Proposed Denver Medical-Marijuana Advertising Ban Set for Public Hearing

A proposal to ban billboard, bus-bench and sidewalk sign-twirler advertising by Denver medical-marijuana dispensaries has pitted the state’s two most prominent cannabis trade groups against each other.

On one side is the Cannabis Business Alliance, which denounces the proposal by saying it creates too many uncertainties for the industry.

On the other is the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, which supports the proposed ban by arguing that it is a show of neighborliness for an industry that is not always embraced.

The debate comes to a Denver City Council meeting Monday evening, when there will be a public hearing on the proposed ban.

The proposal would eliminate outdoor medical-marijuana ads in the city, except for signs on the businesses themselves.

Dispensaries would still be able to advertise in newspapers and magazines and would also be able to display their logos on items for charity events they sponsor.

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