Marc Emery Calls B.C.’s Leaders ‘Uninspiring’

Jailed marijuana activist Marc Emery is all over the map politically. A founding member of the Marijuana Party of Canada, he’s moved his support between the B.C. and federal NDP, the federal and provincial Greens and federal Liberals over the years.

But Emery says that’s because so few of our leaders, including Premier Christy Clark, NDP Leader Adrian Dix or Green Party Leader Jane Sterk, are inspirational in any way.

“B.C. has got such an uninspiring lot of leaders who stand for nothing, are willing to stand for nothing,” he told me from the Mississippi jail where he’s serving out his five-year term for selling marijuana seeds. All play the waiting game, he says, waiting for the other to collapse.

“I’m well plugged in, but I cannot think of anything bold or exciting about Adrian Dix. And where did Jane Sterk of the B.C. Greens go? If she can’t exploit the weakness in the B.C. Liberals and lack of enthusiasm for the NDP in these times, that’s a failed franchise opportunity for sure.”

However, Emery absolutely loves libertarian U.S. Republican candidate Ron Paul, who also calls the so-called war on drugs a total failure.

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