Marijuana Phytotherapy: How to Make Cannabis Whole Plant Resin

Herb the HerbalistYou have probably heard of the “major cancer epidemic” going on today, where it is estimated that “one in every two men” and “one in every three women” get cancer in their lifetimes. If not, please see 10:30 of this clip from the film The Corporation. This cancer-rate estimate came before the Fukushima nuclear accident that is currently dumping radiation all over the world.

Perhaps you have heard of cannabis’s reputation as a tumor-shrinking medicine? Apparently the US Government knew this back in 1974 and kept it secret.

Have you seen the US patents on cannabis? This is just one of thousands.

There are many videos on YouTube regarding cannabis’s tumor-shrinking powers and rapid healing properties. Two of the best are What if Cannabis Cured Cancer and Run From The Cure.

But the latest wave of cancer-related cannabis videos involves the juicing of raw cannabis leaves and buds. This method allows a person to consume much greater amounts of the medicinal ingredients in a juice form than they could if they were just eating raw cannabis leaves or buds (which are hard to swallow and digest due to the scratchy texture).

We all have an Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) in our bodies. That system regulates our health and well-being.

When a human being reaches mid-life, the inflammatory arm of the immune system takes on characteristics of an autoimmune disorder for which
the Conditionally Essential Cannabinoid Acids (CECAs) provide unique prophylactic and therapeutic relief.

Cannabinoids effect on diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders and ischemic conditions qualify them for recognition as Essential Cannabinoid Acids across the entire life span. Cannabis is a uniquely functional food and if used in its natural state daily, provides more than just nutritional benefits. Smoking does help reduce the symptoms of many conditions but in general it does not work on a curative level like oral consumption does.

One of the benefits of juicing raw cannabis is that, if you manage to avoid heating the cannabis, it isn’t psychoactive. This proves cannabis is, at heart, a vegetable, and in it’s best form a preventative medicine. Try to consume the juice 3-5 times per day (the metaphor is like a deer grazes). The cannabinoids do their job in the body in about 15 minutes, so supplementing your Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS) all day would be the most ideal treatment program for all sorts of illness and is good for people who want to get rid of their tumors as fast as possible.

If you happen to be a cannabis grower or know a cannabis grower who can provide you with raw plant material, the videos LEAF: The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis and The Power of Raw Cannabis may be some use to you.

If you don’t grow or know any growers and only have access to the dry cannabis buds, try this recipe for a buds-only treatment.

Suggested treatment for someone with cancer is 6 ounces or more. This recipe is for 3 ounces.

  • Grind/crush 3 ounces of well-dried top-quality cannabis buds
  • Put cannabis in 20 liters of cold water and stir for 15 minutes
  • Pour through a strainer or the largest micron size of bubble bag – don’t throw out the buds, stems and leaves yet!
  • Let mixture settle 15-30 min. The crystal/trichomes/hash/kief will fall down and settle on the bottom
  • Pour/Siphon the water into another pot, leaving the kief mixture behind. Once you pour out most of the water (to about 1/2 inch from the bottom) pour out kief mixture and set aside
  • Boil down the water you poured out on mid temperature (7) on the stove burner
  • Keep an eye on the water as it reduces and scrape and stir in the oils that form around the sides of the pot.
  • Repeat the process with another 20 liters of cold water for a second wash.
  • Keep boiling it down to a black, sticky substance – slowly reducing the temp as the water evaporates – don’t burn it. (As the mixture thickens add it to the final reduction sauce pan)
  • Take the second batch of water and boil it down too. (I use a separate sauce pan to do the final lower temp reduction in.)
  • Put the left over cannabis in another pot with water and boil it too, several times. Add the water to the final reduction pan when it becomes thick like a milky tea.
  • Now add the kief mixture you had set aside to the black, sticky pot-water reductions, slowly bringing the temperature down. As the water evaporates take it off the heat and put it back on, that helps to not to burn the resin. The end result is something that looks like very sticky black hash.

This cannabis resin is water-soluble and can be added back into water to treat burns and heal wounds and be added to teas.

The normal dose for most people is 1/2 the size of a single grain of rice, 3-5 times per day. Slowly increase your dose when you become used to the medicine by 1/2 rice-size increments until you are taking about a gram a day. If you start to experience an uncomfortable “high” then dial back on the dose untill you have a comfortable platform to move to the next increase in doseage. The point is to be taking as much of this as your body is able to tolerate. You cannot die of overdose, but you might get paranoid and feel like you’re going to die if you take too much. Start small and slowly build your way up to a larger dose.

Watch Herb the Herbalist give a LIVE demonstration of cannabis juicing and resin extracting on Pot TV.



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    I love this set , Anna !

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    Thank you Anonymous for your straight-forward, no-nonsense, rebuttal. You are correct how this kind of info. is counterproductive and feeding into ignorance is bliss.
    Great counter-points. Thanks very much.

  1865. Anonymous on

    There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Steve Philip, Dr. Smith Williams, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance, Dr. Robert Melamede, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Burton etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

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    This resin has now been tested both in the field and by Scientists. It is a perfect complimentary therapy to all Cannabis extracts/concentrates. The science is out now. This method follows the same methodology as the federal patents.

    Trichomes are more dense than water and get suspended in the solution not soluble at all, that’s the point here…

    There are however flavinoids and terpenes that are water soluble. Those flavinoids and terpenes have a synergistic effect with the decarbolxolated trichomes. Almost immediately after consuming the resin it’s almost as if your insides start to vibrate.

    If after making the “HRO” Herb Resin Oil, you can test it by bleeding out oils with either alcohol or some appropriate solvent.

    So this is simply an ORGANIC solvent free alternative Cannabis PHYTOTHERAPY. Topically this preforms miracles!!!

    The medicine works.

  1872. Anonymous on

    Just wanted to let you know that you are 100% correct here, anon. OP is insinuating that cannabis resin is water soluble, which is blantantly ignorant of basic chemistry (and hash making for that matter).

    These types aren’t much interested in the facts, any documentary that says something vaguely consistent with their prior beliefs becomes “evidence”.

  1873. Anonymous on

    this would be a completely practical process once prohibition is dealt with fresh leaf, and plant matter would potentially be available from farmers markets, grocery stores etc… at prices that would potentially reflect current veg prices, although this is all idealistic thinking but positive thinking breeds positive results.

  1874. VansterdamJim on

    Trolls don’t have names, just anonymity. lol.

  1875. Anonymous on

    I’m not critiquing valid research that weed may be effective in fighting some cancers. That would be taking your bait. It simply isn’t at all the argument at hand. That you’d present unrelated evidence in support of your article reeks of far fetched desperation and simply isn’t the tactic of people arguing from a perspective of having factual truth on their side.

    Aside from that, not all cancers are the same and you would do well to note that these sensational snake oil articles don’t recognize that fact, including your laughable snake oil sources that DO relate to it, which are the only ones you’re justified in referencing. EX: “Run from _THE_ cure” vs “Run from _a_ potential cure/benefit”. A subtle difference with a drastically different meaning.

    You’re hyper extending valid conclusions that were based on supporting evidence in those credible works, to the very absurd, which are not at all supported by them and only loosely related, in your attempt to validate the non credible.

    This isn’t the scientific method, but the snake oil method, and you’re playing an active roll in it right now. Doctors doing this, specifically those you’ve reference, should be charged for malpractice, but they’re doing such a fine job in baiting and discrediting the likes of you and the medical movement constituents who adopt it unthinkingly, that they’re such useful tools in that respect, they’ll only be allowed to continue.

    Ultimately we’ve learned through painful experience not to trust doctors implicitly because it’s only their white lab coats that create representatives of a faith based institution of false authority.

    But all it takes to forget this apparently, is one or two opportunistic quacks, telling us just what we want to hear.

    You lend them the weight of your magazine to their snake oil malpractice, and now Tommy Chong will die, because he believed in you david… he believed. CNN will have a field day: “Looks like he (sunglasses)… ran from the cure”.

    Consider that there is in fact such a thing as a trojan horse, as much as there is in having enough rope to hang yourself with.

    When those unrelated, valid studies you now reference mention cannabinoids, they _include_ the psychoactive ones that get you “high”, just like the happy pills do that are the fashionable first prescriptions for cancer patients.

    More to the point, do they exclude any, or draw conclusions pertaining to their isolation or their complex interactions? No, and your theories are not validated by them.

    By the use of logic similar to your own, Karla Homolka should be crowned a Saint, because Mother Theresa; oh look a butterfly. It’s irrelevant and false equivalence.

    “Chocolate gets you high and it’s classified as a food”

    Yet, not classified as a psychoactive vegetable.

    “No. As I explained before, 1) some people don’t want to be high at all, and 2) you can get way more of the other constituents inside you if you don’t also have to worry about how high you’re going to get.”

    What if some people don’t like their vegetables, can they get high then? Where is your science proving that? Ooh right.. in your world it’s my burden of proof to disprove it.

    First, you need to acknowledge the information in your only legitimate source, which constantly denounces getting high as being some human derived unnatural mutation and that we should use it as a vegetable for maximum healing benefit, which is of course absolutely bogus. You can’t validate that by saying “some people prefer”….. to damn bad.

    On Jeremiah’s recent show he had a doctor do a phone interview that dismissed it entirely. “All of the good medicinal cannibanoids will just stick to the side of the juicer while you’ll be extracting more of the bad/harmful stuff that we don’t want”.

    Herbman than defended by saying “nobody actually knows anything about it”, which is again the argument by ignorance, but at least he didn’t resort to your tactic and offer to post a sea of irrelevance in support of some parallel argument that wasn’t happening.

    Although what the doctor didn’t know was that not much will stick to the side, because if you look at your own sources in the videos, they only harvest fetal veg matter. There’s nothing much to stick before it ever gets sticky. The part that does stick is the part about getting a concentration of bad stuff from it with very little that’s actually medicinal in terms of cannabinoids.

    At this point the live enzymes, vitamins and minerals that you might get from juicing even typical vegetables, have all been known to “cure cancer” by themselves. This, however, fails to equate bong hits with pizza, which is a vegetable.

    This is clearly the kind of fallacy of inference you risk with a lack of objectivity.

    That said, some people may not want to be high at all, okay. The answer to that is that this drug may not be for some people.

    Perhaps they’d greatly prefer the pharmaceutical brain crack happy pills that “don’t get them high *WINK*, and that only leave them drowning in puddles of their drool, trembling uncontrollably and having lost their vocabulary.

    Oddly enough, the wants and desires of these people quickly fade into nothing once they’ve started their prescriptions, you know, because they’re so lobotomized by them. Do you understand how we hold the high ground be default, until you resort to snake oil? I hope you’re starting to get it.

    All you’re doing is lending weight to the bogus argument that being “high” is bad and that we really need options. What do you think the ultimate result of that stupidity is going to be?

    Of course your answer does nothing at all to address the point in question, which is that they do take premature veg matter only for juicing. You must have thought your opinion trumps the facts.

    If it’s simply a matter of not applying heat, then why not let the plant mature and ensure it is concentrated with cannabinoids, or has any worth a mention at all?

    If it’s a vegetable and we don’t want those psychoactive cannabinoids, why not simply juice some other, already legal vegetable. Why do we need another vegetable David.. there are so many already.

    You do realize that the juicing process adds heat as well? In fact vegetable juice is considered partially cooked on that basis.

    They have to use premature veg matter, because it’s the only way they can feed the juicer frequently enough. You might imagine this bogus theory would do wonders for growers in terms of their their throughput and turn around time ..If only they could devise a method that would do away with having to wait for the buds to ripen..even do away with the high-lighting requirements and ferts.. the need of a quality end product. Nooooooo they wouldn’t do that, would they David?

    I strongly suggest that you torrent a documentary called fat sick and nearly dead. In that you’ll discover the curative ability of juicing vegetables and making smart decisions. Then you can ask yourself what science proves cannabis that’s juiced is any more beneficial than any other juiced vegetable and ask yourself why we need it again?

    Start thinking more david, and don’t be so quick to support con artists who are only telling you exactly what you want to hear. You’ll only help them dig a hole for us all.

    As per your personal pre-occupation with my anonymity, it wouldn’t help your pathetic arguments if you found out I was david suziki or a country western star, but you should have more respect for a mother of 16. Shame on you.

  1876. Anonymous on

    Levin, your refutations are nonsense. Consider that maybe you’re losing focus of what your objectives ought to be in all of this.

    You keep referring to these links as though it validates this information. This is a derivative work based on those links. It’s circular logic.

    Are those sources credible? Are they scientifically sound, proven, reviewed, published in any scientific or medically renowned journal? No to all of the above. Oh it’s a “youtube” video, from a “Doctor”, give me an fn break. Maybe this bs works for your circles buddy, lots of pats on the back and circle jerks, but there are people with brains with an eye on this and … you’re really making their day, giving them all the ammo in the world to use against you.

    Now you’re going to argue “well why don’t you present something better that proves my point then, and if you can’t then this garbage source and information HAS to be accepted”. But alas, it’s not my burden to prove your miracle is true, sir, and an argument from ignorance is no proof at all; “we can’t prove god doesn’t exist and so… see you in church on sunday”. Is that your best… really? One trick pony?

    “Do you see the word “premature” anywhere in the article? I sure don’t.”

    I would refer to your own sources. Apparently you’re not fully versed on the subject matter. They juice premature leaves only, and why not because THC is bad right…. don’t want that nasty non medicinal feel good high…. oo nasty. May as well be hemp, because getting high is bad, getting high is unnatural… getting high is a human perversion… the deer don’t heat it… only hunter gathers have adulterated it with heat which is purely a human invention… it never sits out in the fields curing in the sun.. surely the wise doctor would have known…. we must use it in its natural state, virgin non medicinal leaf juice.

    Oh look at that.. genius “doctor” discovers the medical value of a plant in a way it’s not generally considered at all useful or used that completely invalidates all the ways it has been known as a medicine that aren’t “politically correct”. Apparently we lost that war, it had no legitimacy and so now is the time to adapt to adapt and adopt the absurd. Isn’t that convenient. Buy his book!

    “The article does not state that getting high is “bad”, nor does it state that cannabis is “not a drug”. It does state that getting high may not be desired by some people who do not use cannabis regularly … and something can be a vegetable and a drug at the same time.”

    It completely implies it to any reasonable person. Again, refer to your own source material where it’s a repeated theme every few seconds. The entirety of those videos essentially consists of repeating that notion endlessly.

    You’ve obviously taken on the position of the absurd in your defense of it. If a vegetable could get you high it would in fact be classified as a drug rather than a vegetable. Or perhaps you can name a single vegetable on the market that gets you high? Didn’t think so. Magic Mushrooms aren’t sold in grocery stores for a reason. Quite foolish indeed to fathom this should be the argument that legalizes it.

    “For those words to be in quotes they must be found in the actual article … and they are not.”

    You seem to not understand the basic usage of quotation marks. Suggest you research it.

    “What the article actually says is: “If you start to experience an uncomfortable “high” then dial back on the dose untill you have a comfortable platform to move to the next increase in doseage.” – This is not a “getting high is bad” message, this is to help people who have never used cannabis in their life – or never eaten it before – to titrate their dose properly. ”

    Flat out BS David, and you know it. That’s a strawman as you’ve taken it out of context. It’s saying it doesn’t get you high David, and then it’s saying if you get too high, take less. David, if it doesn’t get you high, why would you have to take less from getting too high.

    “Anti-depressants = not depressed.”

    Is that a fact? You should just see the look on my face.. aren’t you smarter than that, more informed than that? At least a little? Come on Levin, give it up.

    Stick to the damn facts that actually have credibly sound information backing them and ignore this low hanging poisoned fruit snake oil bait nonsense that completely discredits the entire medical marijuana cause. You’re making fools of us all, and I say that in the nicest way possible. There is no cause whatsoever to cede the high ground of being factually correct and adopting this damaging snake oil drivel, as nice and even maybe as sincere as those involved may be.

  1877. Anonymous on

    oh… where do I send my money.. /scoff

    “How do deal with law enforcement”… yeh, don’t get caught and “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”.

  1878. Anonymous on

    Yeah and the fresh juice is taken from premature veg matter that as of yet lacks potent concentrations of the medicinal compounds that we all know and love it for.

    Juicing any vegetables though is insanely healthy and known to cure cancer by itself. If anything this just points to our poisonous diets as being a likely cause of a lot of our sickness, which lets face, is more than obvious.

    How this proves that getting high is bad and cannabis is not a drug but a vegetable is beyond me.

    Anyway it seems to me the gumby hash method would suffice, and no level of boiling is going to change its chemical nature such that it’s water soluble.

    Things like this will only get used against us. “They think it cures everything… they’re obviously a bunch of crazies”. Anyone talking sense after that will be completely ignored.

  1879. Anonymous on

    So it’s not “psychoactive”, but you might get paranoid and feel like you’re about to die. So it’s psychoactive then.

    Why don’t you drop the whole “getting high is bad” schtick and stop thinking you argue from a stronger position if you adopt portions of their factually unsound propaganda. You’re ceding ground that needn’t be ceded.

    Note, the very first “medication” they prescribe to cancer patients are anti depressants to get them high with. Do the math.

  1880. Anonymous on

    I see what he’s saying. It would produce a chunk of “hash” but with the water soluble components mixed in with the crude ice-hash that the ice-water mixing would leave at the bottom. The boiling down would probably destroy some compounds though. I doubt you’d get much benefit from it but I guess it’s possible. Probably just common vegetable components that you could get from boiling pretty much any herb. Personally I would just keep the bubblehash separate in case I wanted to smoke it for quick relief. The fresh Cannabis juice spoken of would be hard to come by. It would take a lot of leaf to get any great amount of juice. Cannabis juice is good in theory but pretty impractical in reality, unless you hooked up with a hemp farm or something.