California Medical Marijuana Dispensary Can Reopen, Judge Says in Reversal

A medical marijuana dispensary being sued by the city of Rancho Mirage is apparently clear to reopen after a Riverside County Superior Court judge denied a preliminary injunction sought to keep it closed during litigation.

The first minute entry posted on the court’s website in the case today said Judge John Evans had issued the preliminary injunction, but an update discovered late in the day by dispensary attorney Joseph Rhea said the preliminary injunction had been denied and a temporary restraining order lifted.

Rhea said Rancho Mirage Safe Access Wellness Center could reopen as early as Thursday. “The medical marijuana ban in Rancho Mirage is over,” he said.

City Attorney Steve Quintanilla had not heard about the update when first contacted by The Desert Sun. “This is amazing. I can’t believe it,” he said.

In an email statement a short time later, he said, “There is no mention of the inconsistency between the two like the last time the court made a mistake. We will have to find out for sure tomorrow.”

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