Drug Enforcement Administration Sets Its Sights on Washington State

Similar to the continuing waves of education-related dispensary closures nearby in Colorado, Washington received its first round of letters from the DEA as 23 facilities were warned to close before being subject to federal enforcement. The rationale mimics that of U.S. Attorney General John Walsh’s ongoing action as the targeted storefronts have been cited due to their proximity to schools. The letters were sent out last Thursday in tandem with a statement released by the DEA in which Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration noted that the government expects Washington dispensaries to follow suit with their Colorado brethren and close quietly without incident. Unlike the hordes of marijuana stores in Los Angeles, California intent on staying open past the enactment date of its municipal ban, waves of warning letters in Colorado were met with no need for raid or legal action as all targeted shops heeded the federal government’s warnings and halted operations.

Further speculation into the DEA’s actions leads to the status of Washington’s medical marijuana legislation, one that is often hailed as the most unregulated system in the country. In sharp contrast to the laws in place in states such as California and Arizona which place state-wide control over dispensary services to patients, Washington law permits groups of ten patients to harvest marijuana for their usage. Heavier regulation is left to a local level which has lead to lax policies and exploited legislation.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Don’t forget to tell them to offer a couple of hundred dollars with that “no” vote. I-502 cost $3,000,000 to even get on the ballot. And I-514 will as well. If it was that easy to get initiatives on the ballot, California would not be struggling so much to get there “next” Prop. 19 on the ballot. You guys are killing other less progressive states as our citizens get arrested.

  2. Anonymous on

    I 502 is the takeover of marijuana by the alcohol industry. Vote No.

    Find and sign 514 for next years ballot. Let the people grow.

  3. Anonymouse on

    Pay close attention kiddies we are witnessing the end of cannabis prohibition. The feds are desperate and overwhelmed by the rise in support for this life giving plant. Continue to put the pressure on them in November and vote YES on all pro-cannabis initiatives in Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

    Tell the feds that they can no longer legislate what a citizen can do in the privacy of their own home.

    Give and inch and take a mile. Give em hell…

  4. MenaceMotors on

    I like Rommney Ryan better