TODAY: Cannabis Champion Heads Back To Court For Rematch Bout Over Medical Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – You can’t write a better doobie drama than the heroic toker tale unfolding in Toronto.

Federal prosecutors will argue a lower court erred when it struck down Canada’s marijuana laws – effectively legalizing possession and growing for personal use – on Monday (May 7) following Saturday’s (May 5) Global Marijuana March. It’s fitting and unbelievable 158 cities are protesting prohibition leading into a court hearing that regardless of the outcome, sets a new course for Canada’s weed laws.

The Mernagh Ruling is a ganja game changer. It takes a bat to prohibition and beats it to a Jose Bautista style pulp. The ruling is a damning indictment about a failed medical marijuana program. It’s in my name, but twenty-two Canadians stood up and said they couldn’t access Health Canada’s medical marijuana program. They believed in lawyer Paul Lewin who has donated well over 250 hours to defend me.

Together we worked our nationwide networks to build a case that resulted in an incredible victory. When we started, few believed our constitutional challenge to Canada’s possession and production laws would work. People are jaded, but there are pockets of them everywhere who are working hard to overturn prohibition, they’re organizing rallies for 10 – 10,000 protesters. We tapped these types of people to lend us a few activist hours. They helped us find patient witnesses who otherwise might not have come forward. Legally I’m not allowed to mention who the witnesses are, but again thank you all for believing in us; for telling your health horror stories when you didn’t have too.

Not just Canadian cannabis enthusiasts are watching, but the weed world. The prosecutor will argue Canada has international obligations and Mernagh’s legal marijuana grow-op is violating not one, but two United Nation treaties. This brings me back to the Global Marijuana March on Saturday May 5.

My first thought when we received our new court dates a few months ago was that’s right after Global Marijuana March. The positive energy created around the world will carry us into the courtroom. Plus people trek from all over the province and country to attend GMM. Heavy activist types who would want to see a stellar stoner courtroom showdown. We need these people there to report on their social media streams what’s happening as it happens. Hashtag is #highcourt

The second reason I’m so awestruck is I always mentally picture court as bout between two warriors – The Garden City Grower Matt Mernagh vs. The Niagara Falls Nug Hater Rob Nicholson. A fight between two good ole Niagara boys. I picture myself having the feds in a rear naked choke hold. We have our stoner superstitions too; Lewin has given up toking for the last six weeks and I grew out a Lanny McDonald play-off beard that’d smackdown both Sedins simultaneously.

Before any spectacular event, whether it’’s Talladega 500, Super Bowl, UFC 420, Wrestlemania, there’s a pre-show party. The Global Marijuana March is The Mernagh Ruling pre-fight party. It sets the stage for Monday and Tuesday’s throwdown.

Here’s a list of the action.

Friday May 4 at 7pm EST
Cannabis Culture News webcasts live from Vapor Central. Show up or tune in on Pot TV Network (4pm PST or 7pm EST) as CC editor Jeremiah and Mernahuana talk trash and toke fine ass dank.

Friday May 4 at 9pm EST
Marc Emery Fundraiser $10 @ Vapor Central
Speech by Jodie Emery will be webcast on Pot TV Network.

Saturday May 5 at Noon
Global Marijuana March @ Queens Park
Tune into the webcast on the Pot TV Network.

Monday May 7 at 10am
The Mernagh Ruling Appeal @ Osgoode Hall (Queen & University)
Join me on the steps of Osgoode Hall for a session at 9am. Hashtag #highcourt
Note: There’s a security checkpoint.

Monday May 7 at 7pm EST or 4pm PST
Opus Live with Mik Mann from Vapor Central. Mik reports back on Ontario Court of Appeal hearing. Tune in the Pot TV Network to hear what is happening. Special guest Matt Mernagh.

Tuesday May 8 at 10am
The Mernagh Ruling Appeal @ Osgoode Hall (Queen & University)
Join me on the steps of Osgoode Hall at 9am for a session. Hashtag #highcourt
Note: Security checkpoint.

Tuesday May 8 at 4pm EST
The Mernahuana Show @ Vapor Central
Tune in on the Pot TV Network as Matt Mernagh and the Potheads Who Don’t Smoke Schwag wrap up their incredible week.



  1. Dancer on

    He is so up-tight ‘coz he’s separated from his bride now, and is closely watched over by his ‘security’ thugs night and day, csusing massive doses of ‘no sex forever’…how else can he be such a non-entity in the world of relaxed persons enjoying a toke now and again?

  2. Michael Thomas on

    dads for marijuana stands united with you Matt Mernagh…………….we have camped at the very courthouse in st Catharines ont canada on behalf of another medical patient where you received a fair and just ruling by the right honorable judge Taliano…………as a medical patient myself i had a very stressful time obtaining a doctor to sign,i have a full understanding of the inefficiency of the current system.the current system is a true and real crime against all peoples of our nation……….my position is very clear…………..let no man nor government nor agency there-of stand before another mans right to the perseverance of better health and or well-being………the prohibition of cannabis and or hemp is based on all out lies,fictional facts and complete untruths,we know the facts and so does the federal government and the federal governments denialistic approach to the outdated policy’s and or laws pertaining to the prohibition of cannabis and or hemp must end,clearing way for a much more cannabis friendly future for all canadians…………….i will attend court in toronto with great honor and respect for all that have gone before us and all that will follow in the fight against prohibition………………..michael thomas

  3. Anonymous on

    Harper and Nichols glow when they describe or think about hurting the disabled and the poor. Steve is a total closet case and his breeder wife turned out to be a dyke.

  4. Bud Grinder on

    Pastor Harper is merely and nothing more than just another common, typical, primitive, ignorant, mercenary Bible-thumping thug. Medical marijuana patient are, to him, just more stoners… sinners whom his God has told him must be punished for the salvation of their souls.

    What a sicko.

  5. Anonymous on

    Be sure to mention the new evidence of the Harper government’s malice against ill people, demanding that a BC Supreme Court allow them to continue violating Canadian citizens’ Charter rights by throwing them in jail for doing what Health Canada refuses to do, convert crude Cannabis into a useable medicine by concentrating its active principles, as has been done with every other medicinal plant on earth. Why would Canada want its citizens to use only very weak natural forms of herbal THC when they could easily extract the active principles and then simply dilute it if only weak medication is needed for a particular disorder. Only a cruel government would ask for a year more to continue the restriction of medical Cannabis to a form which is so weak its laughable. If I can barely even feel a whole Cannabis cigarette then how much medical effect could it possibly have? It’s like giving a wounded soldier a poppy pod to chew on instead of a shot of morphine. Why doesn’t Health Canada want to get effective doses of THC into medical patients TODAY instead of a year from now? Because they obviously want them to suffer for as long as they can legally drag it out. This just shows how egregious Harper’s malice against the ill really is. He doesn’t blink an eye at sick people having to suffer for a year longer than necessary. I hope Harper gets ALS, I really do.