Anti-Drug War ‘Peace Caravan’ to Arrive in New York

A “peace caravan” on a cross-country crusade to end to the US war on drugs that organizers blame for the violence tearing up Mexico was expected to arrive in New York Thursday evening.

The two-bus, four-car convoy is driving to the east coast metropolis from Cleveland, and will be welcomed with a vigil at a Manhattan church — organized by civic groups including Occupy Wall Street and the Drug Policy Alliance.

“New York is a very important stage of the caravan and we hope our message has a major impact,” caravan member Daniel Gershenson told AFP as the convoy traveled on an Ohio road.

After the vigil, the protesters will stage a march as a tribute to the victims of the war on drugs — ending at a church in the traditionally African-American neighborhood of Harlem.

“The intention is to build bridges, so it is important to contact the African American community. This is something to highlight and it already happened in parts of the southern United States, such as Alabama,” Gershenson said, and in the midwestern city of Chicago.

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