Police Confiscate Richmond Home Housing Marijuana Grow Op

A Vancouver man convicted of growing marijuana in his Richmond residence had his property confiscated as a penalty for the breach of law.

In March 2008, 49-year-old Vancouver resident Tac Khac Le was arrested after cops searched a residence on Mellis Drive in Richmond and dismantled a sophisticated marijuana grow operation of 800 plants.

In a subsequent at a related property on 50th Avenue in Vancouver, search several days later police found documents, grow equipment and cash linking the two locations. A restraining order was issued for the Mellis Derive property.

In April of 2008 the Mellis Drive property was placed under restraint enabling an order to be filed for its sale in May. About $266,000.00 remained from the property after mortgage & associated costs were paid.

[According to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Crown may file to confiscate a property if it is in any way connected to a designated drug offence such as marijuana production. To have it restituted, the owner must prove his innocence otherwise his property reverts to the state.]

In September 2011 Le was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for cultivating and selling marijuana, and his gun license was annulled for life.

“Marijuana grow ops are a recurring problem that communities & their respective police agencies deal with in British Columbia & across Canada,” say police. “Grow ops pose significant public safety concerns to the neighborhoods in which they exist. In the past, Richmond RCMP noticed a reluctance by members of the general public to call police when they suspect there may be a marihuana grow op in a neighboring residence.”

– Article originally from Vancouverite.