Marijuana Activists Target Oregon AG Candidate

A candidate for Oregon state Attorney General faces an unusual new opposition campaign.

Democrat Dwight Holton has become the target of medical marijuana activists. Holton faces retired judge Ellen Rosenblum in the May Democratic primary.

Medical marijuana groups say Holton cracked down on marijuana growers and distributors during his time as a federal prosecutor. He served Oregon’s U.S. attorney for two years.

Pro-legalization activist Bob Wolfe has launched an anti-Holton website and says, “Medical marijuana activists are targeting every public appearance that Mr. Holton has from now on.”

Holton says he supports Oregon’s voter-approved medical marijuana program. But spokeswoman Jillian Schoene says the law has been abused.

“The law needs to be about meeting the needs of the patients,” Schoene says. “What it should not be used as is backdoor legalization.”

Holton’s opponent in the Democratic primary is Ellen Rosenblum. The retired state judge has said she’ll make enforcement of marijuana laws a low priority.

– Article originally from NPR.