CC Presents a New Hemp Section for Hemp History Week

CANNABIS CULTURE – Before we were Cannabis Culture Magazine, we were the Marijuana & Hemp Newsletter. Since the beginning of the magazine in 1994, hemp has always been important to Cannabis Culture.

While the focus has shifted to cannabis and medical marijuana activism, much work still needs to be done to legalize hemp for industry. Hemp growing was legalized in Canada in the late 1998, but it’s still illegal to grow in the USA. This is good news for Canadian hemp growers who export south of the border, although it’s not always so easy, as the DEA has considered hemp products equivalent with their arch-nemesis, marijuana. it’s also bad news for industrial hemp advocates who envision a thriving hemp industry in their country, once part of the foundation of the young nation.

Hemp activists in the North America are promoting the third annual Hemp History Week from June 4-10 to encourage political activism to legalize the hemp industry in the United States.

In recognition of Hemp History Week, Cannabis Culture is introducing a new Hemp section of our website. Similar to our focus sections on Growing, Arts, Activism and Medical Marijuana, the Hemp section brings together all our latest and historical hemp content, hemp videos from Pot TV plus what people are saying about hemp on twitter and in the CC forums.

If you have articles you’d like to contribute to our Hemp section, contact CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer.