Medical Marijuana Group Endorses Obama for Re-Election

Calling it the defining economic issue of the moment, The United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce which advocates for the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, endorsed Barack Obama for president today.

[CC Editor’s Note: We have never heard of The United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce. Read this article from the Washington Post about the questionable nature of this dubious “medical marijuana group”. Read more at this updated Huffington Post story.]

“Let’s not get distracted by the myriad of issues that will be brought to the forefront at the upcoming political conventions, the single most important election issue is getting our economy back on track,” said Thomas L. Leto III, President and Founder of the U.S. Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce. “The Economic Potential of the Cannabis Business in the U.S. is Limitless and President Obama understands this. It is our impression that Mr. Romney just doesn’t get it.”

The United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce boasts of a 10,000 strong membership list, with they say, a number of individual state chapters across the country

Mr. Leto said that medical marijuana industry has the potential to become a $100 billion annual industry and would create 5 million new jobs within the first year if legalization passed Congress. Federal legalization would allow transportation of marijuana across state lines he added, making easier for businesses to operate. Under current law, the federal government has delegated legalization of the drug to the state level where local legislatures decide how medical marijuana businesses operate.

– United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce website.

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