Oakland Officials Slam Prosecutors Over Marijuana Crackdown

Officials in the city of Oakland rebuked federal prosecutors on Thursday for seeking to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary that bills itself as the world’s largest in the latest clash over a federal cannabis crackdown in Western U.S. states.

The criticism came a day after federal prosecutors announced lawsuits seeking to seize two properties housing the Harborside Health Center, a California cannabis dispensary that gained attention when it was featured on the reality TV show “Weed Wars.”

“I am deeply dismayed that the federal government would seek to deprive Californians of this vital medicine,” Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker said in a statement released by her office and read at a news conference held at City Hall by Harborside’s owners.

“These actions will force patients into the underground market of street corners and back alleys, undermining public safety and endangering their health and lives,” Parker said.

The move against Harborside is the latest to target what federal prosecutors say is a flourishing network of illegal cannabis suppliers operating across California under the cover of the state’s medical marijuana law. Pot operations in several other Western states have also been in the federal cross-hairs.

The crackdown comes amid a growing chasm between the way many states and the federal government treat marijuana, which is allowed for medicinal use in 17 states and the District of Columbia even as the federal government continues to class it as an illegal narcotic.

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  1. Cliff on

    Marc Emery and Roger Christie are leaders, hero’s paying the price for all to be free.
    Obama and the DEA are nothing more than street punks whose time will pass and they will be forgot like all losers.

  2. Paul Pot on

    Nothing will stop marijuana being legalized and when it is we will take these people to the courts and nothing will save them from prison.

  3. CanadianGiant on

    I hope the DEA dosn,t raid Harbourside or any other cannabis dispensaries in California.I have two friends rotting in jail right now that are leaders in the fight against prohibition.One person is Marc Emery, who you all know, and the other is Roger Christie, from the Big Island of Hawaii, founder of the THC Ministry.

  4. Anonymous on

    “under the cover of the state’s medical marijuana law.”

    See the joke there? What cover? States’ medical marijuana laws provide no cover at all because the feds don’t recognize them as legal or legitimate. Let’s review:

    It’s not because they’re accused or suspected of shady business practices, such as tax evasion or dealing out of the backroom.

    It is simply that they exist at all that the feds consider them illegal operators. Read that twice.

    This seems like such a subtle distinction that it’s trivial and easily glossed over, but it’s not that at all. It’s the feds conducting yet another bald faced lie.

    Since their attacks on dispensaries began they’ve trivialized it, and that’s worked on even certain activists that I could name but won’t, who should be smarter; “Well if the law is not to be close to schools and it’s the law and they’re breaking the law then they shouldn’t be surprised..”. Gullible much?

    Consider the racial factors behind prohibition in the first place. You can see by that, that attacking a people tangentially, by criminalizing whatever they’re connected to, which is absent an emotional thread amongst the public such that little empathy exists, enables them to mask their violent transgressions with feigned good intent very easily.

    If I killed your dough-eyed dog and media picked up that story, I’d be an infamous monster overnight, the subject of a global witch hunt. But if instead I killed a rabid beast that was a potential threat to dough-eyed children, emotional sensibilities shift back into my favor. No longer reviled as a monster, I’m celebrated as a hero.

    It’s easy to hate rabies, and this relieves the public of their cognitive dissonance. They are freed of conflict enough to enable me to kill another dough-eyed dog, and another, and another, where it soon becomes normalized. People will just assume that if I did it, I probably had a good reason.

    My evil deeds are then masked from the brainwashed public by leveraging their faith, in the goodness of their own authority, against them. Of course this is only done with the help of the media repeatedly pressing the snooze button and enforcing the controlled message.

    When they started attacking dispensaries, they claimed they were only going after those which were in defiance of the law. This tangential attack angle wrongly implies that all they have to do to avoid their attacks is to obey the law. This is the attempt at skirting the fact that the law they’re most in defiance of is existing at all in the first place.

    Having said that, these guys were a self serving propaganda machine that, like many dispensaries, saw fit to adopt government propaganda, “CBD is the future, THC is bad, being chemically balanced has no medicinal value”, in the hopes of facilitating their continued existence as well as their admission to elite status where laws don’t apply.

    Hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson that elite status is by invite only, and that they’ll only be allowed to exist with the strong support of the patients. Unfortunately the damage they’ve done by adopting that propaganda could be lasting, as it was itself a tangential attack, which leveraged the good faith of the public against themselves. Their cult like religious believers will continue on that same tangent, despite it being against their own interests. Talk about self defeating.