In Significant Expansion, US Drug War Heads to Africa

In a significant expansion of the war on drugs, the United States has begun training an elite unit of counternarcotics police in Ghana and planning similar units in Nigeria and Kenya as part of an effort to combat the Latin American cartels that are increasingly using Africa to smuggle cocaine into Europe.

The growing American involvement in Africa follows an earlier escalation of antidrug efforts in Central America, according to documents, Congressional testimony and interviews with a range of officials at the State Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Pentagon.

In both regions, American officials are responding to fears that crackdowns in more direct staging points for smuggling — like Mexico and Spain — have prompted traffickers to move into smaller and weakly governed states, further corrupting and destabilizing them.

The aggressive response by the United States is also a sign of how greater attention and resources have turned to efforts to fight drugs as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down.

“We see Africa as the new frontier in terms of counterterrorism and counternarcotics issues,” said Jeffrey P. Breeden, the chief of the D.E.A.’s Europe, Asia and Africa section. “It’s a place that we need to get ahead of — we’re already behind the curve in some ways, and we need to catch up.”

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  1. Earth is doomed on

    THIS IS HORSE SHIT!!! Seriously though, what the fuck are we doing? How about we mind our own business?

  2. Earth is doomed on

    THIS IS HORSE SHIT!!! Seriously though, what the fuck are we doing? How about we mind our own business?

  3. Anonymous on

    U.S. DEA is the largest drug enforcement agency on the planet. They have expanded into almost all countries in one way or another. The U.S. Government has always used wars to gain access into other countries. Once they build a base or relationship they never leave.

    The American military has 737 bases on both U.S. soil and foreign soil. They are now using the War on Drugs to continue their colonization (definition: come to settle among and establish political control over) of the world.

    They never really had a reason to go into Ghana. Now they just make up this stuff as they go along. Wherever they want to execute a preemptive strike against the fictitious drug cartels they just say “we can help you fight these demons and we’ll provide the training and weapons.

    The war on drugs is a failure, that does not matter to them because it is also a cover to increase the political control of the empire.

  4. Anonymous on

    !!!THIS JUST IN!!!

    The USA has just invaded Antarctica because somebody done a line of blow there once…

    Seriously though, I think that’s the only place they haven’t tried to start a war. I shouldn’t speak too soon or Harper will be sending Canadians to Africa.

  5. Bhonze on

    Sounds like this should be Europe’s Problem not the US, and shouldn’t they be more concerned with Syria and not drugs. Maybe Europe hasn’t been paying their coca bill so the Feds are cutting them off!!! HA!