Protesting Stephen Harper and Christy Clark at Science World

CANNABIS CULTURE – Prime Minister Stephen Harper and B.C. Premier Christy Clark hoped for a quiet photo-op at Vancouver’s Science World, but were met outside by a group of concerned Canadians protesting and voicing their opposition to Conservative crime bill C-10.

More than 100 protestors gathered by both the front and rear entrance of the Telus World of Science, which is currently under construction and celebrating $35 million in renovations.

Mainstream media reporters were inside the building with the PM and Premier for several hours. One reporter asked Harper about marijuana legalization and the call from Vancouver’s current and former mayors for an end to pot prohibition.

“That won’t happen under our government,” Harper said. “We’re strongly opposed to the legalization of drugs. Obviously, we’re very concerned about the spread of drugs in the country and the damage it is doing to our kids.”

Is this guy United States Secret Service? Check out the lanyard around his neck. (Click picture to enlarge)Is this guy United States Secret Service? Check out the lanyard around his neck. (Click picture to enlarge)Outside the building, several officials wearing black suits watched the crowd of protestors and waited for the Prime Minister to make his escape. One of the officials, pictured left, wore an earpiece and United States Secret Service lanyard around his neck.

As they were making their getaway in several black vehicles with dark windows, Harper read the protestors signs and shook his head, making a sour face.

Then his motorcade ran over a bicycle rack and mangled a nice lady’s bike before speeding away. According to press reports, officials at Science World said they would compensate her for the bicycle.

View photos of the protest by CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer:

Watch video footage of the protest from CTV below, or read more coverage from the mainstream press in CC Publisher Jodie Emery’s latest blog post.

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