What’s with these Conservatives and Republicans?

I’ve really enjoyed the continuing revelations about Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ marital and ministerial infidelities, the most recent being the disclosure by the group Anonymous that alleges Toews made a paramour of his, Catherine Everett, a member of the Manitoba judge’s bench.

Vic Toews, Public Safety MinisterVic Toews, Public Safety MinisterThis is alleged to have happened around 2005-2006, and apparently Prime Minister Harper got wind of it, removed Toews as Justice Minister and appointed him President of the Treasury Board in January 2007.

Shortly after this, Toews, undaunted, was boinking his children’s babysitter and got her pregnant, and in all this, Toews was also having an affair with Stacey Meek, a Conservative Party staffer… and my God, can it get any more sordid? This is the man once dubbed the “Minister of Family Values.” He’s also the man who would approve any transfer of me from the US prison system back to the Canadian system when I put my transfer application in April 2013.

Public Safety Minister Toews’ current legislative proposal is to give draconian powers of warrantless searches of citizens’ online and phone communications to police, ostensibly (but unconvincingly) for the purpose of tracking online child predators. Who needs internet child pornographers to blame when the Minister of Public Safety is preying on young girls?

You’d think this would cause some embarrassment in Toews’ Manitoba riding of Provencher, although not enough to vote him out in elections 2008 or 2011, despite the lurid paper trail left behind in the wake of his public divorce in 2009. Toews’ vote totals increase in each election; in 2011 he got 70% of the votes cast.

Letters in the National Post newspaper by Marc and Vic ToewsLetters in the National Post newspaper by Marc and Vic ToewsToews is a completely incompetent cement-head as a minister. I had the great delight of having my letter published in the National Post newspaper regarding warrantless police snooping (the Toews-proposed Internet Snoop Bill) with Toews’ letter published underneath mine claiming there was no such provision allowing police to go on fishing expeditions or vendettas. Then, a few days later, Toews admitted he hadn’t read HIS OWN LEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL and was shocked! shocked! he said, to find that indeed the bill did allow unlimited warrantless snooping of Canadians and their email and web use.

Religious Conservative voters in both America and Canada have a big heart when it comes for forgiving the sordid hypocrisy of their own, while condemning anyone else who operates their lifestyle openly, whether it’s sexuality, drug use, abortion or mistresses.

Every day Rick Santorum, Presidential Republican candidate, issues some screed against contraception (“Contraception is wrong because it encourages people to have sex for the wrong reason” was the most outrageous remark, I thought), college education being elitist snobbery (though Santorum himself has two university degrees), fellow Catholic John F. Kennedy’s wonderful remark on the separation of church and high office (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAvHHTt2czU) making Santorum ‘want to puke’, as he said.

Santorum must have a lot of forgiveness in his heart for his wife, as her most intimate and important relationship before Rick was a six-year long love affair with a full-time abortionist doctor. Karen Santorum, who, like her husband, now opposes abortion even in cases of rape, and doesn’t condone birth control (as they believe sex is only for procreation), lived with Dr. Thomas Allen for six years in the 1980’s while his chief medical practice was performing abortions. In those days, Karen Garver had liberal views on unmarried sex, birth control and abortion.

Santorum’s biggest backer in the media is Conservative radio talk show bigmouth Rush Limbaugh. After a woman named Susan Fluke testified on Capitol Hill about the consequences to some of her colleagues lacking birth control coverage in their health insurance, Rush went totally off the deep-end and said these statements regarding what was a very poised and reasoned explanation by Fluke before the Congressional committee on television, which I saw:

“What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke who goes before a Congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex -what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.”

Not content with that deplorable screed, the next day I heard Rush say this on his show:

Rush Limbaugh vs Sarah FlukeRush Limbaugh vs Sarah Fluke“A Georgetown co-ed told Nancy Pelosi’s hearing the women in her law school program are having so much sex they’re going broke, so you and I should have to pay for their birth control. So what would you call that? I called it what it is. So I’m offering a compromise today: I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want. So Miss Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay you to have sex, we want something. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

Note that along with calling her a slut, Rush insists she video tape her sexual activities and put them online for Rush and his fellow ditto heads to enjoy.

I listen to these depraved and wretched right wing talk shows every day and often gasp at their unrestrained bilious rants. Laura Ingram, Rush Limbaugh, and several religious-based talk shows (like Focal Point on the FRN radio network) are the worst. Dennis Miller, who was once clever and bitingly funny when he was a liberal on Saturday Night Live, is a pathetic shadow of his former self, shilling on the Dennis Miller Show for a whole range of intolerant malicious bigots.

But no one tops Rush. In endlessly circular arguments with himself, he is deplorable. Finally, this man – who for years used his maid as a drug mule to go out and illegally buy huge quantities of prescription drugs for him while he was berating illegal drug users on his show and urging they be sent to jail – is finally suffering from his excess of bile. Advertisers are withdrawing from his program. But when Wolf Blitzer asked Rick Santorum to condemn Limbaugh, Santorum could not do it, saying “Mr. Limbaugh is an entertainer… er, uh, ahem… we’re in two different worlds…” and it was a long squirmy sweaty performance by Santorum while Blitzer had a very serious condemning look. Santorum gets the support of all the most vituperative of the right wing on radio, including Limbaugh and Laura Ingram, and he will not deny them, as they are his principle cheerleaders in his quest for President.

I thought Santorum had sweatily sabotaged his own Presidential aspirations right there on the screen by refusing to condemn Limbaugh’s appalling attack on the woman – but I was wrong. As Santorum’s primary wins in Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, and strong showings elsewhere on Super Tuesday showed, Americans embrace this guy.

Entertainer and commentator Bill Maher, despite my disappointment in his giving $1 million to the pro-Obama PAC instead of the Ron Paul PAC, has a point: America is full of religious fundamentalist intolerant bigoted hypocrites, and they go vote. What never ceases to amaze me are the depraved sick values of those American voters, especially ones who call themselves Tea Party voters, whom I once thought I agreed with, and the self-righteous religious people called ‘evangelicals’, ‘born-again’ or ‘values voters.’

The choices for US President. Who's best?The choices for US President. Who’s best?Ron Paul virtually founded the original (and respectable) Tea Party, and has been married for 53 years to the same woman, is a proper Christian, is the most incredibly decent, consistent, respectful man ever offered up as Presidential candidate, and he opposes (as he has always opposed) all the wars, opposed the war on drugs, opposes the surveillance state, opposes any invasion of privacy, would pardon all non-violent drug offenders in federal prison, pardon all those with federal drug convictions on their record, abolish the DEA and the office of the drug Czar, end the federal reserve, slash spending, and much more to restore the United States and save the lives of people worldwide.

Lobbyists don’t even both talking to Ron Paul. If it’s not specifically authorized in the Constitution, he’s against the federal government doing it, so he can’t be corrupted or bought out. Ron supports Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, internet privacy and freedom. Ron Paul is the most faithful and dignified defender of the proper interpretation of the US Constitution ever put before voters. But do these self-identified Tea Party types, these Christian evangelicals, support him in the Republican primaries? They do not. They support overwhelmingly Rick Santorum and – get this – Newt Gingrich.

Now, I hate Newt because he once said he’d approve of the death penalty for anyone caught dealing in even a few ounces of pot. Although Newt has since retreated on his positions from the 90’s Congress he led as Republican Speaker of the House, regarding severe sentencing with incarceration as a successful way to deal with prohibition and crime, when asked during his Presidential campaign in late 2011 about medical marijuana, Newt said he would maintain a strict prohibition at the federal level and use federal resources to attack it absolutely at the state level. Newt’s explanation was that the message that ‘marijuana was harmful to American society’ was more important than disrupting the lives of those who genuinely needed it for medical reasons. Yes, he actually said that.

Newt’s current wife Callista was having an affair with him for six years while Newt was married to his second wife. When Newt came ‘clean’ and told wife #2, it wasn’t to apologize or confess or renounce his affair; it was to ask his wife if she would share Newt in a more public way with Callista. Then when that didn’t fly, Newt decided a divorce was not going to be helpful to his political career, so the affair just continued until wife #2 got multiple sclerosis and was, at least to Newt, of no use whatsoever, then it was over.

Newt was doing this all while railing on television, in Congress, and in the press about Bill Clinton’s occasional and infrequent extra-marital blowjobs. Newt met wife #2 and had an affair with her while still married to wife #1. Now, let me just say that what distinguishes me (or you) and the idea of ‘private sphere’ or ‘nobody’s business’ is that I’ve never advocated or endorsed putting anyone in jail or compromising their liberty or lifestyle based on sexuality, drug use, internet pictures downloaded, guns owned, abortions had, contraceptives used (or not), money decisions, or even freaky religious beliefs. I’m against all prohibitions on peaceful choices. The only people I demonize are hypocritical politicians, and perhaps in a lesser way, their enablers in the media and the voters who wrongly support and keep them in office even after they’ve been revealed as hypocrites.

Since leaving office, both Santorum and Gingrich have taken millions from powerful vested interests to lobby Congress. Both were completely corrupted insiders while in Congress, but nonetheless the Republican’s who identify themselves as ‘Tea Partiers’, ‘values voters’ or ‘strong conservatives’ support Gingrich or Santorum in the main. Santorum and Gingrich would take America to war against Iran, and both want to maintain a vigorous and aggressive military policy. This is red meat with the so-called devotees of the ‘Prince of Peace’ Jesus. Mitt Romney tries to emulate these two in out-machoing them, and is also bellicose for war and intervention.

These ‘values voters’ don’t seem to support Ron Paul, who has not said a single embarrassing or unkind remark during the whole Republican primary campaign. Ron Paul called out Rush Limbaugh for his grotesque remarks against Susan Fluke, referring to Rush’s words as ‘crude, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘wrong’. Not surprisingly, a shrill right wing harpy like Laura Ingram disdains Ron Paul and shows great love for Rick and Newt. Limbaugh, Brian Kilned (‘Kilned & Friends’ on Fox), Laura Ingram, and most all other populist demagoguing right wing talk shows all despise Ron Paul. These vulgar right wing radio hacks (about all that you can get on AM radio in Mississippi, which is why I listen) try at all opportunities to ignore him, insult him, or misrepresent him, while blocking Ron Paul supporters who call their shows.

Obama is a bad President, increasing the debt by trillions of dollars, pursuing the drug war in the US and worldwide, betraying the cannabis culture, repealing nothing from the Bush era except ‘Don’t ask, Don’t Tell’. Without Ron Paul on the ballot in November, it’s only Gary Johnson (Libertarian) I’d consider for President. But I have no faith in the majority of Americans to choose a sane, rational person for President, and that is dispiriting.


Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    that activist movement is pretty much over as of yesterday.
    I am waiting for the FREE MARC EMERY T shirts to be on sale
    2 for $10, 4 for $15 – 100% US cotton – all stickers free

  2. Anonymous on

    backed a loser social policy
    backed the loser political party
    backed out on a loser spiritual approach
    & afraid of Daddy Harpers big bad weiner
    contemplates suicide without benefit of the metric system
    and can;t even say please
    whew ! talk about not having a good decade or several

    better luck next time genius
    just hope you re incarnate in a better mood

  3. Markoff Chaney on

    Marc, I agree with you on most things but if pot legalization and some abstract, narrowly defined notions of ‘freedom’ are the reasons you’re voting/campaigning for Ron Paul, I think you can’t see the forest for the trees. Ron Paul is only interested in a microscopically small fragment of freedom and liberty – and for many of us he would actually roll back our liberties to 1800s robber baron days. Women, GLBT people, people of color, and the poor will not be the beneficiaries of this expanded freedom. The problem with libertarians is that they want to be free to do what THEY want to do, but they don’t once cop to the fact that one person’s freedom may well encroach upon the freedom of others. He’d end the Drug War, maybe, but he’d also end access to abortion for women, access to opportunity and education for the poor and economically disadvantaged in this country, and give free rein to big business polluters in the guise of “getting big guvmint off the backs of the little guy. Why so many people are in the bag for this guy who has KKK on his campaign staff and keynoted for the John Birch Society (founded by the father of the Koch Brothers in an attempt to put a patriotic spin on selling industrial equipment to the Soviets once McCarthyism hit the US), is beyond me.

  4. Clearvision on

    Votes are precious- the Republicans know that. They are prepared to spend up to $300 for each vote cast for Romney. That is outrageous. Votes are precious-don’t waste yours.

  5. blazn on

    shut the fuck up you little fucking conservative bitch… find it funny u have enough time to talk when ur always blowing harpers lil nazi cult dick you fucking little prick.. at least Marc has real balls unlike u, u fucking uneducated bitch…. do the other 70% of the people who got to vote and did not vote for the conservatives and the other 25million canadians who got told to go to wrong or fake polling stations by the conservative party because they new they would not get back in with out cheating and go take the easy way out it only takes a 6ft rope ….

  6. Smurf on

    Marc, you know I respect and admire you and Jodie tremendously for speaking the truth and not being afraid to stand up to the powers that be in Canada or the U.S. Both of you have paid a terrible price for doing so; most people would never place themselves at such risk to exercise their rights as citizens or work so hard to change corrupt legal and government systems. I have enlightened dozens of my friends to the trials and tribulations of the struggle of the Emerys and their community against the injustice and lies of so many crooked politicians and police. Activism is its own reward, and you will surely be noted in history as an unselfish and dedicated man who worked tirelessly to advance human rights and fight oppression.
    But having said that, I note that your support of Rep. Paul for President is a little too much like (in effort, not in substance) of the efforts of the other fringe candidates in the Republican Party, i.e. former Sen. Santorum and former Speaker of the House Gingrich. None of the above listed men stands any chance at all of being elected President, let alone of being nominated by the GOP as their presidential candidate. Ron Paul will turn 77 years old this year, 7 years older than Reagan was when he was elected, and he was barely physically able to perform his duties of office. Rep. Paul is firmly in 4th place in a four man field, and even Santorum and Gingrich have publicly acknowledged their own slim chances for victory. But millions of American voters still willingly support these candidates whose only real message seeems to be rabble rousing and extremist hate speech. Ron Paul is never going to be anything more than a curiousity in American political history, and the only influence he now holds would be to endorse Romney or run as a third party candidate (another unlikely proposition). While Rep. Paul is certainly a good man of the highest moral and personal character, the political organization he is with is a grotesque caricature of modern American life, representing all the worst and most deplorable aspects of our society. The GOP is also the only political group that represents a real threat to attempt a political coup to overthrow the current form of government and replace it with a “Government of National Salvation”, i.e. a military/security dictatorship. How could a man of conscience be part of such a group? The current House of Representatives leadership is the main obstacle in preventing rational policies in the national approach to the issues of drug abuse/treatment and regulation, particularly the Reps. from Texas, Ron Pauls home state. Believing in cause and leaders is a commendable personal and societal trait, but following “Don Quixote” types is not; whether he speaks truth or not, Ron Paul seems curiously out of place in this world of ours and certainly in the GOP. I certainly hope that one thing he does at the end of the primary season is NOT to endorse Mitt Romney, a man whose only core conviction is that money can buy anything, even leadership of the free world.

  7. Anonymous on

    Infidels are ” non believers ” – Pagans, Atheists, Communists, Socialists,
    basically ” those without fidelity ” therefore without law..and that’s drug offenders, sodomites, perverts, strife stirrers, thieves, deceivers, frauds, smugglers, duty shirkers – your basic disenfranchised criminal class asshole

    Christians are considered allies of Islam, in fidelity with the word of God .
    Jesus is considered a prophet by both groups. Mohammed is the seal- the last prophet.
    Thank you for your curious views based on social fiction. They are hilarious

  8. Point of View on

    The Americans & Harper gov’t have special plans for Marc. His release conditions will be carefully planned to bring as much discomfort and punishment possible. Probably weekly piss tests and whatever other means they have at their disposal. He could potentially do life in an American gulag for the simple crime of smoking or promoting cannabis decriminalization. They are the great punisher’s of the world of anyone with a different view than their own propaganda. Freedom of choice must prevail as it is at the heart of all democratic movements. They don’t practice what they preach worldwide.
    Freedom. Hypocrites in every sense of the word.

  9. a voice on

    Christian Ideologists like the vast majority of right wing conservatives & republicans are the real infidels. They are the Westerners that Muslim extremists refer to as the infidels.
    Religion, money and the corruptible power that goes with it is a self serving evil. There is plenty of proof as Marc has pointed out about these so called upstanding citizens who are in control. Harper and his cronies are on the same level with all their Evangelistic laws.
    We should all pray for real democracy where the political system serves the public, not just the few in power.

  10. Anonymous on

    I was shocked to see the quality of opinions here on the CC site has degenerated to slurs conspiracy and threats. Is this all who shows up here to share activist wisdom these days ? I look in a day later and any opinions that dare to step beyond the pale pf mainstream 420 the have been erased. CC isn’t the brave bold free speech forum it used to be, it has become a lock step shadow of what it used to be.

    Bill C-10 will become manifest law in a few days. How did that happen? How did millions of Canadians sit back and let that happen ? What is anybody doing about it when meaningful resistance is most needed ? I mean beyond sugary blessings for Marc in lock up and demanding anybody who signs their posts with Anon use their real name.

    Maybe Greenpeace will save stoner society. They certainly didn’t save themselves

  11. Zolly on

    There aren’t 10 million “Zolly’s”

    Aren’t you just the man.(Mr. Anonymous) With your armchair convictions you act as if you are free & clear of all wrong doing, or at least you appear to be in the way you judge others.

    I have seen your kind before. You are the kind that flies into a state of outrage when you are the target of scrutiny.

    Within 10 years, I was in a car accident & fractured 3 vertebrae in my neck, and 10 years later fell from an unsafe scaffold at a scabby workplace where I broke my lower back. I was operated on 4 times & given Oxycontin, more Oxycontin & then, even more Oxycontin. I was still in pain. Then one day I found pot helps me in a way that is completely different. The tension slips from my body, I begin to relax & my pain becomes manageable. The bonus is, it has helped me finally reduce my addiction to Oxycontin, because the medical system has NO means to help me get off the drug. Now, my use of pot makes me a criminal. By Law, my drug pusher is supposed to be a white collar executive.

    Your 6 figure hero Mr. Vic Toews will screw you one day.

    One sunny day, you will be driving down a road & out of the blue, a cop will jump out & snag you for speeding.

    You might get a bit lippy about entrapment & that you were only speeding a little bit.

    Rather than argue with you, the cop simply takes your information back to headquarters and searches for your IP address.

    Humm, your kids download music, your wife looks at pictures of John Holms while you look at Kate Homes. You have a pirate copy of MS Office on a few computers because $450 is too much to pay for each one. YOU ARE A CRIMINAL.
    All of this can be done by any policeman or govermnent employee without a warrent, any time they feel fit.

    They kick in your door & take every electronic device that has built in storage. Blackberry, IPhone, IPad, tablets, PC’s, laptops, MP3 players, USB thumb drives etc, they use your paper & printer to make lists & copies. They use your fax to send copies to long distance offices. They can even look through your bedroom & drawers & who knows what they will find there. Personal things your wife uses? …all because you got mouthy when you got a speeding ticket a month ago.

    You will stand in awe of what happened & scream for help but all of us criminals are already in jail, & your six figure hero is banging your wife because you are in jail too .

    Thank Christ we have people like Mr. Marc Emery, that have the balls to stand up to our tyrannical leaders when they push stupid, unjust laws upon us. Wake the hell up.

  12. Anonymous on

    buddy boy,mr emerys day has already come…he’s doin’ 5 years in the ” crow bar hotel” playing guitar in a second rate band and begging for hand outs on the internet

  13. Bud Grinder on

    Marc, you’re ten times the person any of them is. They are all such low-life slimeballs they they’re not fit to shine your shoes. Your (our) day will come.

  14. Ryan on

    It is called having principals and standing behind them. Marc stands for something.. Vic, as you point out, makes money. And this is exactly what is wrong with the world and all the people like you who fill it.. you think money is the be-all and end-all. This is why we live in a world that feed our people poisonous food, strips them of civil liberties, persecutes them for harmless activities or interests. This is why we strip mine and clear cut our beautiful planet when there are plenty of alternatives available to us. This is why, despite having the gift of such an amazing brain.. people like you are content to continue the status-quot if ignorance, hatred, and destruction.

    Humanity is absolutely amazing no matter if you think we evolved from single cell organisms or were gifted this existence by a mighty god.. and we’ve done what as a civilization? Squandered it. If I ask you to measure our achievements.. what makes us so special.. how many of you examples will have anything to do with the welfare and longevity of our species?

    When you scream out in CAPS LOCK on the internet, to a community of people you clearly disrespect.. you only highlight your ignorance and uselessness. Nothing more.

  15. maccaner on

    i too dont like Bill Maher but Marc Emery deserves respect. He saved his friends by pleading guilty and has given respect to the marijuana legalization movement . he is a stand up guy. THANK YOU MARC EMERY

  16. jason balaam on

    you seem to be filled with a lot of hate and anger towards free citizens are you a goverment worker?

  17. Anonymous on

    Dave- you moan about my choice to use the anon tag
    where there are at least ten million guys named ` Dave `out there
    so what exactly is your point

  18. Dave on

    You’ve just described what bullies do to their victims! No wonder you hide behind “Anonymous”!

  19. Anonymous on


  20. Anonymous on

    ok everybody , what’s the over/under on how long it will take emery to get thrown back into prison…my bet is 16 months…any takers

  21. Psychedelicious on

    Well at least Marc is trying to change something that is flawed, and sure it landed him in prison, but it takes more balls than most Canadians have to stand up and challenge the drug laws on the books in the ways that Marc did. The fight for freedom by Marc means losing freedom for Marc, and if the people who put him there find that funny well that is not going to change anything about what people like Marc have done and will continue to do with or without him. On the bright side Marc will be out in a few years and hopefully those in government who put him in there will be too.

  22. Anonymous on

    Its so funny when you bitch out everybody in government Marc. We’re all laughing too. Speaking of laughing, everybody in government is laughing at you in return After all, you’re in prison after pleading guilty and we have been reading and laughing for years at the contents of the many computers cops have seized from you on various raids.
    Your hilarious Blog postings go right into your file and are laughed at when you apply for early release or transfer back to Canada.

  23. David B on

    Marc: One small correction. Rick Santorum does not have two degrees. He has three. By my accounting that makes the current President a double snob, while Rick Santorum is a triple snob. I went to college and law school, so I guess I am a double snob, too. Thank God I’m not a triple snob.

    Be strong brother Marc. You will be coming home one of these days.

  24. Anonymous on

    Toews is a “Harpocrite”.

  25. Anne Falcone on


    Bill Maher and several other “progressives” in the media are misogynists, too. Maher, especially is a hypocrite. In this country it is apparently acceptable for liberals to say anything because they are the “good” party. I have been bothered by this since the 2008 election that showcased how much the U.S. hates women. I actually voted Republican – for Sarah – because of the way the Democrat Party treated Hillary Clinton and the way the Republicans abused Mrs. Palin.
    This article from the Daily Beast gives some excellent examples:

    Since 2008, I have stopped supporting all one-sided supposedly pro-women groups. Emily’s List is one. Another is NOW who staunchly opposed the new health care law on the grounds that it was especially unfair to middle-aged women – until the day it passed. President Obama has basketball games with males staffers, a practice that would not be tolerated in corporate America.
    At the very least, we know where the Republicans stand.
    Please stop praising hypocrites like Maher.