Four States Now Petitioning Feds To Reclassify Cannabis

Washington State Governor Christine Gregroire.Washington State Governor Christine Gregroire.Four states, including Rhode Island, Washington, Vermont, and Colorado, are now petitioning the federal government to reclassify marijuana so it is no longer a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

Schedule 1 drugs are the only drugs not allowed to be prescribed by a doctor under federal law and the states are arguing that with 17 jurisdictions in the U.S. (and more likely to be added) allowing cannabis for medicinal use, the scheduling of marijuana should be changed to remove conflict between states and the federal government.

Governors Lincoln Chaffee, Peter Shumlin and Christine Gregroire (of RI, VT, and WA respectively) have signed the petition while Colorado’s governor has not, but the state has filed its own formal request similar to the petition. This is due to time constraints in Colorado law, which require a filing by January 1, but doesn’t mean they may not sign on to the current petition.

While the re-scheduling would not affect law or the legality of possession, cultivation, or distribution of marijuana, it would remove the impetus for federal prosecution of state-legal dispensaries and caregivers.




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    When all 50 states make petitions like this and are still ignored they will finally realize the truth, that the Federal government is not the representative of the United States but a power unto itself which makes policies based on their own personal whim. It is no longer the United States of America, it is now and has been for quite some time the , a tyrannical entity which has apparently seized control of the nation. If you defy their tyrannical rule, they’ll throw you in prison for the rest of your life on some easily trumped up “conspiracy” charge. They can put literally anybody they want in prison for 10 years or more with a very simple planting of evidence followed by false testimony by criminals who want to get their sentences reduced. No shortage of them around and no shortage of dirty DEA agents who are more than happy to orchestrate the whole thing.

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    The Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer
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    The Federal Tort Claims Act or “FTCA”, (June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Title IV, 62 Stat. 982, “28 U.S.C. Pt.VI Ch.171? and 28 U.S.C. § 1346(b)), is a statute enacted by the United States Congress in 1948.

    The FTCA permits private parties to sue the United States in a federal court for most torts committed by persons acting on behalf of the United States. The FTCA constitutes a limited waiver of sovereign immunity.
    The Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946, for the first time, gave American citizens the right to sue the federal government.”

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    The audience of the communication has at length in time now been exposed to the Lyme plague instrumented by the United States Government and their facilitating agents. The email sent out by Joseph Mercola clearly demonstrates the aggressive actions by the criminal parties which must be responded to with every action possible.

    Thus the difficult yet apparent facts of this bio weapon being empowered by marijuana Prohibition comes to light. This is the 2012 moment and we have to prosecute this crime.

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