More Pot Growing than Allowed for by Medical License

A Lake Country man is facing possible charges of production of a controlled substance and possession of the purpose of trafficking after police found that the man was growing more marijuana plants than his license allowed.

On March 16 the Lake Country RCMP executed a search warrant on a residence on the 11800 block of McGowan Road. Police were aware that the owner of the residence, age 44, had a medical marijuana license for 122 plants but information suggested that he was exceeding that number.

Police located a sophisticated grow operation in the detached garage, which turned out to far exceeded the allowed allotment provided by the medical marijuana license.

In all, police seized 267 marihuana plants of the 389 located, leaving the 122 to which the man was legally entitled. Investigators also found issues with the electrical to the garage, and service were subsequently terminated to the outbuilding.

The son of the owner, a 14-year-old boy, was located inside the residence.

Health Canada will be informed of his license violation with the recommendation that it be revoked.

When police present evidence to a judge that there are reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a criminal offense is taking place, and a warrant is granted, police may search residences that have medical marijuana licenses.

– Article from Lake Country Calendar.



  1. Anonymous on

    So you know exactly how much yield he nets based on a plant count? That’s laughable.

    He could be lucky to be getting a third of that, which is maybe why he decided to grow more plants.

    What you know that’s safe to assume is absolutely nothing.

    BTW, one oz a day of what could easily be very mild weed is no more than a single glass of bhang a day.

  2. Anonymous on

    note the comments in the first post, he was allowed to keep his 122 plants as per his license so the cops were more than accomadating considering his plant count.
    I know what it means to start the next crop before harvesting the initial but come on, 122 plants should net him 366 oz outdoors which is more than a oz per day, all year long.
    play by the rules or lose it!!

  3. weebes on

    What we do know is the Mans grow has been SHUT DOWN,and he will be losing his MMAR exception, You may be right he has done nothing wrong ?, however the Cops and courts will decided and until the Man gets his day in court he will not be growing his own MEDS Legally. Laws are for All or there are no Laws.So I would suggest to play by the rules and Your MMAR exception will not be taking away from You.Do not give Big Brother an excuse to mess with your life Folks, because everyone who has exception should be prepaired for a little visit form your locally Police this year.God Bless,Stay Safe,

  4. Anonymous on

    Personally we all know children have these wild stupid antics. Children of today are chasing the tail.
    Whether it is too much candy, watching t.v. are believing the shit is real.
    Children are to stupid to know, until their adults.
    But the reason your hearing about pot smoking children.
    Because honestly children are stupid, they follow what is on t.v.

    And the parents are even stupider that the parents to occupied with having sex to spend real time with the children from when their 5 and up and explain life. Instead children grow up with life hitting them in the face from a lack of knowledge.

    And dont get me started about how all these politians down grade pot with their speech. And how most of these american men their daughter is some stupid slut, having sex for drugs. Or just plain slutty and dirty that does what ever people tell them to do. “I dont lie”.

    the reason we have government and all these politians talking about shit that dont matter

    is because aids still exist, marijuana is off the streets but there is more crack heads than ever

    all these rich politians speaking about what they wish could happen, when they never been out of their house to see what it’s like

    the marilyn manson generation think their smarter than everyone else or smarter than ever, when their stupid and don’t know nothing , because people are either sad from many bills to pay and most of all people aint theirself with everything going on in the world

    giving the biggest opportunity for inside corruption, meaning the people in power in the biggest problems from their lack of knowledge

  5. Anonymous on

    You can start looking out for each other but not jumping to simple conclusions each time the cops attack someone.

    You don’t know if the guy is a “caregiver” for 5 people, and you don’t know if the cops brought those extra 100 plants out in a single grocery bag because they were all seedlings or not.

    What you really know about it from what they told you is nothing.

  6. weebes on

    It seems to Me there is a lot of this going on ?, Maybe that is why Big Brother is shuting US down.People should realize like driving this is a exception to grow not a RIGHT to fuck the rest of us that play by the rules.We as a group MMAR Exceptees need to look after one another better than this Guy, gives all of Us black-eye. God Bless keep your stick on the ice.

  7. Anonymous on

    Yes I am aware of all that. I’m just saying it’s an fn slick PR move to let him keep what he’s entitled to have. But it always means that they acknowledge and realize what they’re doing is extremely unpopular.

    It however shouldn’t be lost on anyone that they did turn off his power, and in doing so, very likely murdered his remaining plants.

    Now if they’re going to be that slick about things, I will have to tip my hat, though I may use my middle finger.

  8. Sharki on

    Depending on the situation the Police have 3 years {in the U.S.} ta file charges, or to let the Feds pick up the case.
    Like the Molly Frye case.

    Police dont do nice things for anyone.

    With KKKanada’s new drug laws they probly will just let him continue on till they raid again, and then again.
    Next thing ya know they take the Land , House and Bank acounts.

    Plant Limits make no sense to responsable Medical Growers that need more plants and Better Variety’s for certain ailments. Also “they” are ignorant that different ways of ingesting the Medicine may also cause the need for more plants.

    They can come in using Smell as Probable cause and take your Meds, so whats ta stop em comin in FOR ANY REASON THEY CAN INVENT.
    Legal? OOOps we destroyed all your Meds before we figured it out. Sooorrry.
    OOOOPs we wrecked your house and shot your dog in front of your kids.. Soooorrry.
    Cops actually laugh around the Donut shop counter over those no knock raids.

    Even if Cannabis were Legal “They” will find a way ta squeeze the Micro Grower out.

    Keep it secret, keep it safe

  9. Anonymous on

    To whoever is responsible for the intelligent decision to allow the guy to keep his 122 plants, I am forced to tip my hat.

    Of course the guy should still fight this since having a higher plant count doesn’t prove an intent to distribute, and while the numbers seem high, he could have simply been breeding himself a better strain or two, where the police were counting males and seedlings. It’s a failure of the program that it doesn’t take such things into account.

  10. Anonymous on

    Fucksticks like this are the reason i soon will have my growing rights stripped from me and handed to some asshole who is going to charge $12+ a gram making it cost prohibited to me.