California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Put on Hold

California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) has withdrawn from consideration a landmark bill that would have created the first statewide system for regulating medical marijuana.

Assembly Bill 2312 made history this June when it narrowly passed the state legislature. In addition to creating an official California “cannabis commission” to oversee the industry, the measure would have allowed cities to implement a sales tax on medical marijuana of up to two percent.

But pot advocates withdrew their support after conservative members of the legislature added a provision that would also allow local governments to ban dispensaries outright.

“Sadly, there are more bans out there than cities with regulations,” Americans for Safe Access spokesman Kris Hermes told SF Weekly. “We were reticent to continue supporting it.”

Ammiano crafted the legislation in response to the Obama administration’s aggressive crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California, which has dealt a huge blow to the state’s $1.3 billion industry. Since the Department of Justice announced in September that it would be using federal resources to target cannabis operations, hundreds of businesses have shuttered and even more jobs have been lost.

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