Marc Emery: Support Ron Paul for President!

Choosing the next President of the United States begins in Iowa in mere weeks. For the cannabis culture, 25 million people in the United States, there is only one option: Ron Paul.

For 15 years Ron Paul has been introducing bills every year in Congress to legalize marijuana, legalize industrial hemp, allow medical marijuana defences in federal court, and end the budget and office of the Drug Czar. Read more about Ron Paul’s stance on cannabis and the drug war here, here, here, and here.

In speeches and televised debates Ron Paul is not afraid to say he believes the US federal government should end the drug war and repeal all federal laws prohibiting the production and consumption of all drugs, certainly including marijuana.

Listen to Ron Paul speak for himself on the issue:

Marijuana debate: Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama

Ron Paul: End Marijuana Prohibition Now!

Ron Paul on Marijuana, Prohibition, and Personal Freedom

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney, Meeting the Same Medical Marijuana Patient

You’ll never meet a candidate for President of greater integrity and honesty. You’ll never meet a candidate for the most powerful office on earth who is more qualified and intelligent than Ron Paul. Look at the other options; would you prefer any of them instead?

His beliefs are that the US should withdraw all its troops from foreign shores, and that the US cannot police the world. He wants passionately to end the drug war and the surveillance state. He wants to get those who have committed non-violent drug offenses out of jails and into a productive existence in a better and freer America. He believes citizens are sovereign and that the government has become a dangerous police state.

Ron Paul believes in the people of America, the ordinary citizen, and his policies reflect a treasured commitment to liberty, individual freedom, the sovereignty of the individual – unlike the current President, who has embraced the cynical, corrupted cronyism of the elites.

Don’t believe the lies – check out!

And Ron Paul is an incredibly decent man. I have known about Ron Paul since I read about him in Reason magazine in 1980, and he has never betrayed my support of him or his belief in individual freedom, sound finances, the liberty of the people.

Jodie and I have been active supporters of Ron Paul for President since 2006. We were hosts of a show on Ron Paul radio, printed tens of thousands of Ron Paul For President 2008 hand-outs, brochures, posters, and stickers, made voter registration pavilions, put him on the cover of Cannabis Culture Magazine and made a RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT centrefold, and much more.

Marc And Jodie: We Love Ron Paul! (2007 campaign)

Cannabis Culture Magazine #69, cover & centerfold for Ron Paul:

Photos of the Ron Paul pavilion we had set up in downtown Vancouver in 2007: view here on Facebook!

Marc and Jodie at their pavilion, 2007Marc and Jodie at their pavilion, 2007

There is no man I believe in more on this whole planet more than Ron Paul.

It is with this urgency and passion I ask you to join with Ron Paul and his campaign for President. I want you to register to vote Republican so you can support him in the Republican Presidential nomination. All the other Republican candidates are lunatics or dangerously wrong for America. The Democrat candidate Barack Obama is a terrible punisher of our culture and must be defeated – but he must be defeated by Ron Paul, not the other NeoCon war hawks and prohibitionists who are running for the Republican nomination.

25 million of us in the US cannabis culture can make a difference. Ron Paul has campaign organizations in all 50 states; please sign up, volunteer, and give money to help this man save America. Ron Paul will win in Iowa. Then he will win in many of the primaries throughout the United States, but it will require huge amounts of money and an army of millions. You should Register Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary in your state.

I believe when Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, he will choose former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as his running mate. Governor Johnson is a wise and intelligent believer in liberty and an end to the drug war. He will make a worthy successor to Ron Paul should the great man die while in office.

Do not sit on the sidelines in this primary season. Do not let cynicism and indifference ruin our chances to change America profoundly for the better. In California last year, our culture was betrayed by traitors and prohibition-profiteers within our culture. If Proposition 19 had passed, millions of Californians would be growing and producing marijuana under state law, and the DEA and President Barack Obama would have been helpless to stop it – they couldn’t win a war against the biggest, most populated state in the nation. Now the situation in California is in crisis because of that treason and indifference within our culture during the Proposition 19 vote last November, and President Obama is now showing his vicious contempt for our people, as he does for all Americans.

The contrast between the integrity and principles and policies of liberty proposed by Ron Paul versus the surveillance, control, warfare prison punishment state espoused by Barack Obama and the other Republican candidates is stark. Please go to Ron Paul’s campaign website, sign up to help, and join with me and millions of other Ron Paul soldiers in ending the drug war and the cannabis prohibition. This primary season, there is only one man who can do it – who will do it – but he needs us to fulfill this mission.

When the fate of America and our cannabis culture were at stake in the critical time from December 2011 to November 2012, what will you tell your heirs and future generations you did when the need was greatest?

Ron Paul for President. 100% Yes. Join your state’s Ron Paul for president campaign now, and let’s get to work on the decisive battle ahead.

Marc Emery #40252-086
P.O. BOX 5888

Some of the great things Ron Paul will do for our culture alone:

• End The Drug War
• Legalize Industrial Hemp
• Allow Medical Marijuana Laws
• Pardon All Non-violent Drug Offenders (that includes Marc!)
• Abolish The DEA and Drug Czar Office

For more reasons to support Ron Paul as the Republican candidate and to become President of the United States, check out these handouts Marc and Jodie distributed during the last election campaign!
(Click to enlarge)

Read these supporting articles:

Seattle Weekly: Why Does This Canadian Pot Seed Dealer Support Ron Paul?

Marc’s massive 2006 study of all US Congress votes for Cannabis Culture Magazine #63 showed that Ron Paul was the #1 supporter of our culture.

– From Marc’s prison blog of April 18th, 2011:

I also urge my American friends to support the Presidential nomination campaigns of Congressman Ron Paul and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. These two men are great men, fully behind the repeal of cannabis prohibition, and do not retreat from saying so. They need our full support, in primary votes, in campaign contributions, in volunteer efforts, fundraising, and sign carrying. I cannot stress this too much. Ron Paul was the real man of Hope in 2008, but the false Hope was elected instead. Ron Paul is the greatest man of our time, a champion of the Constitution and has opposed every aspect of the drug war since first elected to Congress in 1974. He is co-sponsor of bills legalizing personal possession of cannabis , industrial hemp, medical marijuana, the Truth in Trials Act, ending the Drug Czar’s budget – simply every aspect of the federal drug war, Ron Paul has opposed it. [Marc’s massive study of all US Congress votes for Cannabis Culture Magazine #63 showed that Ron Paul was the #1 supporter of our culture. View that article here.]

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    World Socialist Web Site
    Antiwar “Lefts” embrace ultra-right Republican candidate Ron Paul
    By Jerry White and Jeff Lincoln
    22 January 2008

    Over the last several months, a section of the antiwar protest movement in the US has turned with increasing enthusiasm towards the candidacy of Ron Paul, the long-time Republican Congressman from Texas, who is seeking his party’s presidential nomination.

    With a stable of leading Democratic and Republican candidates committed to the continued occupation of Iraq and extension of US military power around the world, Paul’s promotion of a “non-interventionist” US foreign policy and his criticisms of the Patriot Act and other attacks on civil liberties have won him support from a section of politically inexperienced students looking for a means to oppose the war.

    The Texas congressman’s maverick image has been further enhanced by the vitriol with which his fellow Republican candidates responded to comments Paul made during a debate in Iowa, when he said terrorism was chiefly a response to US meddling in the Middle East. This was followed by the decision of Fox News to exclude him from the debate on the eve of the New Hampshire primary.

    That Paul can be construed as an “antiwar candidate,” is a measure of how far to the right the American political and media establishment has moved. It is one thing, however, for the politically naïve to be fooled by his demagogy; it is quite another for ostensibly “left” commentators to deliberately conceal his reactionary politics and perpetuate the fraud that the former Libertarian Party candidate for president can be a catalyst for building a powerful antiwar movement.

    Take for example, Alexander Cockburn, who wrote in his regular column in the Nation magazine that Paul is “rock-solid against war and empire and the neo-liberal corporate state,” adding that the Texas Republican is “a principled fellow who’s won passionate support (and millions in modest cash contributions) from ordinary Americans.”

    Cockburn’s colleague Jeff Taylor, in a “Letter to a Liberal Friend” posted on the Counterpunch web site, argues that Paul’s right-wing policies will actually broaden the base of the antiwar movement, presumably because the working class can only be attracted on the basis of nationalism, xenophobia and other reactionary appeals.

    “Not only does Ron Paul represent Jeffersonian values usually termed ‘conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ today (fidelity to the Constitution, frugal government, states’ rights, Second Amendment, national sovereignty), but he is also a leading example of support for Jeffersonian positions nowadays described as ‘liberal’ or ‘leftist’ (e.g. opposition not only to the Iraq War but to war in general, anti-imperialism, ending the federal war on drugs, hostility to the Patriot Act and other violations of civil liberties). This accounts for the wide appeal of the Paul campaign. It’s precisely the sort of trans-ideological, cross-generational populist-libertarian-moralist coalition that I was hoping to see with a [Wisconsin Democratic Senator Russ] Feingold presidential campaign.”

    In “An Open Letter to the Antiwar Left: Ron Paul Deserves Our Attention,” posted on the Counterpunch web site, Joshua Frank, co-editor of, continues along these lines, arguing that a viable antiwar movement can only be built by blurring the lines of left and right politics.

    “This is not about Rep. Paul as an individual per se, but about his grassroots following,” Frank writes. “He’s exciting many newcomers to the [antiwar] movement and that must be welcomed. We certainly don’t share the same views with all who have latched on to his campaign, but on the issue of the Iraq war we are in total agreement. One doesn’t have to be a member of the left to oppose empire.”

    Having long ago rejected the possibility or desirability of building a socialist alternative to the two-party system, and having worked for years in their failed efforts to push the Democratic Party to the left, Cockburn & Co. hope promoting Paul will be a more effective means of influencing the two-party system to end the war. As Frank put it, “Rep. Paul’s call to end the war needs to be supported…We need to monkey-wrench the war issue so the media and the big party candidates cannot ignore it.”

    The struggle against war cannot be successful by appealing to the powers-that-be. This war and the explosion of American militarism in general is not just the product of the circle of neo-conservatives in the White House but is deeply rooted in objective economic and historical conditions, above all the decline in the global position of American capitalism. There is a general consensus in both political parties that military power be used to reassert US hegemony over America’s economic rivals by seizing control of the strategic energy resources of the Middle East and Central Asia.

    The only means of putting an end to war, therefore, is by putting an end to the capitalist system that produces it. Far from opposing the present economic and political set up, Ron Paul is one of the most vociferous defenders of the profit system and America’s ruling elite, saying, that the “rights of all private property owners” are the key to “maintain a free society.”

    Paul’s criticisms of the Iraq War and the Bush administration are entirely tactical and stem from his ultra-nationalist and isolationist outlook, not any principled opposition to American imperialism.

    This is demonstrated by reviewing his record. During the debate on the floor of the House of Representatives in October 2002 Paul, a former Air Force officer and senior member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, rose to speak against the resolution authorizing Bush to launch war against Iraq.

    His chief criticism was that ceding Congress’ power to declare war to the president ran the danger of giving ultimate authority over US foreign interventions to the United Nations, whose resolutions Bush had cited to prepare war against Iraq.

    Rather than UN resolutions, Paul said, “I happen to like it more when the president speaks about unilateralism and national security interests” to declare war. When the US “depends on the UN for our instructions,” he insisted, “we end up in no-win wars.” The first President Bush “didn’t go all the way” in the first Gulf War, Paul complained, because G.H.W. Bush said “the UN did not give him permission to.” When you go “through the backdoor” with UN-declared wars, Paul said, “wars last longer and you do not have a completion, like we had in Korea and Vietnam.”

    A month after the US invasion of Iraq, Paul took the floor of Congress to promote his “American Sovereignty Restoration Act” to end US participation in the United Nations. He said Bush deserved some credit for “ultimately upholding the principle that American national security is not a matter of international consensus, and that we don’t need UN authorization to act.” He warned if the US did not leave the UN, its “global planners” would establish a “true world government” that would “interfere not only in our nation’s foreign policy matters, but in our domestic policies as well” and “America as we know it will cease to exist.”

    Paul voted to authorize the war against Afghanistan. His criticisms of the Iraq War are conditional and tactical, chiefly centering on the complaint that it is undermining “national defense” by overstretching US military forces and its high cost is creating ever-greater economic dependence on foreign powers and potential enemies like “Communist China.”

    Who is Ron Paul?

    Attracted at a young age to the free market and anti-socialist nostrums of Ayn Rand and Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises—the father of the modern libertarian movement—Paul entered political life in 1964 when he became involved with the presidential campaign of Republican Senator Barry Goldwater, a bitter opponent of federal welfare programs, labor unions and civil rights legislation.

    In 1974 he ran for Congress as a Republican candidate and lost the election. But he won a special election in 1976, after President Gerald Ford appointed Paul’s former opponent to a federal position.

    Paul was eventually able to hold his seat in a regular election, and during his terms in Congress he ingratiated himself with the most right-wing elements of the political establishment. He was one of only a handful of Republican congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan for president against Ford in 1976, and he used his seat on the House Banking Committee to advocate complete banking deregulation and the abolishing of the Federal Reserve Board.

    The favor was returned, as Paul was able to gain the backing of the ultra-rich, such as multi-billionaire Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, the largest privately held company in the United States, and Steve Forbes, who would later be instrumental in financing Paul’s reelection campaigns in the 1990s.

    After a failed US Senate bid in the mid-1980s, Paul briefly returned to the practice of medicine. In his private practice, he refused to accept Medicare or Medicaid payments from patients, claiming they were paying with “stolen money.” He then launched a presidential campaign as the Libertarian Party candidate in 1988.

    The political hallmark of Paul is a combination of populist and even left-sounding rhetoric and the most right-wing positions. This is especially apparent in his economic policies. Paul often denounces “corporate welfare” and the influence that large corporations have within government. He also voices opposition to an inflationary monetary policy on the grounds that the real wages of workers are being eroded.

    His actual policy proposals, however, are based entirely on removing any restrictions on corporations and wealthy individuals to amass more wealth and exploit workers even more brutally. In this area, Paul is farther to the right than any other Republican seeking the nomination.

    He wishes to eliminate income taxes completely by abolishing virtually every federal department and domestic program. Paul advocates the elimination of the Department of Education, Social Security, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, minimum wage laws, unemployment insurance, and virtually every other gain won by the struggle of previous generations of workers.

    Paul blames “illegal immigration” for a whole host of social ills, from the spread of disease, to crime, to the lowering of workers’ wages. He has also proposed amending the Constitution to remove birthright citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants, writing in 2006: “The recent immigration protests in Los Angeles have brought the issue to the forefront, provoking strong reactions from millions of Americans. The protesters’ cause of open borders is not well served when they drape themselves in Mexican flags and chant slogans in Spanish . . . We must reject amnesty for illegal immigrants in any form. We cannot continue to reward lawbreakers and expect things to get better. . . . Birthright citizenship similarly rewards lawbreaking, and must be stopped. As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be citizens, the perverse incentive to sneak into this country remains strong.”

    This thinly veiled racist demagogy has earned Paul the praise of reactionaries such as CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and the support of extreme right elements, from members of the Minutemen Project to Don Black, founder of the white supremacist group Stormfront, who donated $500 to Paul’s campaign.

    In his campaign ads in Michigan, Paul sought to divert anger over the destruction of autoworkers’ jobs and living standards with appeals to anti-immigrant and national chauvinism. The North American Free Trade Agreement, he said, was “just one part of a plan to erase the borders…and create a single nation out of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, with a new unelected bureaucracy and money system. Forget about controlling immigration under this scheme. And a free America, with limited, constitutional government, would be gone forever.”

    As he did on the eve of the invasion of Iraq on numerous occasions Paul has promoted the idea that the United Nations is a conspiratorial organization planning to implement a “new world order” and that the World Trade Organization is a plot by a “global elite” to strip America of its sovereignty.

    Paul’s brand of libertarianism doesn’t prevent him from opposing abortion in terms that are similar to those of the religious fundamentalists. Paul likens abortion to state-sanctioned murder, stating, “Abortion on demand is the ultimate State tyranny . . . Unlike Nazi Germany, which forcibly sent millions to the gas chambers (as well as forcing abortion and sterilization upon many more), the new regime has enlisted the assistance of millions of people to act as its agents in carrying out a program of mass murder.”

    He has proposed legislation that would remove from all federal courts the jurisdiction to hear cases relating to abortion. This would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade and allow the states to criminalize all abortion procedures.

    Paul has similarly tried to remove federal court jurisdiction to decide whether the phrase “under God” can be included in the Pledge of Allegiance, voted to ban federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, and voted to prevent same-sex couples from adopting. His consistent record of attacking democratic rights has prompted his supporters at Lew to write a column approvingly posing the question, “Will Ron Paul Be the Candidate of the Christian Right?”

    Ron Paul’s appeal to the extreme right and fascist groups is not a new phenomenon. In a recent article published by theNew Republic, James Kurchick highlights the contents of some of Ron Paul’s newsletters, published during the time after Paul finished his first terms in Congress and returned to the practice of medicine. Kurchick describes an issue of the newsletter that was published after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles in the following manner, “’Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began,’ read one typical passage. According to the newsletter, the looting was a natural byproduct of government indulging the black community with ‘civil rights, quotas, mandated hiring preferences, set-asides for government contracts, gerrymandered voting districts, black bureaucracies, black mayors, black curricula in schools, black tv shows, black tv anchors, hate crime laws, and public humiliation for anyone who dares question the black agenda.’ It also denounced ‘the media’ for believing that ‘America’s number one need is an unlimited white checking account for underclass blacks.’”

    A newsletter issue reporting on the Louisiana Senate primary election campaign of former Ku Klux Klan wizard David Duke in 1990 stated, “our priority should be to take the anti-government, anti-tax, anti-crime, anti-welfare loafers, anti-race privilege, anti-foreign meddling message of Duke, and enclose it in a more consistent package of freedom.”

    In response to the New Republic exposé, Ron Paul issued a statement on his website claiming that material in the articles are not his words but were contributed by numerous writers for his newsletter, which Paul did not edit and that Paul was not aware of what was being published. It is entirely unbelievable that Paul had no knowledge of the content of articles printed under his name for over a decade.

    Moreover, Paul has repeatedly made his opposition to civil rights legislation clear. As recently as 2004, he marked the 40th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964—which outlawed the system of apartheid-like racial segregation in Southern schools and public places during the Jim Crow period—by denouncing the measure from the floor of Congress for infringing on the “rights of private property owners,” including the “customer service practices of every business in the country.”

    Such reactionary politics make a farce out of the efforts to paint Paul in “antiwar” colors. That he commands any following at all is due entirely to the absence of a genuine opposition to militarism among the leading contenders for the presidential race in both big business parties. In such a vacuum, extreme right figures can emerge. A serious struggle against war requires steadfast opposition to such reactionary politics and all those who compromise with it.

    Copyright © 1998-2012 World Socialist Web Site – All rights reserved

  2. Anonymous on

    I think Ron Paul is totally right! You got 2 votes here from me and my hubby! Hang in there because you are having a come back!!!

  3. Amiee on

    I have no love for Israel as I’ve been watching in horror for half my life at the atrocities there. That doesn’t mean I love Ron Paul.

    I think minorities, GBLTQIA, and women deserve rights. If you guys and Marc Emery don’t that’s fine. It just shows where your values are.

  4. Anonymous on

    When so many poster show up and say libellous things like:
    “Ron Paul is anti-woman, anti-poor person, anti-disabled, and pretty much against all human rights other than the right to do what you want and make money.”
    You know it is more than just politics upsetting them. Could it be because RP also won’t go hat in hand to Israel for contributions and media support? And will never support more wars in the Middle East? In my mind that’s a GOOD thing.

  5. Thomas Jefferson on

    Yea, support the Green Party if you want even MORE Federal Corruption. They are already bad enough with the money they already have.

    This notion that the Federal Government is looking out for your personal well-being is a bunch of garbage.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  6. Anonymous on

    ALL of the NEGATIVE comments here about ron paul are not true, ron paul said hes pro life, but since he puts liberty before that, he let the state choose for abortion, war on drugs was a failure he wants to end it

    OK OK AND THE FREE MARKET THING, LOL, WAKE UP, u brainwashed federal reserve lovers, those guys dont like you, they print money and make the inflated prices and in 20 years nobody will be able to buy anything…

    environment ? he said he would allow every group or association to prosecute the companies that do it because right now they are protected, more regulation? LOL its the big business that write it,

    if you read abouit the federal reserve which is not federal btw its private, LOL its not even controlled by any department or by the president,

    ron paul is not racist its media attack against him

    seriously end of drug war is a cool thing about him but its so small compared to the ending of the military industrial complex and the federal reserve

    people wake up austrian economics is great

    actually i challenge any of you to tell me your point and ill refute, cuz ron paul just want america to be a better country and by the way

    what is happening right now is not free market.
    btw united states is on the path of a totalitarian state especially with NDAA, so if u want freedom i suggest u forget the republican thing and look at this guy WHO IS THE ONLY REAL REPUBLICAN ! ALL THE OTHERS LOST THEIR REAL VIEWS ( liberty ) ( america is battleground )

    watch out for the army entering ur houses, the homeland is now part of the battlefield.

  7. foam on

    There is no bigger supporter of civil rights than Ron Paul -to say he racist is idiotic.

    The no bigger champion of the enviorment than Ron Paul -If you understand freedom which clearly a few here do not -you would know that in a free society you are not allowed to hurt others aka you’d be liable if you polluted the air water or ground.

    Here’s to Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  8. Frank on

    I am not going to vote for a racist pig like Ron Paul simply because he supports legalizing marijuana. His stands on a range of issues, both foreign and domestic, are huge steps backwards. A Ron Paul presidency would be a disaster for the U.S.

  9. Andy on

    Legalize all drugs, well there’s some dumb people and they reproduce. Educate not incarcerate, but heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, these drugs from what I’ve seen on T.V. incapacitate and are very addictive, don’t want to see any one doing these drugs, do they have a right to? yes. Do they have people depending on them? What happens if they hurt someone when they’re incapacitated and not in control, what happens to them and the victim’s family? When you’re out of control who deals with the outcome of the shattered lives. A human being is capable of very great things, rather than running away from drugs, educate about the outcomes and ramifications and person to person perspective, lets learn and get past the stigma of drugs, take control and know what it is and what will happen and how everything that comes in contact with you is affected and snowballs from there. I think drugs have been blown out of proportion to some extent and used as a mechanism/penalty among others, by the generational rich/managers/profitiers to cleanse the population to solidify their generational positions, quell dissension so the criminal social structure can’t be accused of being inadequate or unfair or all sewn up, ay boys!!! How bout that Eugenics story, rendering poor people infertile on the east coast of the U.S. leading up to WW2 and a little beyond, population control, Eugenics wound down at the end of WW2 because the war had killed enough-true, “drug war” works better and is more politically correct easier to cover up with words, it’s all in the wording, how many people would’ve escaped incarceration if they knew how to communicate, or not, like a slithery college boy or politician. I believe that Obama is a miracle, he is comprehensive, responsible, he is hitting the start button on government which is a regulating body for balance and a chance at prosperity for all. Government has been bought and seized by the generational rich/profitiers and King Obama is taking it back and as he says facing America up to it’s creed, it’s advertisement. Obama is pulling government from under the table, government is the people’s tool for an equal chance at prosperity but it’s been hijacked. Obama has stood in the mud puddle as the mercedes drove by! King Obama, Pharoah

  10. Chris on

    Seriously, a wiki page is your source? Dr. Paul never wrote a word of that. He also never wrote a word of what’s in the newsletters, and that’s been proven, discussed, and moved past so many times that it’s just a joke to bring it up now. I’m saddened that the cannabis community falls for this pathetic propaganda. You really trust the talking heads on TV and the establishment Republicans to tell you the truth about his stuff? Because they are ever so honest about how cannabis is the most addictive drug in the world, kills brain cells, and makes you love heroin? Wake up people. The same government that is prosecuting cannabis users and lying about the drug is the same one running EVERYTHING ELSE.

  11. Chris on

    You fail to differentiate between federal, state, and local governments and the powers and roles that each is suppose to have. You also fail to understand the basic laws laid down by the Constitution. Dr. Paul does not advocate anarchy or “uncivilization” (which isn’t a word). He advocates that the government follows the LAWS set forth to define its power and the proper ways of exercising that power. I am not trying to insult you or antagonize you. But I implore you to do more research on this matter, and take a look at Dr. Paul’s real positions and the laws set forth in the Constitution.

  12. Anonymous on

    “This shit is why people don’t take us seriously.”

    You mean what you just wrote? I agree.

  13. Amiee on

    Ron Paul is anti-woman, anti-poor person, anti-disabled, and pretty much against all human rights other than the right to do what you want and make money.

    Its nice to know that there’s a group of people out there who love marijuana more than they love their wives and children. Regular people look at our movement’s support of Ron Paul and think we are STUPID because of it. Which isn’t what our movement needs.

    I’m sorry that the above was not polite but Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Marijuana legalization will not come from a presidential ideologue getting into office because America forgot what taxes pay for (all the public services we complain about not serving us well yet refusing to pay for them).

    It will come from changing public opinion (which we’ve been good at in the past) and being open about ourselves and our movement and by convincing the public that it is a waste of their money and effort to be putting us in jail.

    Even if Ron were elected, chances that he’d be able to legalize marijuana without the rest of the republicans throwing a fit or being impeached by the public. And if he wisely reneged on his promise to legalize marijuana, there would be the host of everything bad he also promises to do.

    I’m disappointed Mark. This shit is why people don’t take us seriously.

  14. Anonymous on

    wmitt romney of course…he’ll put all you malcontents where ypu belong…”THE CLINK”…merry christmas you delusional pot heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous on

    Of course, No one running for president can bring utopia… If you cant find a better candidate than Ron Paul, just be silent. Instead of criticizing, give us some of your candidates. No one is perfect. Who is your candidate?

  16. Anonymous on

    any truth clarity website that starts off with a mission to clear away the myths is well aware that their whole cause is rusted shut with bullshit. The Ron Paul legacy is no exception Doesn’t really matter, Mr Paul has zero chance of becoming leader of anything, ever. He is best suited as a butt for rude jokes by TV comediennes..

    Staking the political future on the entire USA with Ron Paul as President, just so he will feel grateful and then let Marc Emery out of prison is sort of retarded.

  17. Joannie on

    Yes, this and many other wacky comments have been made by Ron Paul. He now tries to deny that comments made in HIS newsletters were written or approved by him. His idea that humans are governed by a sense of right and wrong and therefore need no government is insane. Humans are more and more governed by selfishness, cruelty, religious brainwashing, capitalism, consumerism and a desperate quest for short-term gain. Corporations are governed by greed. Until I hear Ron Paul say that his main goals are to help build a green, peaceful, clean, healthy, kind, and just world, I have no care for him. His main pitch is “freedom,” but it is the freedom to make money, rape the land, and disregard your neighbors. That’s not utopia. That’s libertarian hell. I don’t support repubs or dems or Ron Paul. We need a progressive revolution. But we don’t need Ayn Rand’s cult.

  18. Anonymous on

    From “Political positions of Ron Paul” wiki page;

    “In a December 2003 article entitled “Christmas in Secular America”, Paul wrote:

    The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers. On the contrary, our Founders’ political views were strongly informed by their religious beliefs. Certainly the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both replete with references to God, would be aghast at the federal government’s hostility to religion. The establishment clause of the First Amendment was simply intended to forbid the creation of an official state church like the Church of England, not to drive religion out of public life. The Founding Fathers envisioned a robustly Christian yet religiously tolerant America, with churches serving as vital institutions that would eclipse the state in importance. Throughout our nation’s history, churches have done what no government can ever do, namely teach morality and civility. Moral and civil individuals are largely governed by their own sense of right and wrong, and hence have little need for external government. This is the real reason the collectivist Left hates religion: Churches as institutions compete with the state for the people’s allegiance, and many devout people put their faith in God before putting their faith in the state. Knowing this, the secularists wage an ongoing war against religion, chipping away bit by bit at our nation’s Christian heritage. Christmas itself may soon be a casualty of that war.”

    Actually, most of the founding fathers were Freemasons. Christianity teaches that a dead Jew will take care of all your problems for you if you just say your prayers. Not a shred of truth to it. Teaching children such an incredibly deluded view of the world is just not in any way supportable in a modern democracy. What possible benefit is there to saying prayers in schools? Should Wiccans be allowed to recite encantations in school too? It would probably accomplish more than praying to Jesus and “God”. Here’s a wild idea, how about teaching kids that it’s just us in the world alone and we need to support each other, not try to invoke some invisible entity to come to our aid, which just ain’t a realistic probability. I think their government needs to protect kids from having their brains warped by their deluded parents, by teaching them in school that all religions are equally hypothetical and none should in any way be mistaken for true fact. Christianity and other Abrahamic religions are actually the most bizarre views of reality imaginable. That should be made perfectly clear to all kids. There is nothing special about the God of the Jews that makes it any more valid than a statue of a bull as the creator of the universe. That should be made perfectly clear to all.

    Ron Paul thinks burning the American flag should be a crime, much like burning the Quran is in Muslim countries. It’s just a piece of cloth, Ron. Who cares? Should we worship the flag too, Ron?

    “In 1997, Paul introduced a Constitutional amendment giving states the power to prohibit the destruction of the flag of the United States.[146] In June 2003, he voted against a Constitutional amendment to prohibit the physical “desecration” of the flag of the United States.[147] He believes that prohibiting flag burning is a state power, not a federal power.”

    Aside from those I guess most of his positions make sense. Didn’t read them all that closely. Little chance if Paul ever becoming President, of course. He’s just not Presidential looking enough. Romney will probably win, just because he looks Presidenty and is part of the major two parties.

  19. Son of Sam Walton on

    Yes, corporations are huge and greedy, but America spends $394.5 million a day to keep drugs illegal ($2bill times 52 weeks plus $40bill divided by 365 days –or drug money financed 9/11 and its Iraq and Afghan wars fighting drug money are fake and never happened) and according to Brown University, that sum might actually be $1.4 to 1.6 Billion a day when you research the costs of the American War on Drug financed terror added to the separated DOJ expenses on prohibition. Money spent like that will affect us more than corporate greed . . . Hemp fuel and plastics could negate his EPA stance or lack there of . . . the estimated 7-20 million jobs from hemp could help reduce the pain from the corporate gnawing of our legs off. After Paul fixes the war on drugs, then we can fix Paul’s corporate stance if it threatens our humanity and civilization . . . if we can prove all 7billion people in our current global population weren’t raised by the same parents having the same opportunities, then we do need government to logically step in and help and make things fair(er) against large disturbing entities . . . but his corporate stance could be the fuel we need to grow countless millions of hemp jobs and the unions can be created to better manage the worker/boss relationship . . . Ron’s plans could have thwarted the 9/11 terrorist attacks via a global reversal of the 1961 U.N. Single Convention, since it was an American cop (not politicians remember) named Anslinger who created the ‘outlaw’ drugs bandwagon and it was the DOJ whom told the world how high to jump in 1961, which consequently lead to an dramatic increase of Mexican immigrants after roughly 3 million jobs were outlawed in Mexico (and millions of other jobs in Latin America).

    The people would fight against any harms he might do . . . but if the government is going to engage in an illegal war on drugs, which is the catalyst for our war on Narco-Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, thus costing America $394.5 Million a day or Brown University’s estimate of $1.4 billion a day on keeping drugs illegal –you read right, America spends $394.5 million or more a day on keeping drugs illegal . . . how could America fix any corporate problems when the government wastes money like that . . . what example are they setting . . . for example, the Federal Government under the Judicial Branch (the most powerful branch, thus trumping the remaining two) has the DEA under them whom outlaw Americans the right to farm hemp, though the DEA allows China to be our largest benefactor of what few and costly hemp items there are out in our market, which is in clear violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act . . . basically stating, its illegal to have a job in America, since Hemp could create 25,000 consumer goods (1938 Popular Mechanics) or the estimated 50,000 modern products, since a lot has changed since the late 1930’s . . . if each product only required 250 workers from farmer to truck driver to factory worker to truck driver again to store clerk, then that is well over 6 million jobs . . . if we pretend McDonalds or Wal-Mart or Ford hire more than just 250 workers and have more than one location and even have competitors (Dodge, Target, Taco-Bell etc), then that is millions of jobs more. Its physically impossible for corporations to make money when a corporation doesn’t exist due to no commodity it doesn’t create nor sale . . . hemp would make more jobs and more corporations and more workers and the taxes and the saved money from the end of War on Narco-Terror in the Middle East (which is physically connected to the War on Drugs), which has claimed over 6,000 American troops and 3,000 citizens on 9/11 –then that money can stimulate education and healthcare and Cure research and then educated citizens can change any damage Ron Paul might have made . . . they can vote him out or after his two terms are up, change it back to a smoother worker program. I agree with you: Going to War has made me a socialist, but we also cannot let the Feds keep literally well over hundreds of millions of jobs from hemp (the Global impact on ending the 1961 U.N. Single Convention) . . . you said it yourself –you are a closet Ron Paul supporter because Hemp would allow people in Africa better odds of escaping poverty and disease and starvation . . . legalizing all drugs from A-Z would reduce the known hundreds of thousands of people butchered in drug money funded genocides and wars or reduce the terror of war and genocide by cutting off portions of their funding –so for example, 30,000 people out of 1million (Rwanda) could have lived . . . your beliefs support Ron . . . if you don’t support Ron, then your actions will support corporate greed, war, terrorism, pollution (because of denied cleaner hemp products making fuel and plastics and soil rejuvenation/cleanup), genocide, unemployment, crime etc . . . do you have any idea how drug money can create and finance hundreds of human monsters capable of forcing thousands of small children to engage in sex slave acts? Not voting for a man who will end the war on drugs makes one a co-conspirator in allowing children to be made into sex slaves in places like Thailand and Houston and places that use money –it makes one a co-conspirator in the War on Narco-Terror, which created 9/11 . . . you do pay taxes and taxes on products you buy right and those taxes stimulate the war on drugs and all its monstrous chaos and you do use petrol plastics and oil and gasoline and you do use objects that use or contain wood or paper . . . trees do take decades to grow, unlike hemp, which takes months to a year and requires very little water, while cleaning the water and soil on lands its planted on. Actions will always speak louder than words and cause and effect is a bitch . . . the war on drugs is a snowball effect of chaos . . . legalizing drugs less than a decade ago would have meant Haiti would have had less chaos from their major earthquake a few years back, via the Haitians having hemp to rebuild their homes with and hemp wood and had less starvation due to hemp food and a better pre-quake economy and a better post-quake economy via hemp and our increased humanitarian aid funding from having not wasted trillions on drug prohibition, war on drug terror and hemp jobs . . . not that it will save the world from our human mess, it just makes it a better place. Cause and Effect.

  20. Joannie on

    Your comment is so full of weirdness and hostility. It reveals a lot about who you are as a person. There was nothing in my comment to justify what you said. Government is a valuable part of human culture and always has been. In today’s world, where transnational corporations control goods and services and have created a slave state for all of us, government can intervene to provide protection for the shared commons. Of course the dems and repubs and government agencies have been corrupted. BUt what they are corrupted by is corporate bribes, and power lust. In the libertarian world, everyone is left to fend for themselves, dog eat dog. I am not on any federal teat. I work and I don’t like how my taxes are used. I hate the drug war and other government stupidity. But when I see traffic lights, sewer systems, parks, care for the elderly, schools and other things government provides, I don’t see North Korea or socialism: I see civilization. What you advocate is uncivilization. A world of human sharks. And please, go get some counseling. You sound very unhappy and mean.

  21. Donatas Jasiulionis on

    President Obama promise of “Hope” and “Change”

    I respectfully suggest that you issue their full pardon to all cannabis prisoners

    Mr. President Obama, I am hereby respectfully requesting that your exercise your executive privilege as President of the United States and that you grant full pardons, vindication and subsequent removal of their felony convictions of all cannabis prisoners



    u?op ?p?sdn p?u?n? p??o? ???

  22. Chris on

    My favorite quote …

    “Sometimes they complain, you know, the lower half of income people, they dont pay any income tax, and what are we gonna do about it, I say we are half way there” RON PAUL

  23. Sinistry on

    Now is the perfect time to get the Green Party on the ballot. 99% are fed up with our current broken system. Putting one more of the same in office will not get us where we want to be. Do something different or expect more of the same.

  24. Anonymous on

    Stop being a socialist. Move to N. Korea if that is what you want. The feds have no right to do anything for us, except protect our borders and shipping lanes. Im sorry you are addicted to the Feds teats. I’m tired of paying for you. RP2012

  25. Chee on

    Thanks for posting that link Jodie.

    Ron Paul is all about personal liberty and responsibility, and most people agree with him on the majority of issues.. that is once they take the time to fully research his views and his record, instead of depending on the MSM and assumptions. Right now he is the only chance we have at restoring our individual rights, and ending the perpetual wars.

    Today is also the Dec 16th RP money bomb! The goal is 4-6 Million, and it’s already at 2.5
    Support freedom and donate!

  26. Jodie on

    Don’t believe the lies.

    Go to for the truth about Ron Paul. Don’t take the words of partisan closed-minded haters as fact – do the research yourself. You’re smart enough, and think for yourself, right?

  27. Anonymous on

    So who do you want? The illegal alien? Bilderberg/Gardasil Rick Perry? Mormon/Obamacare author Romney? IRS enforcer Bachmann??? REGARDLESS of what his positions are Paul wants to return power to congress where it belongs. HE would NOT override Congress to force his views on anyone. The others will LIE TO YOU and continue the disgusting legacy of the previous president just like the last few have. What did Obama undo of Bush? The president can strike down any executive order that the previous one put in. Left or Right they just BLAH BLAH BLAH and continue the illegal wars, the dirty bankers and the guys that want to ruin your like for possessing the same material the constitution is written on. Maybe Gingrich is your guy — TOTAL EVIL GLOBALIST. You got a search engine? USE IT.

  28. Joannie on

    hmmm, your comment crystallizes for me why I do not support the libertarian ways that Mr. Paul believes in. as u have said, he doesn’t want the federal government to do much of anything to protect Americans. as you said, if a state outlaws abortion and contraception, all a woman can do is move to another state. she has no recourse. maybe for your rich friends it’s easy to move to another state, but not for most of us. if Mr. Paul’s views had been in effect during segregation, the federals would not have intervened to remove racist laws. abolish the EPA, and utilize private property rights, again, if you are rich enough to sue a polluter, maybe, but for most of us, the government has to step in to deal with large corporations because an individual citizen has little chance. of course the federal government is corrupt. but the solution is not that we should embrace the unregulated world that Mr. Paul embraces but we should get rid of the corruption. and finally regarding scientology, it is not just “asinine.” it is a dangerous cult that profits from the drug war, lies about marijuana, and gets tax exempt status to sell a bunch of lies. if Mr. Paul came out in favor of removing the tax break for churches, in favor of removing “personhood” for corporations, in favor of removing tax breaks and subsidies for corporations, in favor of using the power of the government to build a just, verdant world, he would go a lot farther.

  29. Anonymous on

    Just because Scientology supports Ron Paul, does not mean Ron Paul supports Scientology. Scientology supports Dr. Paul for reasons that anybody should support him: As American citizens, we should have the right to follow a religion or philosophy, no matter how asinine it may be. He doesn’t oppose environmental protection, he thinks that the environment would be better-protected by eliminating the EPA (which regulates permission to pollute permits) and allowing American citizens to utilize their property rights (i.e. it’s impossible to hold a company responsible for polluting if they have a ptp permit). And it’s not the 1% you should be worrying about. It’s the 1% of those 1% that form a tightly-knitted network of bankers and policy-makers who control the business cycle and create an economic climate suitable to reap massive profits from the middle class citizens. Not to mention that Democratic and Republican presidents of years past have supported stealing money from hard-working Americans and giving it to their rich buddies in health care, the financial sector, defense contracting, the list goes on and on. On abortion, Ron Paul wants to remove the Federal Government from the argument completely and let the states decide for themselves. If you don’t like your state’s views on abortion, move to a different state. It’s that simple. And finally, what candidate have YOU seen that spends most of his/her time talking about how to make America a freer nation for ALL of us?

  30. Son of Sam Walton on

    You might have a point . . . his economic stance does scare me, but with legalization, we could open up the known 7.5 million American jobs in the non-marijuana industry currently controlled by the DEA and we could stop the known 3-4 million Mexican immigrants who come because the American Department of Justice outlawed 3-4 million non-drug Mexican jobs in the 1961 U.N. Single Convention and stopping the few million immigrants in Central/South Americans and the islands from the same 1961 U.N. Single’s . . . hemp could be opened up thus giving Latin America 12-30 million non-drug jobs and the obvious 7-20 million American hemp jobs . . . the war on terror will be reduced since weed legalization will lead to all drugs being legalized, which destroys half or more terrorism, thus destroying our $2billion a week war . . . insurance and homes will be forced to be cheaper as will gasoline etc by adding another consumer good and stronger vehicles from hemp plastics, which are stronger than petrol plastics . . . the consumer will have access to healthier foods from seeds, thus decreasing the price of non-hemp seed foods, which will lead to a decrease in health insurance as logic dictates. Legalization leads to hemp and in some instances, a world with hemp could mean that $8 dollars tomorrow could be worth $12 today as logic and physics dictates. Ron Paul’s catalyst could force everything using or relating to plastics, paper, cloth, wood, food, fuel, rope, paints etc to be 15-30% cheaper due to the laws of supply and demand . . . I find it impossible to believe the issues surrounding marijuana legalization has anything to do with peoples’ right to smoke pot . . . that’s like saying String Theory or Black Holes best explains the trial of John Brown or the battle for Fort Sumter . . . it would decrease our expenses on global aid when nations will need less handouts to deal with famine and natural disaster. Any problems he does create could be fixed later, but his solution, given it would be implemented to its fullest would be the equivalent of getting a sunburn as a means of healing the malignant cancer . . . if we cannot fix small problems such as ending the war on terror, 40-50% of our crime (criminal funding via dope money) and creating a few million jobs with the snap of a finger via hemp/legalization, then how in the world would we be able to fix larger more complex problems –such as ‘Austriazation’ . . . given Ron Paul keeps his promises (unlike our current Dem in office), he’s the only one who’s really running . . . he sounds more like a Teddy Jefferson mix with a bit of Kennedy . . . the next logical thing to do is not vote if we don’t vote for him or to totally do away with the constitution and to elect a ‘life long leader’ whose children will succeed . . . Democracy doesn’t exist in America without the stop of the war on terror and the growing of 7 million jobs as predicted by a little unknown man named Henry Ford . . . what gives us the right to want a job, want safety from murderers, when our taxes pay for such things to be denied via the DOJ’s war on drugs cause and effect . . . what even gives us the right to want our children to have an education, jobs and safety when we deny ourselves and others the right to millions of jobs and fewer wars and genocides.

  31. Anonymous on

    Ron Paul – gee I’d vote for him too, but you people need to wake up – just because jodie and marc’s world revolves around marijuana legalization doesn’t mean yours has to – and what I mean by that is, don’t be a one issue voter! I’d vote for Ron Paul too, he opposes the wars (wants an isolationist US military/presence), he wants to end the drug war (yippee) and he wants to end the private banking cartel (fed reserve). All sounds fine and dandy until you hear his plans after that – he wants to try Austrian Economics, look it up and see how foolish it is! He opposes regulations in support of a “free market”, (ie. Adam Smith philosophy) and a bunch of other stuff someone else has already said.

  32. David on

    Ron Paul is totally right to oppose all wars including the drug war. Unfortunately he is wrong on almost everything else. He opposes environmental protection, a woman’s right to choose, civil rights, and regulations that keep the 1% from turning all of us into slaves on a polluted planet. Worse yet, he is supported by Scientology. I am sure that most cannabis people know that Scientology is a main drug war supporter and profiteer through its Narconon outfit. It is sad that Ron Paul has tainted himself. But his opposition to the drug war and other wars is admirable.tize

  33. Anonymous on

    Vote for the Green Party? Might as well vote for a Unicorn. Not voting for somebody just because he/she runs under a Republican veil is like not voting for somebody just because you dislike his/her last name. In this system third party candidates have less than a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a general election. You might as well just give a vote to Newt Obomney.

  34. Anonymous on

    Green party will never get on the ballot.

  35. Anonymous on

    I will never vote for Ron Paul for anything just as i will never vote for a Republican or Libertarian for any office.
    Please consider voting for the Green Party for real change.

  36. Anonymous on

    So if Ron Paul gets in, then maybe we can find someone even 1/3 as good to replace our P.M. Humper who isn’t worth any discussion at all. Humper has the same testicles of the virgin marry, and we all know she’s couldn’t reproduce on her own or could she?