Cannabis Culture Opens Two New Marijuana Dispensaries in Toronto

CANNABIS CULTURE – Two new Cannabis Culture recreational marijuana dispensary locations are open for business in Toronto – one at 1205 Queen Street West and another at 121 Montezuma Trail in Scarborough.

That brings the current number of CC dispensaries in Toronto to six, as our Eglinton Street location was forced to close last month. Cannabis Culture has a total of 12 locations across Canada. See the full list of CC locations with maps and hours.

Though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran on an election platform that called for the full legalization of marijuana, and even said dispensaries should be allowed to remain open, he is now urging police to go after pot shops.

CC’s dispensaries remain illegal under federal law.

Police have raided several CC locations and arrested and charged staff, including two weeks ago in Port Coquitlam where police seized products and computers but made no arrests. Cannabis Culture’s Hamilton store was visited by police last week but officers left after the owner agreed to a future meeting with the drug squad.


Cannabis Culture re-opens all locations after raids.

“We are committed to defending the civil liberties and freedom of cannabis consumers, growers, and providers by campaigning to end unjust criminalization and persecution,” our mission statement says, and we take that seriously.


Canada’s marijuana Task Force has submitted its recommendations on pot legalization to the government but they have yet to be released to the public. Hopefully they will include fair and inclusive regulations for local dispensaries, but the information released so far doesn’t look promising. From the National Post:

To ensure consumers receive a Health Canada-approved product, the report is expected to recommend the existing mail-order distribution network be maintained.

Legislation is expected in April 2017, giving the provinces little time to set up their own distribution systems. There have been suggestions by some producers that legal marijuana could be sold as early as January 2018.

At the moment, medical marijuana is sold by mail order with a prescription, which allows producers to track the product from seed to customer.

Under an expanded legal system, suppliers could collect payment online and ship to an address provided by the buyer. Canada Post already makes wine deliveries where age has to be verified by the recipient. The legal marijuana industry argues that a similar age and identity verification system would work for pot.

Allowing Canada Post a monopoly in mail distribution would also boost business for a Crown corporation that saw mail volumes fall by 14 per cent in the most recent quarter.

On production, it is expected the report will recommend that the 36 existing licensed producers continue to produce Health Canada-approved pot, while new producers will be encouraged to apply for production permits.[…]

In provinces like B.C., which already has a large number of pot shops, the expectation is that the provincial government will require dispensaries to buy marijuana from a licensed producer.

Cannabis Culture sells quality cannabis grown with love by local farmers. We do not ask customers for their medical information and we will serve anyone over 19 years of age.

Until the various governments build the new marijuana model around the massive, million-dollar craft cannabis industry that now exists in Canada – and gives local mom-and-pop producers a chance to participate – Cannabis Culture will not give up our fight.

“We make sure there are lawyers on retainer for every location to cover the costs of any arrested employees and to challenge the law in court when needed,” Cannabis Culture CEO Jodie Emery recently told the press. “That’s the way all cannabis law reform has been won in Canada. We believe in peaceful civil disobedience to demonstrate what legalization should look like.”


Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.