Cannabis Cup Competition for Medicinal Marijuana Growers

The 2nd annual Prairie Harvest Cannabis Cup is coming to Saskatoon in September and yes it’s exactly what it sounds like – a competition for growing the best marijuana in the province.

The competition is only open to Saskatchewan’s licensed medical marijuana growers.

Jeff Lundstrom owns Saskatoon’s Skunk Funk Smoker’s Emporium and he founded the Prairie Harvest Cannabis Cup last year he joined CKOM’s Brent Loucks on Monday morning to talk about it.

He says the event will be more than just a competition, explaining that it will include scientific information about why marijuana is actually medicine.

“So I think that it’s more of a well-rounded event than it is just bringing people together to smoke cannabis,” he said.

Lundstrom grows medical marijuana for his chonic back pain and is licensed to supply two other Saskatchewan patients. He says there are 35 licensed medicinal marijuana growers in the province but, it isn’t easy to get that licence.

“Saskatchewan’s probably one of the hardest places to obtain a license actually, doctors are very reluctant to sign in this province,” he said.

The competition will be held in September, and Lundstrom says the police have given him the okay to go ahead.

“As long as there’s no complaints about the event, and I don’t see why there would be, they don’t have any cause for concern, this is a great relief to someone like me who’s organizing the event and trying to keep people safe and secure while we have it,” he explained.

– Article orginally from CKOM News Talk 650.