Cypress Hill Return to Philly for Hemp Heals Festival

Cypress Hill took the stage at dusk, a little before 8 p.m. on a stage overlooking Festival Pier and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. B-Real and Sen Dog have been producing their unique hip-hop rap hits, highlighted by B-Real’s strong nasal delivery, since the early 90s. They opened with “Get ’em Up” from their most recent release, “Rise Up.” They countered that with “Hand on the Pump” from their 1991 self-titled debut, suggesting that anything from their catalog was fair game.

“How I Could Just Kill a Man” brought fans tight against the rail. B-Real and Sen Dog ripped through verses while DJ Muggs kept the music flowing. Eric Bobo was a master behind the cans, cutting his drum beats as rapid as the word flow. As dusk faded into darkness and the stage lights intensified, a haze of smoke could be seen wafting up from the crowd.

“Outside of New York City, Philly was the other city where we blew up,” said B-Real, “We’d like to thank you for that.” They followed with “Latin Thugs” and “Tequila Sunrise” before the crowd exploded during “Insane in the Brain.”

Sen Dog and B-Real left the stage for a solo that showcased DJ Muggs on the turntable and Bobo on the drums and bongos. A combination of scratch and bumping jams from Muggs station was soon joined in by Bobo, before the music stopped and Bobo went freestyle on the kit with a dizzying display of percussion.

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