Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Canada’s Marijuana Laws About To Get Much Worse

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: Dan Werb of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy and Stop the Violence B.C. discusses Bill C-10, the draconian Conservative crime bill about to become law in Canada.

Also on the show: iMedikate founder and operator Mark Klokeid joins CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer in-studio to discuss Vancouver’s first medical marijuana dispensary raid, his recent trip to Spannabis 2012, and his detainment in Hong Kong for a 1.7 grams of hash.

Activist and art dealer David Malmo-Levine will also visit the studio to show off a cannabis artifact from the Herb Museum in downtown Vancouver (in the same building as Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Magazine, CCHQ and the BCMP Lounge – 307 W. Hastings Street).

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  1. Anonymous on

    True criminals see this as a buisness opprutunity. By the goverment cutting local supply it only increases black markets and funds criminals. We are turning into the United States of Canada and harper is mindlessly funding the war on drugs. I hope crime rates rase by 75% in the next two years and they relook this and [email protected]#% OFF!!!!

  2. Point of View on

    Our lawmakers are drinking too much dope. It is clouding their vision on the realities of the 21st century. While increasing penalties including mandatory sentencing for simple cannabis offenses, the result will not stop one person from indulging in their personal choice. We will now be forced to mingle with organized criminals to get our fix, as they will be the only ones willing to take the risk of growing it.
    I don’t believe this will make Canada a safer place in the future. It will create more criminals.