4/20 LIVE: Watch Canada’s Cannabis Celebrations on Pot TV

CANNABIS CULTURE – Today is April 20th! If you can’t make it to a marijuana protest near you, watch the LIVE all-day broadcast from 4/20 rallies in Vancouver and Toronto on Pot TV.

Pot TV will webcast LIVE from our 4/20 Skybox, high in the clouds above the Vancouver Art Gallery grounds.

Hashmob activists will be broadcasting LIVE from downtown smoke-lounge Vapor Central and Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square.

Jodie Emery, Marijuana Man, Jeremiah Vandermeer, Matt Mernagh, Chris Goodwin, Mik Mann, Dana Larsen, and many other of your favorite Pot TV stars will be your hosts for a day of pot smoke and politics.

The festivities are expected to begin around 10 am Eastern time in Toronto and end at 8pm Pacific time in Vancouver. Live bands, DJs and political speakers will entertain crowds in both cities before big smoke-downs at respective 4:20s.

Click here for more information about cannabis celebrations in Vancouver, Toronto, and other Canadian cities.


Click here to see more shows on Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    Wow, you need to work on your attitude. You are drunk on a different kind of drug….YOURSELF!
    Self-righteousness is your problem.

  2. Anonymous on

    Before you call people ignorant please learn to spell correctly, and the correct usage of the word puta in your message would have been putos, cabron!

  3. Anonymous on

    Unfortunately this hasn’t been proven yet to actually be the gospel of barnabus or a bible at all. The content is so far unknown and hasn’t been analysed. Nor has the time period when it was written been calculated. This will be huge news if it is, but in the interest of not mis-informing people right now I wouldn’t spread this article since nothing is fact in it apart from the fact that an old book has been found. It will be interesting to see what further investigations show us.

  4. CoolDude on

    I agree talking about religion is not the same as learning about religious concepts.

  5. Anonymous on

    Talking about religons, is as significant as playing online video games. It’s not like the real video games.

  6. Sparky Spliff on

    Hey – I first smoked in 1970, and was absolutely sure it would be legal by now. Unfreakinbeleivable! Every time I attend a 420 event, I’m sure it will be the last one I look for cops at! If it hasn’t gone legit yet, we have only ourselves to blame. LETS GET IT DONE! Before the end of this decade, we must legalize nationwide! I challenge you all to do this, not because it will be easy, but because it will be hard! If we can put men on the moon, we can damnsure put a man in the whitehouse that will be sympathetic to legalization. Now get registered and vote! Remember, Bob Marley is watching us!

  7. babycow on

    beware the invisible father god in the sky
    or the ones who cover the beautiful women in black veils
    or who worship the romney mormounds
    or other invisible beings that exist only
    in the minds of those who are blind
    and have not yet smoked the KInd

  8. Raynedove on

    I’m 60 years old, been smoking pot since I was 18 and I can’t believe its still not legal. WTF!!!! Today will be my first attendance of 4:20. Looking forward to it!

  9. Ganjabagger on

    Anonomous Muslim wrote “On judgement day you will be able to see hellfire. Clearer than ever.”

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? Interesting. I must agree, Today (420) must be Judgement Day and ALL will see “HellFire” coming out the end of my lighter to spark bowls and spliffs!!!!!
    Today SHOULD NOT be a day for venting religious views and dogma, Rather Today should be a day of Love, Peace, Hope, and Fellowship, the very quailities our beloved sacrament bring to us after partaking of her sweet spirits…..

    Happy 420 Brothers and Sisters,

    Peace and Pot to ALL (Including Anonomous Muslim) 🙂

  10. RastaMike on

    islam is a cult and mohamam whatever its name is.Is a false prophet

  11. RastaMike on


  12. RastaMike on

    Its the most wonderful time of the year.
    Dont criticize it just legalize it.

  13. Anonymous on

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  15. Anonymous on

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    Must see.

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