Conservatives Importing Drug Violence From Mexico With New Crime Policies

The body of Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz, a high-ranking member of the United Nations gang of Canada who was executed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. (Photo by Reuters)The body of Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz, a high-ranking member of the United Nations gang of Canada who was executed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. (Photo by Reuters)Politicians created drug prohibition. Drug prohibition created the gangs and cartels. Now Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have passed new laws guaranteed to give the gangs more power.

The Conservatives have been told repeatedly by experts that prohibition causes more damage than the drugs themselves. One need only look south to Mexico to see the proof, where prohibition-fuelled gang violence has spiraled out of control and is getting worse.

Last week the Conservative majority passed C-10, a controversial crime bill that includes mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent marijuana offenses. Canada’s crackdown is likely to increase the power and scope of gangs here at home.

If you think Mexico-style violence is a long way from our Canadian streets, think again.

In January, the Vancouver Sun published this report about the murder of a Canadian gang member in Mexico. The article gives details and history of connections between Mexican cartels and Canada’s UN gang.

Harper’s new crime policies will put a chill on small-time growers and dealers and further push illegal marijuana business into the hands of organized gangs like the UN, whose members are willing to take the risks and defy the law. The Conservatives know this, or at least have been informed repeatedly, time and again, by the experts who do.

I’m forced to wonder, as I read another article on the latest gang-shooting in Vancouver, if Stephen Harper and his Conservative goons actually want more danger, more death, and more drugs on the street. Or maybe it’s just more cash and contracts for their corporate buddies.

Unless their destructive new policies can be fought in the courts, Bill C-10 may give the Cons exactly what they’ve been asking for.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    I just sent him an e-mail telling him what I think of him worndering if there is a way for the people to force an election, and stating that one of them pandas would be better in office then him, I mean how stupid can you get, I hope people learn from this never put your trust in a tory again!!!!!!!

  2. fuck harper on

    i think harpers ultimate plan is to make marijuana a “hard drug” to try and get the publics support. more and more people are turning against harper and want pot legalized. so harper figures if he worsens the laws and knows gang activity will increase causing more violence and death it makes marijuana look bad and hopes people will support him. this is the only logical thing i can think of. there’s no reason for marijuana to be illegal as all it does is cause a “blackmarket” for it and support gang activity.
    and to that guy above calling us two faced thats not the case at all; comparing marijuana to heroin. there’s clearly some obiviously dangers to using heroin, none whatsoever with marijuana it shouldnt even be called a drug.

  3. Point of View on

    It is a violation of human rights when our government tampers with our medicine. They control us with the distribution of alcohol & pharmaceutical drugs like oxie’s & perc’s.
    100% dangerous when taken together with booze. A slow death in thousands of cases, while there are no known deaths attributed to smoking cannabis. They don’t know how to control it so they keep it illegal. Cannabis user’s have a mind of their own & can’t be controlled by mindless propaganda. Laws based on pure B.S.

  4. Bud Grinder on

    There’s always hope. Pastor Harper and his deluded gang of ignorant, mercenary Reform raptureista thugs are, right now, in the process of hanging themselves with the rope they’ve stolen from a sleeping public. The worm will turn and, when it does, ignoramuses like Harper and his co-conspirators will be getting what’s coming to them and what they so richly and justly deserve.

  5. Harry on

    The two major organized crime groups in Canada are the federal gov’t – any party – and the RCMP. Until these two are dealt with one is simply rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. It is not necessary to find a “smoking gun”. As Mark Twain said – “certain circumstantial evidence is overwhelming – like finding a fish in the milk”. And of course the best kind of politician is the one who doesn’t know that he is bought. Prohibition was an institution set up from the beginning by organized crime and to imagine otherwise is laughable. We are all screwed and there is no way out. When I hear someone suggest that the issue deserves “debate”, I think “what an idiot”. The debate has been had – many times. The feds know what to do but refuse to help. This is not simply irresponsible – this is criminal in every possible sense of the word – except according to written law. The courts know what marijuana is and what it is not and have said so many times, but when they failed, in 2005 to defend Canadians buy ending prohibition that was the final piece in the puzzle and proof that we are all lost and there is no hope.

  6. Anonymous on

    to everyone and anyone who are posting that cannabis should be legal while other drugs illegal. I do not do not consume cocaine, x , lsd , or any of the other proposed drugs mentioned, yet I can clearly see the unfairness in what you are preaching, it sounds like the alcohol users tune.(medical use aside) Alcohol users who don’t smoke don’t care if you rot in jail for a single joint (equivalent to 1 beer), they don’t consume it, they will just tell you not to do it, its illegal! yet now i am hearing the same tune from cannabis users, make my drug of choice legal and no one else’s. you either believe in live and let live, banish all prohibition (nanny) laws or make them fair across the spectrum. to ask for anything else is Two Faced at best

  7. Anonymous on

    No one should go to jail for cannabis. And someone has to grow it. Decriminilization is not a solution. The only answer is to legalize. I can’t say the same for all drugs but make cannabis legal to reduce crime.

  8. Anonymous on

    the guy in your photo got killed for coke and not for pot. You need to spell out what drugs you are for or against (if any). Leave the guys in jail who deal in powders. Let everyone have their pot as long as they are small scale. Large scale guys can rot in jail. Deal coke etc. and I hope you end up in the street like the guy above.

  9. Anonymous on

    The government should do everything they can to lock up anyone in the mid level to high level drug business. If the drugs are more then simple pot/hash etc then there should be no criminal charges as long as the quantities are under a pound. Leave the court and jail times to anyone bigger then street level guys. Who these days in Canada deals pot anyways?
    Are you suggesting to legalize all forms of drugs including crystal meth, heroine and PCP? Drug advocates routinely focus on pot which is a nothing drug unless you are organized crime. They deal in pot across the border into the US for the sole purpose of generating US currency. They have a very difficult time getting the large amounts of US currency that is needed to buy their bricks of coke. No one in the US wants Canadian currency but they don’t mind pot. By allowing large scale pot operations you are funding the importation of coke; the real money maker. The same goes for ectasy and precusors for meth.

  10. Anonymous on

    Jeremiah, you mentioned “mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent marijuana offenses” -What I really want to know is: Is this more then, than six months for six plants? Will the police start arresting people for just having any on themselves and/or blazing in public?
    Will our rallies be in danger now of being shut down by the police?