Brutal Police Raid On California Marijuana Dispensary Caught On Video

Video footage of a brutal police raid on a Long Beach marijuana dispensary on June 19 recently surfaced on YouTube.

In the video, a police officer walks on the back and neck of a complying Dorian Brooks, the dispensary’s volunteer employee, who awaits arrest stomach-down on the floor.  Two undercover officers can be seen smashing the surveillance cameras of THC Downtown Collective, destroying possible evidence.

“I just felt three hundred pounds on my neck,” Brooks told NBC Los Angeles, “I felt violated; I felt disrespected.”  He said, “They noticed there was a camera that was on the wall right above my head, so they proceeded to smash it with a metal rod,” and that the debris shattered on him.

NBC Los Angeles reported that the Long Beach police conducted the raid because the dispensary, though operating under state compliance, did not have a city permit.  The LBPD said in a press released that the excessive force used during the raid is currently under investigation:

An operation will be conducted once all of the facts have been collected.  This is a personnel matter and we are unable to discuss any further details.

An indignant Brooks told MSNBC, “We got beat up and arrested for a citation that’s equivalent to somebody j-walking.”  Brooks’ attorney said that “Those kinds of charges [of a lack of city permit]and a $100 bail do not warrant officers coming in with a battering ram, and weapons, and weapons drawn.”

The dispensary will be filing a $1 million claim – a precursor to a lawsuit – alleging that the police raid was illegal and the officers involved used excessive force, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage, not to mention the police taking the ATM and marijuana.

The MSNBC report is below, followed by the Youtube video.

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  1. Frenchnerd on

    I think there is no better way to comment this article, when it’s legal, they will be punished for what they are doing which is nothing else than gratuitous acts of violence. You are right, the beast is bigger than ever, best whishes from France.

  2. Paul Pot on

    The cops have committed crimes against humanity and they are freaking out because they can see legalization coming.
    They’re doing everything they can to stop it from happening, these guys know they have committed crimes and they know they may face trial once the drug war is over and the only way of dealing with things they have is brute force, so they use it.
    And things could get worse, comes the point in the battle when you are no longer fighting to win but fighting to stay alive.
    This is cornered beast syndrome. The beast is at it’s most dangerous when totally surrounded.
    Well news for them, all wars end, all regimes topple and the drug war will come down like the Berlin wall.
    Ain’t nothin’ gunna stop it.
    And then the drug war trials begin.