New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Bill

As promised, Gov. John Lynch has vetoed a bill that would legalize the home cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes.

The bill would allow patients with debilitating medical conditions or the patient’s designated caretaker to cultivate and possess up to six ounces of marijuana, four mature plants and 12 seedlings at a registered location. Lynch says that would lead to a virtually unlimited number of potential cultivation sites, making it impossible to control the distribution and prevent illegal use.

Lynch also vetoed a similar bill in 2009. The current bill passed both the House and Senate with wide margins, making it likely that the Legislature could override Lynch’s veto next week.

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  1. Atlanta Toker on

    Governor Lynch a Democrat (how embarrassing for the democrats) had a chance to do the right thing in New Hampshire and didn’t have the guts to follow through with what is going to be inevitable anyway.

    Any Governor that votes against this issue today is an absolute moron. Honestly, its going to happen without question and if you cant see that you are a very stupid individual. You hurt no one but yourself and your party. When are (especially) the democrats going to realize what is happening right in front of their very eyes. You guys had better get your head out of your butt. The old lies are dead.

  2. Paul Pot on

    You know what Hampshire means don’t you?

    Hemp Shire.

    The shire where the hemp grows.

    If that’s not an indication of the cultural and economic significance of the hemp plant, I don’t know what is.

  3. Paul Pot on

    Marijuana is going to be legalized whatever Governor Lynch thinks.

    If he doesn’t want to be part of the government that does reform the law, then that’s his choice.

    But what a shame you don’t have the guts to stand up to the feds like all the others. You’ll forever be remembered as gutless Lynch.

    The more states there are with reformed laws the harder it is for the federal government to push the states around.

    The states united, can never be defeated.

  4. bhonze on

    Do just what Oregon and Texas did; Get rid of his sorry ASS and get someone who will follow the will of the people! Time to say bye bye Lynch. Your not a DICK-tator your an Elected official.