Marc Emery: Our Missed Opportunity

Another Presidential race and another disappointment in ending the war on drugs. The prohibition on cannabis, psychedelics, opiates, or whatever people want to put in their body, has really been a terrible policy for all Americans.

This worldwide prohibition, which gets its impetus and raison d’être almost exclusively from the U.S. federal government, has enabled the proliferation of violent drug-distribution gangs and cartels everywhere on Earth. In America it has sucked vast amounts of taxpayer funds to wage the war, and as much or more of the personal earnings to pay for these prohibition-inflated-priced substances that tens of millions of Americans — and perhaps over a billion people worldwide — desire.

With its lucrative profits in our age of omniscient materialism, prohibition attracts millions of teenagers into the world of gangs and cartels. It motivates millions of young adults worldwide to become prostitutes or gang members, endangering countless lives. Prohibition has destabilized several nations of the world: Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, several West African nations, the United States and beyond. Prohibition brings ruin and degeneration wherever the policy is enforced.

Every human being on Earth loses in this war.

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