Recent Raid No Damper on Interest in Oakland’s Medical Marijuana Business

Despite the recent federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries and last week’s raid on Oaksterdam University, it appears that the four groups approved last month to open dispensaries in Oakland still want to get into the medical marijuana business.

The Oakland Community Collective is moving forward to open at 2101 Broadway by mid-to-late summer, member Scott Hawkins said.

The other three groups to get permits have the added burden of finding new locations after the city nixed their proposed sites for being too close to schools or parks.

Many medical cannabis industry observers questioned if those groups would follow through, given that federal authorities in recent months have closed dozens of dispensaries and threatened to seize the property of their landlords.

However, on the day of Oaksterdam raid, Tidewater Patients Group told Assistant City Administrator Arturo Sanchez that they were still looking for a viable site, Sanchez said last week. He also said leaders with G8 Medical Alliance Inc. had told him before the Oaksterdam raid that they too had been looking at sites to open a dispensary. Neither group has returned phone calls this week, nor has Jeff Wilcox, whose Agramed cooperative also received a permit. Wilcox had said before the Oaksterdam raid that he hoped to find a suitable home to open a dispensary in Oakland.

– Article from Contra Costa Times.