Mulcair on Marijuana

Earlier in the campaign, the NDP leadership candidates were surveyed about their views on marijuana. At the time, Mr. Mulcair expressed support for decriminalization.

I also support the party’s existing policy on further decriminalising the possession of marijuana for any use with the goal to eliminate the influence of organised crime on the production and distribution of marijuana. In order to make good on those policies, we first need to replace the Harper government with its wrong headed ideological approach to criminal issues. This is why party members should think about who is best positioned to beat the Conservatives in 2015.

But when interviewed by Tom Clark this past weekend—starting at the 8:28 mark here—and asked directly whether he would decriminalize marijuana, Mr. Mulcair responded in the negative.

No. I think that that would be a mistake because the information we have right now is that the marijuana that’s on the market is extremely potent and can actually cause mental illness.

He suggests something like the LeDain commission could be created to study the issue.

The first position sounds like something Jack Layton said in 2004, but the second position is not far removed from the stance taken by Mr. Layton during the federal campaign last spring.



  1. Terry Parker Jr. on

    Looks like the NDP just screwed itself, with the likes of Thomas Mulcair, as thier new leader. In a CBC recent poll 94% want legal marijuana. Now the NDP has chosen someone as to escalate the genocide upon the people of Canada.
    Sad, very sad, considering jack Layton would still be alive, if not for the all main stream party restriction of a cure for cancer, being marijuana. Seriously folks, if we’re to end cancer, then we have to vote Marijuana. it’s the only real choice, when it comes to saving lives. Terry Parker Jr.

  2. TimeIsOfEssenceSoDontWasteIt on

    This reminds of how inconsiderate these paid politians are, most politians truthfully don’t care. There really is no need for so many stupid politians talking the same shit everyday, when they don’t know the facts of life whats going on.

    Instead of checking theirself before the government wreck theirself, the government automatically wreck theirself. Honestly don’t want the people to know all this money wasting and voting is a waste of time. Expescially when double standards over laws exist!

    Or how the United States and the media assasinate the middle east, country after country with no reason to eradicate the innocent. While the whole united states following the orders of one idiot. Who by thinking they have power and control , real problems are not looked after in time or taken care of.
    The whole united states is just like the pharoah using the slaves to build his pyramids. Inhumane society if you ask me and people live like pigs and dogs. People won’t get up and do whats right,instead people tend to roll around in their own filth like pigs. And when one thing goes wrong, for no expected reason people start barking like dogs.

  3. Anonymous on

    That is why I say and will repeat never trust a ^politician.They promise a lot to draw the attention of people at the beginning of the campaign but once they are near election they change their mind on a lot of issues. So that is why I say that similarly to think that liberals are interested in medical marijuana or marijuana legalization is pure speculation.
    They probably think like Obama In the states that potheads are mentally ill persons that should be treated not only as second class citizen but as criminals. JUst think for a moment about how far this war on pot users has gone.Now the users should be alienated.the quickest we approach 2037 the more its gonna look like 1937.Marijuana madness with roots in hell.ANSLINGERS of this world rise to life ! A new career is awaiting you….more prohibition
    But the real insanity Mr.Mulcair is when anti-riot policemen use force against the students.So right now you can say dear MR.Mulcair that thanks to cannabis culture web site YOU HAVE FOREVER LOST MY VOTE STARTING TODAY and I will never vote for NDP again.Mr.Mulcair you are a bad representative of thr Quebec nation

  4. Tony Aroma on

    “He suggests something like the LeDain commission could be created to study the issue.”

    Uh, how about the LeDain Commission? They already did the research and came up with recommendations. Why do it all again just for the recommendations to be ignored again? In other words, that was a completely nonsense suggestion, and this guy is just blowing off the issue.

  5. Anonymous on

    You can just tell that this is the kind of professional politiko that’s only in the NDP for strategic value.

    He just hasn’t had the chance to cross the floor and be a reformer conservative yet, but you know he wants to.

    I bet he will if he doesn’t get to be the NDP leader.

  6. Anonymous on

    Yep, that’s the red herring joke of it all. It’s very simple:

    Non-deadly X deadlier = non deadly.

    Non Dangerous X more dangerous = non dangerous

  7. Anonymous on

    Fine, NDP just lost my vote if they get this guy as a leader. Not only that but I’ll campaign against him.

    Seriously, I will f myself in the 4ss and vote for harper instead.. better the devil you know, than the one you don’t that is no different.

  8. Psychedelicious on

    Yea this is nonsense. These people (politicians) are not to be trusted. The only way to make a change is through the people at large having enough of this bullshit policy on certain drugs. So unfortunately it seems like things will need to get a lot worse with regard to violence and crime for that to happen.

  9. Jack Draak on

    You nailed it. Look, a lot of energy, care and creativity has gone into “breeding” pot in the past 50+ years, I’ll grant you that, but the fact is that sinsemilia is art, as well as genetics and every continent has a strain that pre-dates our modern obsession with pot which can produce “premium” bud when grown properly…

    These “high potency” phenotypes have always been out there, for the most part (not denying some tweaking has gone on since the 60’s, so don’t get your feathers ruffled, growers 🙂

    Besides… concern over potency is counter-intuitive… the only honest extrapolation of higher potency is that you don’t need as much to get the same high; in other words, less smoke or other potentially undesirable by-product for the same benefit. Where’s the problem with that?!?!? rofl. It’s not like comparing it to a barbiturate or alcohol where if it’s 10x stronger you can quite easily kill yourself is at all honest… 10x stronger pot and you risk… wait for it… getting sleepy! Oh My God!

    The fear-mongering is so ridiculous…

  10. Anonymous on

    Looser! Thomas Mulcair should fire up his brain with a good smoke and then fire up his campaign by exposing Harper as the worst psychopath since Hitler.

  11. Anonymous on

    Since the eighties i have been hearing media claims of stronger pot so I ordered some seeds from Canada and my friends did too and the plants looked very pretty and were very sweet to smoke but our Australian buds are just as strong as that. So it’s all just verbal diarrhea as far as i can tell.

  12. JackDraak on

    I’ve had it with politicians who want to play scientist or social worker. The “I want to shut this conversation down, so I’ll say something untrue and incindiary to make a distraction while I run out the back door” technique used here (quote, “can actually cause mental illness” read: I’m taking my ball and I’m going home).

    Alcohold “can” and *DOES* cause all variety of illness and yet it’s sold to *ANYBODY* nineteen or older, and with no warning of it’s many dangers or it’s direct toxicity. The “evidence” linking cannabis to schitzophrenia is based on some long-reaching conclusions (most scientists identify this type of “science” as lacking, because it makes the common mistake of assuming that correllation equels causation… more research needs to be conducted to backup such a claim, but the research hasn’t been done).

    I think I’ll stop rambling now, lol!