Coquitlam City Council Reluctantly Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The clock is now ticking on the life of the first and only medical pot dispensary in the Tri-Cities.

Following a marathon public hearing Monday night, Coquitlam city council voted unanimously to ban unlicensed marijuana dispensaries in the city and pass regulations on the location of federally licensed grow-ops.

However, council agreed to write a letter asking the federal government to establish the regulatory framework for the production and dispensing of medical marijuana.

Council was forced to grapple with the issue after the Coquitlam Natural Path Society, which runs a medical marijuana dispensary, opened up in the Maillardville area in June.

The society’s founder and president, Christopher MacLeod, said he was shocked by council’s decision to essentially shut him down.

“I want to stay within the law,” he said. “Right now I’m shell-shocked, I don’t know what my options are.”

MacLeod said he understands the difficult position the city was put in because of the vagueness of the marijuana dispensary laws, but contends council made the wrong decision.

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