The Jodie Emery Show: Support Politicians Calling For Legalization

CANNABIS CULTURE – For the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada’s cannabis community, watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week on Cannabis Culture. In this episode: Show your support for politicians on both sides of the US/Canada border who will legalize marijuana!

As Jodie is about to travel to Mississippi to visit Marc, she reminds us how important it is to support Ron Paul in his bid to become President of The Untied States. Go to for more info.

Read Marc’s latest article, “Marc Emery’s Advice to Aspiring Activists” at

The Liberal Party of Canada has come out in support of ending the drug war with a new resolution to legalize marijuana.

If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S., plan to meet up with Jodie as she will be attending the New Hampshire Liberty Forum coming up February 23 – 26.

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