Medical Marijuana Takes Another Step Towards Legitimacy in Alberta

The federal government might be waging a war on marijuana, but medical cannabis has taken another step towards legitimacy in the province thanks to Alberta Health Services.

The Sheldon Chumir Health Centre recently opened a vapour lounge for Health Canada card (MMAR) holders, a room where patients can exchange information about their medicine and socialize.

Lisa Kirkman is a spokesperson for the Calgary MMAR Patient Support Group and tells 660News the move by Alberta Health Services is significant.

“AHS sticking their neck out, especially in” (Prime Minister Stephen) “Harper’s backyard, what it does is it says that Canadians in general — Albertans, definitely — recognize that medical cannabis therapies are legitimate,” says Kirkman. “It’s one thing to have a federal government that is providing a program because they’ve been sued and they have to. It’s another thing to have AHS provide this program because they feel this is something Albertans need.”

Kirkman notes while it’s a significant development in addressing the stigma that surrounds medical marijuana in Alberta, it’s not precedent setting. She’s previously been allowed to use medical cannabis during hospital stays.

“If I’m 100 per cent legal to use my medicine anywhere in Canada, why wouldn’t I be able to have what we call a vapour lounge in an AHS facility?,” Kirkman muses. “Because as I said I’ve already done it, both in Peter Lougheed and Medicine Hat Hospital.”

The vapour lounge at the Chumir Centre is equipped with a variety of makes of vapourizers, which — unlike marijuana cigarettes — turns the crystals and resins from dried marijuana into a gas.

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  1. Johnny C on

    Legitimacy in the Cannabis World is an argument of semantics. As a 100% legal cannabis user, licensed grower, and Health Canada MMAR Patient in Alberta I still feel like a person walking around freely because of a technicality. In Alberta I’ve heard stories of licences being torn up by police and walking away, grows and equipment destroyed for being one rooted clone over your limit. I’ve only had my license for a short time and I only feel untouchable as far as that cop still thinks he can fuck with you.

    Congrats to Lisa Mama Kind for her efforts towards progress. With baby steps and changes like this we become closer to a day when this licensing Bull Shit is a foot note for future generations to study in some sanitized Social Studies Class. I’m guessing at this future time through “extrapolation” future generations will have a whole new list of shit to bitch and complain about.

  2. Anonymous on

    Firstly, they seem confused between “legitimacy” and “acceptance/tolerated”. It’s always been legitimate, it’s never been accepted or tolerated.

    Secondly, their little vapor lounge is illegitimate by extrapolation, due to their base requirement of only serving Health Canada MMAR patients, which is itself completely illegitimate itself, as has been ruled on by the courts time and again. More so, as has been ruled upon by the wider court of public and patient opinion.