

Emery, 54, remains in prison in Yazoo City, Miss., serving a five-year term for selling marijuana seeds to Americans from his West Hastings hemp shop.

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