Don’t Mess Up Like Texas: Two-Day Protest of Bill C-10

CANNABIS CULTURE – Activists are planning a two-day protest of Bill C-10, the expensive and dangerous Conservative crime legislation, at MP offices across Canada this THURSDAY and FRIDAY (NOVEMBER 24 and 25)., a progressive activist group working against the proposed omnibus crime bill, is calling for Canadians to bring their cowboy hats and show up to (at least) 179 locations at offices of Canadian Members of Parliament.


Canadians are standing together against a fill-the-prisons approach to justice that has failed everywhere it’s been tried.

Join a coalition of groups for two days of action to speak out against the cruel Crime Bill. Time is running out to make Canada safer, not meaner – we need you to help us all make a big impact.

Where: Our MP’s local constituency offices.

When: Focus on Thursday at 1pm, with actions throughout Thursday and Friday.

We’re going to tell our MPs: Don’t mess up like Texas. Stop the cruel Crime Bill.

Bring friends, and bring a cowboy hat if you can. We will deliver tens of thousand of petition signatures and a summary of the Canadian Bar Association’s powerful argument against the bill.

Our goal is to show cross-country solidarity by reaching as many MP’s offices as possible, you and a friend are all we need to send a powerful message.

Why oppose the cruel Crime Bill?

The Omnibus Crime Bill is a massive combination of bills, all of which failed to pass when the Conservatives had a minority of seats in Parliament. When combined, the Crime Bill rejects proven crime prevention and rehabilitation strategies, and instead imposes mandatory sentences that will create hardened criminals, target the most vulnerable in our society, and force prison expansions that will cost our provinces dearly.

Opposition is diverse and growing

Conservative Texans are warning us not to repeat their mistake. Even they say the Crime Bill is too harsh, costly and ineffective. [1]

The Canadian Bar Association, representing 37,000 legal professionals, says that through its “overreach and overreaction to imaginary problems, Bill C-10 could… eventually create the very problems it’s supposed to solve.” [2]

Shawn Atleo, the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, is deeply concerned that the Crime Bill will disproportionately impact First Nations people, and calls for a focus on education. [3]

Ontario and Quebec are refusing to pay for a bill whose mandatory sentences would force costly prison expansion on the provinces, taking resources from crime prevent, rehabilitation and vital services like health and education. [4]

Over a hundred thousand Canadians have already signed petitions opposing the bill. [5]

The Crime Bill is wrong on crime, and tough on democracy, taxpayers, and Canada’s most vulnerable people.

We are calling on our government to reject the Crime Bill, and create a Citizen’s Assembly for Canadian Justice that would bring diverse citizens and experts together to create a new plan for Canadian justice.

Coalition organizing partners:, Reclaim Our Democratic Canada.

Further reading:

1. 10 reasons to oppose Bill C-10, Trinda L. Ernst, President, Canadian Bar Association:–10-reasons-to-oppose-bill-c-10

2. Texas conservatives reject Harper’s crime plan – ‘Been there; done that; didn’t work,’ say Texas crime-fighters (CBC):

3. Tough on crime bill will hurt First Nations, Atleo says:

4. Provinces wont foot bill for crime legislation, McGuinty warns PM:

5. Leadnow petition:

6. Avaaz petition:
Bill C-10 in full:

GO TO LEADNOW.CA for more information and to find an MP office near you.

How else to help: Sign the petitions from and others against Bill C-10.



  1. Anonymous on

    The following interpretation will be tested in time. The egregious crime committed by the chemical barons and those who chose to participate is truly likened to a living holocaust which is the most appropriate description.

    The audience of the communication has at length in time now been exposed to the Lyme plague instrumented by the United States Government and their facilitating agents. The other email sent out on this day by Joseph Mercola clearly demonstrates the aggressive actions by the criminal parties which must be responded to with every action possible.

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    Thus the difficult yet apparent facts of this bio weapon being empowered by marijuana Prohibition comes to light. This is the 2012 moment and we have to prosecute this crime as a collective tribe.

  2. Bud Grinder on

    Yes, I do need to be such a prick about it. Sure, the Anslinger thug started it all, but Pastor Harper and his deluded gang of ignorant, mercenary raptureist thugs are perpetuating it.

    I thoroughly resent having anyone, not just Pastor Harper, telling me how I have to live my life just because it says here in this good book (thumping Bible) that they’re the ones who have that authority. That they can send anyone away to their prison gulag to be systematically humiliated, abused and degraded by their hired gang of mindless goons for the so-called “crime” of marijuana is unacceptable and I will never accept it.

    I sincerely believe that it is my civic duty to protest, to resist, to defy and to obstruct the excesses of bad government every day and every lawful way that I can. When governance is based on Biblical strictures I have to protest that as loudly as I am able. If your delicate Christian sensibilities are offended by that, with all due respect, tough shit.

  3. Adam h on

    Hey bud, you don’t need to be such a prick about it. Some of us who smoke bud are devout Christians, and scripture is okay with it. The real person you can thank for this is Harry Anslinger.

    Just sayin, bro

  4. Myles O'Howe on

    We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent pot smokers. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from? its inception. It took 13 years to end alcohol prohibition, 7 decades later for cannabis prohibition, it is time to turn things around! When alcohol was legalized it was not because Beer Cured Cancer! We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to control and regulate it. Control=corpoporations can limit the publics ability to be self sufficient, therefore dependant on the corporations.

    Thomas Jefferson who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was a hemp farmer. There are documents in Library of Congress where George Washington states that he liked sitting on the back porch smoking a pipe of hemp. In early Colonial times people could pay their taxes with hemp! They poisoned George Washington first they drained half his blood and when that didnt do anything good, they finished him off with mercury.

    Even Rudolph Diesel who made the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel he was found swimming with the fishes! screw the mafia cartels. Wide use of Rudolf Diesel’s engine would have made petroleum-based fuel obsolete. The idea was destroyed by marijuana prohibition after Rudolf Diesel’s death.

    The government repeals other laws so lets get rid of the corrupt laws!

    In 2003, Rick Simpson discovered his Cancer Cure High THC Hemp Oil.
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    U.S. National Library of Medicine — 812 Worldwide PubMed articles on Cannabinoids including THC curing Cancer

    The U.S. Government owns Patent 6630507 Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants (real cannabis is superior)

    Smoking cannabis is safer than drinking water. Water can kill you, cannabis can’t.

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  5. Bud Grinder on

    Pastor Harper and his deluded gang of ignorant, mercenary ratureista thugs won’t be stopped by petitions and Bar Associations and such.

    They’re on a holy mission for their God, who has told them that He will be pleased for Canadians to have more and better punishments inflicted on them to enhance His and His son’s glory for the rapture to come in 2012.

    Whoever isn’t on-side with that that can burn in Hell for eternity with Satan as they so righteously deserve to.