UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Suspended for One Year Over Positive Marijuana Test

Nick Diaz was suspended for one year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his positive test for marijuana metabolites following his loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 in Las Vegas.

The UFC welterweight, who was already under temporary suspension since the failed drug test, was also fined $60,000 (30 per cent of his $200,000 purse for the fight).

Appearing before the commission Monday, Diaz’s lawyer Ross Goodman argued that the NSAC could not suspend him for violating its policies since marijuana metabolites do not constitute a prohibited substance.

Diaz, who has a medical exemption to use marijuana in his home state of California, has been taking it to help deal with ADHD.

Goodman said that there was no evidence of use of “in-competition” use of marijuana, which is on the commission’s list of banned substance, and that the marijuana metabolite, which would have been from his last use of the drug more than a week prior, would not have had an active ingredient of THC at the time of the fight.

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  1. Anonymous on

    this could save his life . .

  2. gutrod on

    Booze impairs. Pot enhances. Not athletic competition outcomes though.
    It’s all mental which begs the question. Why is it a banned substance.

  3. gutrod on

    Does the ruling mean that he will be barred from fighting anywhere in the U.S. Bring Nick Diaz here to Canada to fight. He would be welcomed with open arms. His performances were never enhanced by smoking pot especially for medicinal use. Time to review the rules which don’t reflect 21st century reality.

  4. Anonymous on

    It also begs the question – Does cannabis actually enhance or impair us?

  5. OldRev on

    I would just like to mention this same regulatory body frequently grants exemptions to fighters who wish to use testostorone legally if deemed by a doctor to need injections for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will not acknowledge any benefit to using cannabis in any context, but has opened the door to athletes juicing as long as they provide a note. Just wanted to say that.