Want to Open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in S.F.? The DEA Is On to You

We’re no police theorist, but the goals of a law enforcement action are simple: to prevent, to intervene, or otherwise dissuade behavior deemed illegal.

If this is the case, the federal Justice Department’s crackdown on California’s medical marijuana industry is only partway there; about a dozen Bay Area dispensaries have been shuttered, yet would-be cannabis sellers are lining up to open more, according to records.

For those of you into medical marijuana, know this: Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent David White is onto you. White, of the San Francisco Field Division’s Financial Investigation Team, in June requested and received the applications, including personal contact information, for all proposed San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries, according to public records.

Requests from White have been precursors to letters from U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag forcing dispensaries to close down rather than face stiff penalties, including jail time.

The information granted to White is publicly available to anyone who asks. That includes redacted copies of Department of Public Health permit applications, along with a would-be dispensary operator’s name, age, driver license number, and contact information. They also include the property address of a proposed dispensary.

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