Court Rules Against Teen in Marijuana Cookie Case

The highest court in Massachusetts has overturned a judge who reinstated a student who was expelled after another student identified him as the supplier of a $10 marijuana cookie.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled Wednesday that a lower court judge abused his discretion when he ordered the student back to Weston High School.

The high court found that instead of evaluating whether the school superintendent’s decision was proper, the judge wrongly chose to “fashion his own remedy” for the student’s alleged misconduct.

The SJC sent the case back to Superior Court and ordered a new hearing before a different judge.

An attorney for the school superintendent said school officials don’t plan to use the SJC’s ruling to expel the student again. But he said they do believe the incident should remain on his disciplinary record.

– Article from The Boston Globe.



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    The best marijuana laws in the world are so far Portugal, Netherlands but there laws are changing quickly and california. In cali you can get an marijuana card for sleeping disorders.. here in canada you basically got to be dying to get one.

  3. bhonze on

    Just remember Harper is sucking Obama’s A$$ for the Keystone Pipeline!

  4. bhonze on

    This shows how screwed up our govt. is. They would rather see this guy end up working at Mc D’s and have his family on food stamps than educate him so he can be a productive part of society. Y’all better wake up Canadian bro’s.

  5. Bud Grinder on

    God forbid that Canada should ever become the kind of ratocracy / thugocracy the United States of America has become. Pastor Harper and his deluded gang of ignorant, mercenary raptureista thugs must be stopped before we, also, have to live like those poor Americans do.