Medical Marijuana Group Buds with Oregon’s New Top Cop

When Ellen Rosenblum walked into a gathering of some of Oregon’s most ardent medical marijuana advocates, the new attorney general was greeted like an old friend.

Don Morse, director of a Washington County medical marijuana dispensary, hugged the 61-year-old former judge. More than once, participants referred to the state’s top law enforcement official simply by her first name, the Oregonian newspaper reported.

The response at the meeting Wednesday of the advisory committee to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program showed how much backers of the program hope they have found an ally in Rosenblum.

Pro-marijuana groups donated $200,000 to her campaign, about a third of her fundraising total against Dwight Holton, the former U.S. attorney in Oregon.

Rosenblum said she’d make marijuana enforcement a low priority.

It was the first time an Oregon attorney general had met with the advisory panel, created by the Legislature it in 2005.

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