TODAY: The Herb Museum Grand Opening and Art Auction

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Herb Museum is finally open to the public once again! Come to the April 26 grand opening and art auction at Cannabis Culture Headquarters in Vancouver.

Museum Opens at 3pm
Art Auction starts at 7pm

The Herb Museum (307 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver), curated by marijuana activist David Malmo-Levine, contains an amazing drug history museum with over 1500 artifacts, including 700 medicine bottles.

Help us celebrate a museum 8 years in the making! Fantastic art at rock-bottom prices including works by Ken Foster, Bob High, Alan Sayers, Dottie Locks, Rhiannon Rose, Megan Allard, John Walkus, Dave Douglas, and many more.

The Herb Museum is home to four rooms of drug history artifacts, literature, and art. There is also a small art gallery, where you can buy art, postcards, cards, music, and jewelry (and soon, aphrodisiac infused chocolate bars).

The first two rooms are free and include displays on “the invisible drugs”, coffee, tea, cacao, and tobacco, as well as the art gallery. The other two rooms are $5.00 for an hour, but the fee includes the use of a Volcano vapourizer, pipes, and/or a bong. These rooms contain the displays on cannabis, opium, coca, aphrodisiacs, hallucinogens, non-psychoactive herbal medicines, and synthetics. Learn while you burn or vape (your own!).

The museum houses an extensive herbal library and filing cabinet for every researcher’s needs.

Contact the Herb Museum at [email protected] or by calling 778-987-8349.

Visit the Herb Museum website or in person at 307 W. Hastings in Vancouver, B.C. (see map).

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