Opus LIVE with Mik Mann: December 5, 2011

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party candidate Mik Mann (also known as Opus) presents his LIVE show on the Pot TV Network. In this episode: How the USA is becoming a military dictatorship, Stephen Harper quotes and contradictions, harvest video clips, music and more!

Plus: Lots of herb smoking.

Mik is always watching the live chat room during the show so go to the Pot TV Livestream page or the box below to join the chat.

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Opus LIVE is broadcast every Monday at 3pm Pacific time and covers the latest news from the cannabis activism community.

Known for his work with the BC Marijuana Party, Mik Mann is a licensed medical marijuana grower from Vancouver Island and founder of Opus Farms. He is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Check out his CC Blog.

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  1. Anonymous on

    The bible has been changed. Over and over again from it’s original form and text/scripture..

    And it has been stolen from Christianity. And changed to Roman Catholic.

    And now Christianity and Roman Catholic, are just as bad as satanism.


  2. Anonymous on

    The Bible is not real, is has been changed and fornicated over into what people want it to be.

    Just like Christians worship Jesus as GOD.

    What the Christians don’t want you to know.

    They choose to worship Jesus, because the christians worship not Jesus.
    They worship materialism and man of today, not man of Jesus’ days.
    The Christians worship man’s desires.


    Where do you think Christmas comes from. I can tell you it sure hasn’t come from Jesus.

    But more Christmas is a way “to bring satanic culture into play” with todays children.
    Why? Because if you bring children up thinking they can have anything want, wishing for their desires and lust.

    They will grow up and ask everyone how come this world hasn’t given not one thing it has promised.

    Then the children will grow up thinking. Why has elders lied to me, what were they hiding?
    Were they hiding smoking? drinking? these idiots tryed to hide sex. But sex is all these horny shits think of.