Bob Rae Admits He Has Smoked Marijuana

Bob Rae is not afraid to admit that he has smoked marijuana.

The interim Liberal leader made the revelation, Wednesday, after a meeting with his MP’s.

When asked by a reporter if he has ever tried pot, Rae said “of course I did.”

“I don’t think anybody of my generation could be regarded as an abstainer but have I done it in recent memory? The answer would be no,” he told 680News.

Rae added that he believes that the Conservative omnibus crime bill, which cracks down on those caught with drugs, will do more harm than good.

“(The bill) is unworkable and frankly a waste of time with the part that deals with the drug issue. I don’t think it’s effective and I don’t think it’s going to work and I think it’s going to end up jamming up our courts and jamming up our jails. Neither of which needs to be done,” he said.

The Liberal party is set to debate a resolution to legalize marijuana at its policy convention in Ottawa this weekend but it will not have the support of the interim Leader.

Rae said there are too many flaws with the plan that has been put forward.

[Editor’s note: The resolution passed! Read about it here.]



  1. Anonymous on

    I think the Liberal Party is just grasping at straws to attract any attentioni it can get. The Mariujuana issue is so complex and unless the USA allows Canada to change it’s laws there will always be prohibition. Rae knows it, and is just trying to attract the youth vote or for that matter any vote… This is just my opinion.

  2. Bud Grinder on

    Goddamn fucking right – jam the courts.

    Everyone charged with a cannabis offence must elect for a trial by judge and jury. No deals, no pleading to a lesser offence, no ratting to get yourself off the hook (much more prevalent in the USA than in Canada where they don’t want to let ANYONE off the hook). Within a couple of months the entire corrupt criminal justice system will be brought to it’s knees by the pile-up of people and cases.

    That’s when they might see the light and do the right thing. But so long as they can continue to get away with the persecution of the cannabis culture they’ll do it because they’re a bunch of sick fucks.

    They’ll have to be FORCED to change… force is always the only thing that changes policy dramatically.