Ron Paul Finds Supporters Among Medical Marijuana Advocates

While traditional Republicans were meeting at Clare’s Doherty Hotel, a volunteer for presidential hopeful Ron Paul was finding a largely receptive audience a block away before a very non-traditional audience.

“Conservative government, smaller government, less intrusive government,” Paul volunteer Race Williams told members of the Clare County Compassion Club. “That’s what we need.”

The compassion club is a group of medical marijuana patients, caregivers and supporters. They meet twice a month at the Pere Marquette District Library in Clare to discuss the issue and offer insight and support.

“He is not saying he’ll legalize drugs,” Race told the approximately 50 people gathered for the meeting. But the Republican Texas representative and one-time Libertarian Party candidate for president is highly skeptical of the long-time “war on drugs.”

“The drug war, prohibition, it’s clear that doesn’t work,” Williams told the patients and caregivers.

Michigan voters approved the limited cultivation and use of medical marijuana under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, passed in 2008. But Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette – who was the keynote speaker for the weekend’s 4th District Republican Roundup at the Doherty – has made strict enforcement of the act one of his priorities.

Many of the medical marijuana supporters said the enforcement is too strict, and oversteps boundaries they say should govern law enforcement.

“Bill Schuette’s driving me nuts,” said patient Todd Billman of Roscommon. The law is “being used to persecute us,” Billman said.

Schuette, in an attorney general’s opinion released last year, noted that possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal under federal law, and that the Michigan Public Health Code still makes possession or cultivation illegal. The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act doesn’t legalize the drug, but is designed to prevent prosecution of registered patients and caregivers, who may grow a limited amount of the drug for their patients.

In 2002, Paul introduced a bill that would make it clear that the federal prohibition on possession, sale or cultivation of marijuana would not interfere with states’ rights to permit the medicinal use of cannabis. The bill went nowhere.
But Race said Paul still supported the right of states to permit medical marijuana.

“If there’s no federal prohibition, there’s no federal law for Bill Schuette to use as a crutch,” Race said.

Not all the club members were ready to fall in line behind Paul’s Libertarian, laissez-faire, hands-off policy proposals. Bumper stickers supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement were being sold, and at least one member took strong issue with Paul’s stands on abortion and climate change.

But others were very supportive.

“I want to save the soul of America before it’s too late,” said one patient, a gray-bearded, heavyset man in Dickies overalls and a hunter orange cap. He didn’t want to give his name.

Paul finished a close third in the Iowa caucuses last week, and several recent surveys show him in second place in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Michigan’s presidential primary is Feb. 28.



  1. Dreamer Songs on

    Paul is the only viable candidate, who is on the right side of the core issues facing the US. He’s anti-war and empire, anti-police state militarism, pro sound money policies and pro individual liberty.

    The other issues, while important, are not key to correcting our national course away from a future of police state, corporate fascism.

    Every pro peace and freedom voter must vote for Ron Paul. We can work out the other issues after he’s President. imho, he must run with a Vice Presidential candidate that the elites fear more than they fear the good doctor.

    Go Ron Paul!

  2. Anonymous on

    What is required for people to come together consciously for their own benefit. Ano Ano: The Seed–The Classic Trilogy by Kristin Zambucka enlightens the audience to the core wisdoms of Hawaiian Spiritual Traditions. The title is quite fitting for the circumstance of present and the forum for the discussion as the consequence of a citizens incarceration for providing the greatest wisdom for increasing joy and comfort during the passage of birth old age sickness and death will be embraced within an appropriate consequence in time.

    Hence a great consideration to understand our collective situation is of the highest priority. Marc Scott Emery brings the wisdom of the seed. Jesse Ventura provides the clarity of the unlawful biological war used against North America in the Plum Island Conspiracy via TRUtv along with the Independent movie “Under Our Skin” showing the horrors and criminal results of this very sophisticated organic weapon empowered by the Marijuana prohibition.

    Thus the question of personal self respect and positions of response are forced upon collective society who choose to fight for any intelligent right to life.

    How ironic and necessary is it that the Cannabis Culture Crew is thurst into the position to play Citizen Cop to fix the greatest crime in our living history.

    In Western society we use money to reflect values — where is the money supporting intelligent living ciitzens prosecuting left over Hitler assassin doctors working for a captured administration?






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