Marc Emery: Our Missed Opportunity

Another Presidential race and another disappointment in ending the war on drugs. The prohibition on cannabis, psychedelics, opiates, or whatever people want to put in their body, has really been a terrible policy for all Americans.

This worldwide prohibition, which gets its impetus and raison d’être almost exclusively from the U.S. federal government, has enabled the proliferation of violent drug-distribution gangs and cartels everywhere on Earth. In America it has sucked vast amounts of taxpayer funds to wage the war, and as much or more of the personal earnings to pay for these prohibition-inflated-priced substances that tens of millions of Americans — and perhaps over a billion people worldwide — desire.

With its lucrative profits in our age of omniscient materialism, prohibition attracts millions of teenagers into the world of gangs and cartels. It motivates millions of young adults worldwide to become prostitutes or gang members, endangering countless lives. Prohibition has destabilized several nations of the world: Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, several West African nations, the United States and beyond. Prohibition brings ruin and degeneration wherever the policy is enforced.

Every human being on Earth loses in this war.

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  1. gutrod on

    Exactly. The War Machine needs a perceived enemy to justify their cause. The truth of the matter is that cannabis users pose zero risk. The government propaganda has not fooled millions of North Americans who continue to smoke contrary to the law.
    This is life in the 21st century. The 60’s and 70’s lives on. Peace Bro!

  2. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery was targeted in his own country by the united states and the DEA, CIS, and FBI for selling seeds to an american but how about any crack head who gets caught with crack in the united states, you don’t see the united states prosecuting the south americans who produce cocaine? and the whole reason for cocaine is to sabotage the united states and there country along with making there people stupid and uneducated and it worked, all the americans are drug addicts, pro illegal drugs and this is why america will be no more for they must fight war for there history against ALL there enemies but they are all drug addict and rather smoke crack than fight back against the people who are abussing them, they even tell me than karen tandy is sabotaging marc emery in jail with nuclear and biological gases like depleted uranium and his health and saftey are at risk, police come into society and think they can take away peoples rights, they are employed by the government and take things into there own hands, you were born and have the right and then the police come and enforce evil on them and take your lives and they think they can. Now adays the israelis have invented weed that looks and smells like weed but it is not, you know by looking at the calyxes of the buds and you will notice an unusual look to it, hollow calyxes that look different but has no medicinal properties and makes israel who have no education rich and powerful as they listen and have enjoyment of the smokers smoking that shit, the israelis and police and enjoyment sabotaging and watching the victims suffer and no body gets even and they are allowed to, i was told that ANY cop diserves to die and people are allowed to kill them off with no investigations or poison them off with radiations like they do to innocence. the cheif of police in toronto is not welcome as a police but israel is deffending there actions of radiation murders, POLICING IS CRIMINAL, society is brain washed thinking police are above the laws but they murder our friends and family and they think they have the right too. get even, don’t worry, and never believe the voices in your ears, this is how they become powerful and rich, just by detering the victims from getting even and they are allowed to defend themselves from there abusers, the police but everyone is scared too kill them, they need evidence and never ever answer any questions by the police, legally only you must give them, your name and thats it, dont convict yourself, the police must do that themselves. DON’T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ASKED BY THE POLICE, EVEN ANY CORPORATION DOES NOT HAVE TO HELP THEM EITHER ITS OUT OF GOOD FAITH, IN OTHER WORLDS ITS A PRIVILEDGE THE POLICE GET HELP NOTHING ELSE. CUT DOWN ON THE CONVICTION RATE, DON’T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ONLY GIVE THEM YOUR NAME AND NOTHING ELSE, DON’T GET FOOLED ANSWER NOTHING…..