Christmas Prison Blog: It’s A Wonderful Life

Marc and Jodie's last Christmas together, 2009Marc and Jodie’s last Christmas together, 2009I chose that title for today’s Christmas blog because I do believe it is a wonderful life, and it’s much too short. The Frank Capra Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” was a reminder to: 1) never underestimate the good you have done and the good you can do in the world, 2) be grateful for the love you have, and 3) be grateful for whatever you do have, it could be much worse!

Every day I get letters written by strangers whom I have never met reminding me I am loved, and I am blessed. I have an incredible wife who loves me, and wonderful friends, some well known, many others I have never met. I’ve had an incredible life, and as I approach the half-way mark of my sentence in 14 days, I am full optimism and joy inside.

I am also blessed to know others who care for me, and in their letters with their heartfelt sympathy for me, they reveal without complaint, just how challenging life can be.

I’ve included selections of letters I’ve received in recent weeks. These are only just snippets of longer messages; much of their letter that expresses sympathy for my situation is not included, because that’s not what my message for this Christmas is about. I am grateful for the 3,500+ letters I have received in my nearly two years in jail now, and especially appreciative of the intimate and sincere real life stories that people all over America, Canada and the world share with me. I am honored to be considered such a friend as to be privy to such experiences.

From Catherine & Hector in Ontario, Canada:

“I frequently visit and shop on the CC site and have read up on yours and your wife’s fight. I have been moved to tears reading your blogs and admire and am inspired by the love that is so evident between you & Jodie. In a world filled with so much injustice, I cling to the most positive thing I have — the unconditional & unwavering love and loyalty of my spouse. I am the sole caregiver to my husband Hector who is dying of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Please know in your darkest moments that there are strangers (like us) who keep you in our prayers and are sending you moments of comfort and good chi. You are an inspiration to many and your fight is not in vain. We are counting down the days to your release.
Brightest Blessings,
Cat & Hector
P.S. Hector is wearing your t-shirt right now.”

From Samantha in Texas, with a darling photo of children Marley (4) and Emery (1 1/2):

“I think you are inspirational and I love reading your blog seeing how positive you remain in your circumstances. I sent you a picture of my two boys Marley who is four and Emery who is 20 months. Emery is named after you. When I was pregnant with Emery my husband and i battled over his name. He wanted to name him Young and I went everywhere from Geddy to Raine to Elwood. anything but Young. About a week or so before i went into labor he brought up your name “Emery”. Finally we agreed! Well, almost.. He wanted Young Emery Hott. I wanted Emery Raine Hott. A few days after that decision was made I was woke up in the morning by a phone call telling me my husband was in an accident on his way home from working overnight and had been taken to a hospital downtown. Not having another car I finally got hold of my Mom at work to drive me to the hospital with Marley who was 2 1/2 at the time. We sat in the waiting room forever. They would send in a Chaplain to talk to me then a doctor spoke to me. I couldn’t understand a word the doctor said. They took me to see my husband and it wasn’t what I expected. Breathing tubes. A nurse had closed his eyes so they wouldn’t get dry. I refused to leave his side. I sat up all night jumping at every noise thinking he was going to come out of where he was. He was in a coma. Two days later I’m still in the room and a nurse rolls a wheelchair into the room. She said it was for me, in case I needed it. I wobbled out to the waiting room. I was exhausted. I went into labor then. I was forced into the wheelchair and downstairs to delivery. The baby arrived and I chose Emery Young Hott. My husband remained in a coma for 100 days before he passed. This isn’t a story that is meant to make anyone sad. I am more resilient than I thought. My car was totalled. My family moved me out of my duplex and into their house because I wouldn’t be able to pay rent now that I couldn’t go back to work, what with having a baby and being at the hospital so often. Not all was lost though, I still had my two boys… I hope both my boys grow up with a strong will to follow their hearts and always fight for what’s right. I hope your sentence goes quickly. I know Jodie will miss you terribly. I sure love watching her interviews. She handles every interview with so much grace. I hope your holidays are as good as they can possibly be, and thank you again for all your hard work for this cause.”

From Shannon, in San Jose, California:

“…It must be hard to be away from family in there. This past February my cousin found me on the internet after 25 years. My Dad went into a coma when I was one year old. Shortly after that, my mother was accused of being the cause. So I lost contact with Dad’s side of the family. I must say, since I have met my cousins and one of my aunts from my father’s side of the family recently I know where I get a lot of my personality from. I finally got to see my Dad recently in the hospital. It was a very awkward moment to see my Dad alive and hooked up to machines to keep him alive. I realized looking at him that I looked a lot like him. I don’t know if he could hear me, but I told him he was a grandfather of a beautiful grand-daughter. I must say it was hard growing up with just my mother. Mom was always busy with work just to make ends meet. We lived with my grandma until she passed away when I was 16. She was more of a mother to me than my own Mom. I feel I made a good choice in life with the man I chose to be with and have a family with, considering I didn’t have a father in all that time. I always get mixed emotions on how I feel about seeing others with both parents around…”

From Cathy in Rio Linda, California:

“All of you who have fought for patients’ rights are my heroes. I have a disease called Von Hipple-Lindau. This disease creates tumors throughout my body. I have lost both of my kidneys, my thyroid glands, half my pancreas, my right eye and my uterus. I did get a kidney transplant so I have one now. Now hows that, for Pete’s sake. After all that, authorities in California are telling me I can’t use marijuana. Go figure! Well, I am sure you know I am not listening to those authorities… In your band, please sing a song for me. I too think that Mrs. Emery is pretty incredible. I hope to meet her one day soon.
Take care & Peace to you,

From Tom in Covington, Washington:

“The most recent chapter of my service was in the military, the US Army, in Alaska. I was in a high speed airborne recon outfit, and a 14-month tour of Iraq. I was honorably discharged in 2009 with a nagging low back pain and Post-traumatic stress Disorder. Today, like so many veterans, I have mixed thoughts on my service. I think I joined up partly to escape rocky family situations. My Dad was having trouble dealing with, at age 42, Huntington’s Disease; its a horrible genetic disease that took the joy from his father’s latter years, and was now profoundly affecting Dad. The last few years I’ve become a cannabis activist like you! But its strange how life is. In a few hours after putting these words on paper to you, I am taking a medical test to find out if I have Huntington’s Disease. I’m scared, but I feel I must know. Any well-trained paratrooper keeps a steady hand on his reserve parachute. My reserve parachute is my cannabis oil medicine research. Whatever the test result, I believe it is paramount to our family that we search for any possible cures to Huntington’s Disease. My Dad didn’t express views on cannabis, and sadly he deteriorated until he took his own life 6 months ago in May. So this medical marijuana issue fuels a fiery passion for justice to a degree most people can’t fathom. I’m grateful for the sacrifice you make on a daily basis and pray for similar courage in the next chapter of my life. Since I get medical care from the VA, I will take this opportunity to reform the VA’s drug policy. I’m so sick and tired of the crappy opiates I’m hooked on for my pain. I’m hoping strong quantities of cannabis will end up helping me clear the big hurdle of ditching these pills they so readily give me. I was at Seattle Hempfest when I ran into Jodie. We walked and talked for a few minutes before she took the main stage to big applause and a great speech. I told her I watched her show, she thanked me for the “Free Marc” pin on my hat. I can’t wait to see you (fingers crossed), Marc, next year, a free man.”

From Craig in Portland, Maine:

“My name is Craig. I love POT.TV and the Jodie Emery Show. I respect your wife so much. From my own experience, I know she is doing time right along with you. I did three years in a Florida prison in the 90’s, so I feel your loss of family. I hope to be an activist one day, any advice you have would be great. I am a medical marijuana patient. I am 37. I have several conditions; neuro-endocrine pancreatic cancer, type-two diabetes due to the cancer, and a condition called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasma Type One which makes it so I pass 20-30 kidney stones every month.”

And from Cindy in North Vancouver, British Columbia:

“It has been a difficult month here. Mum passed on in her sleep early on October 18. She was mentally vital but her heart was damaged from two heart attacks which she had while travelling in England 12 years ago. I’d been looking after Mum and Dad for the last year, doing the daily care for them, prepping meals, keeping the place straight, and living in the guest cottage they had in the backyard… On the morning of October 18, about 4:30 in the morning, my Dad got up and noticed Mum’s breathing was noisy. By 5:30 she was gone from this world. He came to my door and banged on it, I thought he had to go to the hospital but he was inconsolable and told me what had happened. The rest is a blur… We sat for a long time and he kept going in and looking at her and crying, it was so sad. “She was the love of my life!” he said amidst the sobs. Mom wanted to have her body donated to science so after calling the coroner, police, I looked that up on the internet and arranged to have her body taken to the UBC medical school for use in their anatomy classes. She was a hard-core atheist, and I must say, few people get to continue to live their convictions, but she will. The medical school will keep her body preserved so she can be used for 3 years training new medical students, and she will get positively affect thousands of lives as a result. We should all be so selfless. So life at this household has been in complete upheaval. Our precious matriarch is gone and the loss is tremendous. She was a brilliant and incredible woman. I had hoped that at some point you would get to meet her. She has read everything written by Dawkins, Ron Paul, and she was a champion for human rights before it was fashionable or even labeled. We have lost a good one here and my heart is heavy. The day she passed we had planned to go to Long & McQuade Music Store to buy some music books for you. For the funeral Mom wanted the orchestra which she conducted for 18 years to play at her service, but the only place big enough is the local Anglican church. Mom was an atheist, and Dad and all the kids are atheists, so we are amused to see how the Reverend will handle it. My concerns are about the music and food for the guests, so we’ll overlook the religion inherent in the venue…”

I hope these letters I’ve shared with you can give you pause to appreciate your life, your health (such as it may be), your friends, your privileges, your children, and the many little wonders of our existence.

May you be filled with love and compassion over these holidays, and in the years 2012 ahead, make every effort to spread love and kindness at home, at work, in your politics and in your pleasure.

As I write this not on Christmas eve, far away from home, I would just like to tell my incomparable wife, “Jodie I am so grateful to have you as my everything. I’m honored to be your husband, and am so thankful for my great fortune in meeting you. Your love is inspiring, it certainly is…”

There are hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug war prisoners in federal prisons across the United States. Ron Paul has promised, if elected President, to pardon all who currently languish in jail and all of us with a criminal record for non-violent drug offenses. Millions of Americans have a federal criminal record for non-violent drug offenses.

2012 is the year in our history we can put an end to prohibition, free all the drug war prisoners, have all of us with convictions for cannabis and other substances pardoned, returned to our families and freed from our criminal record, at long last.

May God and the People Bless and Protect Ron Paul. Join his campaign in your state and make history happen in the next 12 months.

Merry Christmas, and a Ron Paul New Year!

Marc Emery
Yazoo Medium Security Federal Prison

Write to Marc:

Marc Emery #40252-086 Unit E-1
Yazoo Medium FCC
PO Box 5888
Yazoo City, MS

Address and guidelines at

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    I can’t wait until you get out of jail Marc, with a new found lust for life and a fire in your eyes to do even more good in the world then you already have.

    You’re a shinning example of how one can find peace… almost a Nirvana of sorts, even in the most bleek of circumstances. You my friend have found enlightenment, or are pretty damn close to doing so.

    I pray for you every night that you’ll be safe and healthy and never forgotten as we wait for your triumphant return.


    PS on a side note, if Ron Paul becomes president you could be out even sooner!

  2. Anonymous on

    I like Ron Paul, Jodie. To say he will fix everything that is wrong with America is fantasy, though. America is beyond fixing.

  3. Anonymous on

    Done 8 years for non violent stuff. They treat people inhumane and violate the 8th amendment.

  4. James Burns on

    Marc hang in there buddy! Iv’e been there in your situation for a few years. We dig you man! Peace and best wishes to you and the lady! James San Diego, CA

  5. Anonymous on

    Hey Marc,

    Been thinking about the Canadian, American ways and how us Canadians are getting shafted by the Government here and how people beyond the 49th parallel are being treated.
    You are an inspiration my friend.
    When I was locked up in Mahonoy Pennsylvania state prison, I saw first hand the treatment we are given by the American government.
    You sent me literature to me and again when I was returned to Matsqui.
    The inmate exchange is not laid out as you should be returned to your home land of Canada.
    Bless you my friend and stay high as Pigs cant fly.

  6. Anonymous on

    don’t incinerate pot the poilce seize in raids. better they should donate it to the sick and poor in society. And when President Obama frees the all the prisoners in prison right now because they all deserve to be free no matter what so called crime they werer falsely accused of everyone of them should be ghanded a free pound opf whatever drug they choose in compensation . There is more than enough drugs in police evidence lockers to go around. This is something Ron paul should get right on- he would get every vote from millio0ns of ex prisoners then watch America change and take the power away from the 1% by those of us who have been occupying the prison systems for the last several years

  7. Donatas Jasiulionis on

    President Obama promise of “Hope” and “Change”
    please please please..kindly.

    I respectfully suggest that you issue their full pardon to all cannabis prisoners

    Mr. President Obama, I am hereby respectfully requesting that your exercise your executive privilege as President of the United States and that you grant full pardons, vindication and subsequent removal of their felony convictions of all cannabis prisoners


    u?op ?p?sdn p?u?n? p??o? ???

    Hope for the Future

  8. lillygirl22 on

    mark i am a girl friend of a wonderful man that has bi poler disorder he was in and out of hospitals all though his teen years and doped up on so many pills he rarely knew where he was . but after his last time in the hospital he through away his meds and has been smoking pot for about 7 to 8 years . it is not legal in the state we live in and it hurts me to think he could go to jail for something that makes him feel human for the first time in his life . i to also suffer from Scoliosis a crooked spine , although i am able to live a relitively normal life and can still at this point and time walk , i have been living with rending pain in my spine since i was 9 . now though i don’t smoke fun or recreation , but for the pain it’s the only thing that has ever worked . know one can know what it’s like to have to take pain killers most of your life unless you have been there . i don’t like drugs and i have a sympothy for addicts because i used to be one . Marijuana has given me a freedom from the pain that comes with not only my life but many i have known inclueding my love of my life . so thank you for all the work you are doing to you and your wife jodie . you have our support when ever you may need us


  9. Anonymous on

    hang in there marc,the u.s. is openly committing genocide on its own people by allowing the sale of controlled substances on every street corner,by their own statistics alcohol, tobacco, xanax are the leading causes of death in this country….marijuana none…i shiver everytime i see a pharmacutical company selling experimental drugs on t.v……with 10 horrible side effects….when will justice prevail

  10. Anonymous on

    Marc actually did present himself in front of police stations daring them to arrest him, smoked dope in public on camera daring the police to come and get him,. t many times.Marc also plead guilty to all charges in a US court – manufacturing drugs and money laundering and I believe he volunteered to never talk about pot or advocate legalizing drugs ever again,, he was not pressured into that he brought that up himself. You might want to research what the prince of pot actually said and did in media other than what he owns , as Marcs version of his own history varies wildly.

  11. Reverend Christopher Lawson on

    Why are you wasting such extraordinary talent writing here?
    Without a doubt, you are a master writer of FICTION!

    Marc is a civilized activist. You have lied about him in such a derogatory way that it amounts to slander or libel!

    “HE SAT ON THE FRONT STEPS OF THE COURT AND BLEW CLOUDS OF SMOKE AT THE COPS WALKING OUT.” – REALLY!?!? Marc has protested at courthouse steps and he has toked up at them, but blowing smoke at the cops is a fictional glam.

    No one who knows Jodie could possibly believe this PURE fiction. I have never seen a more ideal couple. It is my privilege and good fortune to be able to say that Marc and Jodie are personal friends of mine. Their message adds encouragement to me to believe that cannabis prohibition should be ended. Their lives, as a couple, adds encouragement to me to believe that a truly romantic and genuine love can still thrive in this dark old world! Marc and Jodie’s wedding was the most magical, wonderful and romantic that I have ever witnessed. Even an atheist would have to say they are a match made in Heaven!

    “SHES DUMB.” She is articulate, literate, witty, charming, graceful, elegant, passionate and compassionate. The reader may be assured than I know her better than this insolent snipe. By the way, isn’t it “DUMB” TO WRITE IN ALL CAPITALS?!

    Marc never ever made such a promise either directly or by implication. This nonsense is pure slander and would be completely out of character for Marc.

    “ARE YOU RETARDED, OR JUST STUPID?!” This is the voice of a man devoid of social grace and human compassion. The fact that this type of man stands in the OPPOSITION camp that is fighting against Marc is clearly another piece of evidence that stands in favor of End-Cannabis-Prohibition activism.

  12. Cliff on

    Hey gunshotmoron
    I live down in south Texas and it’s deer season. My buddies and I want you to walk around in the bush and stir up some action so we can pull the trigger..
    The coyotes are very hungry and they leave nothing to be found…

  13. Anonymous on

    you might mean chick shit socialists who want a hand out just because they are alive to ask for feeding tubes from the state.
    Ron Paul as our president would starve you all out like the rats you are and hand us free market marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Thanks Ron Paul for legalizing getting high which we have been doing for the last 30 years anyway without your so called help.

  14. GunshotGlamour on


  15. Mayor Iguana on

    Yes, the president selects the AG. But that doesn’t make a difference because the AG doesn’t make laws. He/she can make suggestions to the president as member of the cabinent, but the AG’s job is to enforce the laws on the books, to represent or supervise the representation of the US government in judicial matters, and to oversee and operate the organization of the Judiciary branch. Congress is still needed to change the laws.

    Certainly the AG is in charge of how those laws should be enforced. We saw a nasty huntdown by John Ashcroft under Bush-so we know it’s absolutely true that a bad DA can make it worse, just like a good DA could make it better. But the bottom line is, until congress changes the laws, legalization cannot take place.

    The legalize movement could really make progress if we could organize ourselves across the country and promote politicians that are running for congress that will pledge to our cause. But I think too, that we need to shake the stereotypical image of a “stoner” before we gain nationwide acceptance as a legitimate movement.

    Anyways, pardon my ramblings. Marc-you’re in our heart and thoughts. Hang in there buddy, we’re rooting for you. Happy new years, folks.

  16. Guitarod on

    Most of the people that have written are just law abiding, average people living normal lives.
    Just like most pot smokers both medicinal & recreational. To deny the supply and legitimacy of medicinal users should be a human rights issue as it is both cruel & inhumane.
    Democracy is supposed ensure Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice where people can make their own decisions as long as they pay the taxman. This is a myth in North America, unfortunately.
    Persecution and Punishment seem to be the order of the day. Was this not the same back in 16th century England when Radicals and Witches were given mandatory sentences. Death.
    Religious Ideology again is the driving force behind our laws.

  17. Bud Grinder on

    Keep on dreaming. Unless a President gets to work with a like-minded congress and a like-minded senate his (her?) hands are tied and he (she?) can’t simply ram through major changes in the way things are done by edict. Proof of this is the state of the current Presidency of the USA.

    It will take the public out in the streets with pitchforks and torches before anyone sees substantial change. That is, if the mobs aren’t machine-gunned down by the government’s gangs of police and military thugs.

    I know this sounds like a downer but the facts are the facts, like them or not.

  18. Bah Humbug on

    Your comment is so stupid, just wanted to let u know that.
    commie or socialist?
    love freedom?
    if you love capitalism, move to another planet, because capitalism has pretty well trashed this one.
    Ron Paul is no hero.
    but foam on, poor soul…you obviously need to unload some pain.

  19. Anonymous on

    The president picks the Attorney General doesn’t he????

  20. moldy on

    I think you’re correct in stating that Ron wouldn’t be able to change laws as soon as he hit’s office however look at Obama’s war on weed. It’s underhanded and dishonest as he led us all to believe “differently”. No, Paul won’t be able to wave a magic wand and make weed legal and release all the prisoners but just his attitude and non wavering support to end a failed policy is good enough for me. Let’s hope he makes it on the ballet. I think he is the only man that can defeat the liar. RP’s other social stances that turn off progressives are only personal beliefs that he has. He won’t need to kill the social programs if he ends the drug war. There will be a lot of loose change floating around for helpful programs after we end prohibition.

  21. Mayor Iguana on

    My understanding of Ron Paul’s stance on Marijuana is that it should be left up to the states to decide to legalize it or not. For people like me who live in red states, it’s not going to happen that way. The other problem is that the president really has no power to make it happen. He can’t issue an executive order to override the law.

    While I really would like to marijuana to be legalized, Ron Paul cannot pull a magic rabbit out of his hat and make it happen. The entire mindset of congress has to be changed. Seeing that US congress can’t even pass a balanced budget, I’m not holding my breath for marijuana laws to change.

  22. Hokulani Cheneviere on

    Aloha Marc and Jodie, I send ALL of your blogs to Roger Christie via Corrlinks. He has much admiration for you and how you continue to use your time productively.
    HE continues to be held without bail by the US since July 8, 2010. The judges and attorneys refuse to comment to the press about this case which is beginning to garner a lot of public attention in Hawaii. This is his second Christmas in this facility which is supposed to be a temporary holding station for sentenced prisoners. HE has not seen the sun, breathed in fresh air or been outside of this building for a year and a half now.
    Like all true Cannabis liberators, he continues to send his message of Cannabis freedom to all who correspond with him. The media is only beginning to express outrage over the injustice of his incarceration without bail. The public is starting to wake up and wonder why drunken cops get zero jail time for killing pedestrians while Roger who has never hurt anyone or even owned a weapon continues to be held without bail.
    You and Roger may differ in your philosophies about Cannabis but have much in common as Political Prisoners in this war against the plant kingdom’s royal HIGHNESS.

  23. Anonymous on

    Wow, I just realized how many of us have problems each and every day. Our problems are all different and some are worse than others, but we all have an underlying issue that we are troubled by. Marc’s bleeding heart has brought us to him to share our stories and his personal responses lift us up and help to bring a piece of comfort to us all because there is someone out there who understands. I feel for each and every person and pray that everyone finds comfort and love this holiday season.
    and as Marc says…

    Peace and Pot,


  24. Anonymous on

    Not to mention the alcohol, tobacco and big pharma gangs. Or those water and pesticide guzzling cotton and oil guzzling synthetic fiber interests suppressing hemp. Damn all of them.

  25. Anonymous on

    Vote for who you want in November, but why not register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries? I’ve got plenty of disagreements with him, but plenty of agreements too, not just on the drug war. He’s as consistent as they get in Washington against special interests in general, not just the prison industrial complex supported war on(some) drugs.

  26. Anonymous on

    if it’s all the same to you ”foam” i think i’ll just stay here…thanks for your insights on the topic

  27. Jodie on

    If Ron Paul is elected president of the USA, then Marc and all nonviolent drug war prisoners will be pardoned and released from prison, just as Ron Paul has long-promised to do and WILL do when elected president. Some of the other great reasons we support Ron Paul include: he will end all wars, end prohibition, get rid of the DEA, legalize hemp and medical marijuana, end the oil wars, end the US military police around the world, get rid of the PATRIOT Act, end Obama’s policies of executing Americans without trial and spying on every US citizen and indefinitely imprisoning people without charge, end the corporate bailouts, end the Wall Street rip-offs and control, get rid of the prison industry’s lobbying and subsidies, respect state’s rights for legal marijuana, stop the torture policies of the military, end the theft of trillions of tax dollars given to dictators and multi-national war corporations, and so much more… Ron Paul will fix everything that is wrong with America. 

  28. foam on

    If you love freedom then Ron Paul is the man. If you love corporatism vote status quo. If you’re a commie or socialist maybe move to France or Russia or yikes Canada?

    Merry Christmas!!

    Love you Marc!!

  29. Anonymous on

    I hope we do have a Ron Paul new year.So he wants to get us back to the constitution,what’s wrong with that? And push back what rights for what minors?What the hell are you talking about? He’ll also get rid of foreign aid,which btw comes out of the taxpayers pockets.He will get rid of most of the federal govt bureaucracies.He will do something real and measurable about the wanton political corruption and the lobbyists too.Who gives a rats ass that the republican party doesn’t like or support him.Fuck them.They work for us,not the big dollar mega corps.maybe you should put down the comic books for a while and really delve into modern polysci and learn something…..then start voting.

  30. Robert Rockhold on

    Marc and Jodie from a supporter in Los Angeles. May 2012 bring you good news. May the New Year bring down many corrupt corporate-owned politicians! Hope voters can seriously impact the status-quo of our system by supporting Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Having family visit this Christmas Day–wish you could be here. Bet you can’t wait to leave Yazoo and American Gulags! Peace–think of you often!

  31. Kori Anstey on

    Stay strong Marc and Jodie! Thanks for all you do, have done and will do in the future, the world is a better place, that will only continue to get better because of people like you, the sacrifices you have made and the voice that you provide. A change is gonna come, it can no longer be stopped because we are many and growing, gaining speed, strength and determination and none of it would have been possible, had you not taken the first step and set the example. I believe when the dust settles, karma will reward you greatly.

  32. Dean Hughes on

    Dean Hughes

    My sister gave me a letter last night that was delivered to my dads house a week ago.It was from Yazoo,Mississippi correctional facility.Of course my father and my sister were wondering who i knew in Yazoo,let alone prison.
    I proceded to open my letter with the biggest smile on my face.A few weeks back i had written a letter to Mark Emery,a man who was wrongly extradited to the states for selling seeds(FU George W.) and to my surprise he had replied.My girlfriend said it was as if i had just received a letter from the pope.Not being religious at all i replied,no, much bigger to me.I think i may have said that this was the best Xmass gift i think that i have evr received,to which my father asked ,so who is Mark Emery?..Dad, hes the prince of Pot.Dad puzzlingly smiled.
    Have a great Xmass evryone and go to Marks site and drop him a

  33. Robert Mitlin on

    Nick…We all pray for Marc’s health and safety and we all believe in the cause but frankly, your bigotry makes me want to puke. That I stand on the same side of an issue with a man who has such hatred in his heart for faiths different from his own makes me think that people like you serve the cause most poorly. The cause is really about love and your timing with spewing your hatred on Marc’s Cristmas blog is not in the spirit of love for your fellow man. I am embarrassed to stand with you on this issue so please go away or give great thought of purging your soul and heart of your bias. Merry Christmas Marc.

  34. Chris Rice on

    As president, Ron Paul would set the tone on the Marijuana Laws, he would change the dialog, and he would appoint the heads of the Justice Department and the Drug Czar (even eliminate the position). The head of the Justice Department has ultimate say in how or if the federal government will enforce Marijuana Laws . . . So whether the law exists or not, it doesn’t have to be enforced. If the federal government would take a hands off approach to drug policy there are a lot of states that would as well and the dominoes start to fall . . .

  35. peacefrombrazil on

    Wonderful story, wonderful news, Marc!!! Hang on in there!! Jodie is also awesome!!! You can do it man, and we all know how ridiculous all of this has been.

    You know sometimes hardships make us learn and you are making the best of it, this makes me so proud, Mark.

    You are indeed a hero of mine, and I did send you a letter but I guess it didn’t get through. (I am from Brazil – I’m not afraid to admit it, they have nothing on me, but… You know how it is. They sprinkle some crack on ya and voila.)

    Maybe I should be worried, because this place is dangerous as heck. It’s beautiful, though. But I refuse to let fear and injustice rule this world and my mind and soul, so I might be a little dumb, but not fearful.

    YOU AND EVERYONE WHO’s BEEN HELPING OUT WOULD AND WILL BE VERY WELCOME HERE WITH OPEN ARMS SHOULD YOU WISH. I offer you my place if needed, just to have the joy and honor of a common sense, intelligent conversation with you. An invitation from the heart.

    Don’t let it get to ya, keep on keeping on, you’re an example and a true idol.

    “EVIL MOVES FAST BUT GOOD MOVES FASTER” – Turtle Power, TMNT 2 soundtrack

    I will celebrate A LOT the day you get out, man, and I won’t be alone in that!!!


  36. Nick Britton on

    If your going to expessedly oppose Marks political views on his Christmas blog of Hope and Optimism atleast have the balls to include your name. Concerning Ron Paul, I Love the guy, now there’s a man with balls and is as pasionate about his Country and where it is headed, as Marc is about his and where it’s headed! Ron Paul doesn’t hold all the answers and I don’t agree with everything he stands for, but I appreciate the fact I know exzactly what he stands for because he has the Grit to tell you, unapoligeticly, and that’s the type of man you need running America, not some Mormon yes man, or half muslim Bush. He may not accomplish everything he sets out to do, but he’ll surely try! That’s why he has my respect!
    Merry Christmas Marc, Canada isn’t the same without you!! We want you back!! Your influnce among most all Canadians is dearly missed. I’m sorry to say but when you return our Country may not look the same, well, considering what they shipped you out for, it may unfortunatly look the same with more legislation, beureaucratic shit that needs flushing. Canada misses you Marc and your in our prayers and I hope one day I can spark a blunt with The Prince of Pot, while your back home with your wonderful wife and amongst your Countrymen who Love you Most.

    “God Save The Prince Of Pot, Marc Emery”

  37. Anonymous on

    Merry Christmas. I want to apologize on behalf of America for you being in jail. You are right about so many things and you are helping a lot of people and the people in charge thank you this way. I am glad it is so close to half way. Peace to you and yours!

  38. Anonymous on

    With only 36% of Republicans supporting the end of of the pot wars how would he ever get the support to pass a bill freeing all of us? Plus I think he would do real damage to the country of 2012 by dragging us back to the 1800. He’ll try to end a women right to choose, as well pushing back of all the rights of all minors. Him getting into office is long shot that I pray never happen. Plus I can’t image the party of the rich allowing him into office in the first place. Because he would cause major profit losses for the drug companies as well alcohol beverage company. As well the savings to medicaid on medical bills for the damaging side effects like liver kidney and heart damages from normal use of alcohol.

  39. Dan Peterson on

    Positive! WOW! Amazing! I spent one night in jail and just about lost my mind! It’s all so corrupt! RON PAUL 2012! FREE THE PEACEFUL!!!!! Thank You Marc…