White House Responds to ‘Pardon Marc Emery’ Petition

CANNABIS CULTURE – The White House has finally issued a response to the “Pardon Marc Emery” petition signed by 8,249 people calling for Obama to pardon Marc and send him home to Canada. Not surprisingly, the answer is mostly a disappointing non-response: the White House has “declined to comment”.

Here is the original “Pardon Marc Emery” petition text submitted to the WhiteHouse.gov website’s “We The People” petition campaign:

We petition the Obama Administration to: Pardon Marc Emery

Created: September 23, 2011
Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Human Rights
Total signatures: 8,249

We formally request President Obama pardon and release Marc Scott Emery. Marc Emery, a well-known Canadian political activist, publisher, businessman and leader of the BC Marijuana Party, was arrested in 2005 at the request of the United States for selling cannabis seeds through the mail. The DEA press release by Administrator Karen Tandy on July 29th, 2005 clearly explained the United States’ extradition request was a “significant blow … to the marijuana legalization movement” because Marc Emery’s money had been “channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada” – and therefore, was for the purpose of prosecuting and punishing him by reason of his political opinion, activity and involvement; [DEA press release seen at www.FreeMarc.ca]

Here is the official White House response, issued November 18th, 2011:

Official White House Response to Pardon Marc Emery

Why We Can’t Comment on Marc Emery

Thank you for signing the petition “Pardon Marc Emery.” We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on WhiteHouse.gov.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President the authority to grant “Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States.” For more than 100 years, Presidents have relied on the Department of Justice and its Office of the Pardon Attorney for assistance in the exercise of this power. Requests for executive clemency for federal offenses should be directed to the Pardon Attorney, who conducts a review and investigation, and prepares the Department’s recommendation to the President. Additional information and application forms are available on the Pardon Attorney’s website.

The President takes his constitutional power to grant clemency very seriously, and recommendations from the Department of Justice are carefully considered before decisions are made. The White House does not comment, however, on individual pardon applications. In accordance with this policy and the We the People Terms of Participation–which explain that the White House may sometimes choose not to respond to petitions addressing certain matters—the White House declines to comment on the specific case addressed in this petition.

The White House answer to the “Pardon Marc Emery” petition is one of only 19 responses issued so far to numerous petitions submitted by Americans through the WhiteHouse.gov website’s “We The People” campaign. Many of those 19 petitions received the same non-response, refusal to comment, leaving many Americans discouraged yet again in President Obama for claiming that he wants to listen to the American people, but ignoring them when they bring up serious issues.

Three times Obama has sought public input on the most important problems facing the United States; three times the number one issue voted on has been cannabis prohibition and the drug war – the #1 petition at “We The People” being the most recent; and three times the President has laughed off or ignored the question. Based on that record, it’s not surprising that the White House won’t comment on the “Pardon Marc Emery” petition.

“Am I surprised? Unfortunately, no,” said Jodie Emery, wife of Marc Emery. “But it’s certainly a disappointment because Marc was obviously persecuted for his political activism and financial contributions, as stated in the DEA’s own press release on his arrest. He has widespread political and public support in Canada, the United States, and even worldwide to bring him back home.”

The disappointment in the White House isn’t limited to the pardon petition. “Obama has been a failure as President when it comes to truly upholding justice and addressing what really matters to Americans,” Jodie said. “The petition responses – or lack thereof – are an insult to citizens of the United States who expected accountable, open, progressive government when they voted for Obama on his promise of delivering ‘hope’ and ‘change’.”

Marc’s response upon hearing the White House’s comments: “Americans should be encouraged more than ever to join in the Republican Presidential campaigns for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, two principled politicians who have made ending the drug war a priority in their public statements and political careers. There is simply no hope with President Obama.”

Marc is currently serving a five-year plea deal sentence in Yazoo City medium-security federal prison in Mississippi. His transfer application to serve his time in Canada was rejected by the US Justice Department in April 2011. He can reapply for transfer in 2013, but it’s not likely he will win support from the Canadian Conservative government, which is changing the transfer agreement guidelines to prevent most Canadians from being transferred home.

In the U.S. federal Bureau of Prisons, inmates are eligible for “early release” at 85% of their sentence if they remain on good behaviour. Marc’s early release date is set for July 9th, 2014. He writes regularly from prison; his blogs can be seen at www.FreeMarc.ca.



  1. Iblis on


  2. moldy on

    The pipeline wouldn’t be so fucked up if they didn’t plan to EXPORT all of the refined gasoline. No, it’s only for oil companies profits, not anything else like you’ve been led to believe. Only 2500-3500 temp jobs for a couple of years? Not worth it. er… it will not help the price of gas now or ever.

  3. Anonymous on

    How does your pipeline help ME out, buddy? Does it give cause for corrupt politicians with narrow views and near horizons to import more high shkirred rabor instead of investing in our own citizens ?

    Where is my incentive to care? Where is my incentive to cannibalize the earth for the greed of others?

    The whole point to ending prohibition is to REDUCE harm, not cause more of it. You guys have a lot of work to do if you want to stand with us, let alone having us stand with you.

  4. Anonymouse on

    Hey, don’t forget the FDA gods who continue to claim they cant yet approve the medical use of cannabis due to the uncertainty of its safety…

    See @ 7:30:
    Or, youtube “The Stoned Ages History Channel (Part 7)” posted by Offline and skip to 7:30 in the video.

  5. Anonymous on


  6. andy on

    Yes do what Robert Hempaz Phd. stated in his entry, to do just as the administration directed, ah, the second term yes,yes. Obama is a good man and so is Marc Emery. You must try and see Obama’s perspective and the scrutiny he is under, which are hurdles in his path, which is glorious. Obama is the right guy, ride the moderate curvature to truth. Safe and responsible use and what does that encompass? better think and plan first owed to the spirits that inhabit with you-courtesy. Thanks for your entry Robert.

  7. Anonymous on

    You don’t need a membership for the church of satan.

    But you need a lisence to smoke marijuana, what kind of satanic misconception is that?

    You have to love jesus and be a complete jerk to be christian. And a jerk to yourself, and to be christian you have to be able to convince yourself many things.

    But to be a member of the church of satan, you just gotta live your live the way you want! And know your enemies, and what your enemies do to live off of you, like 2Pac says.

    Like the government live off you. Sucking the life out of you with cigarettes and alcohol. While they also cheat you for half your money!

    500 years ago before slavery one nation didnt control the land

    People controled their own land 500 years ago.

    500 years ago they didnt march across to other peoples land for oil, or to cause a disturbance.

    American army using media to currupt and demolish a religion.
    The american army must all be members of the church of satan.

    I guess…

    Since christianity and satanism is both fake religions made up to destroy and conquer.

    What proves this?

    Burn the Qur’an day!

    Done by a christian pastor.

    Loving their own fake religion.

    But trying to destroy a religion by burning books?


    Youth in america are burning bibles and worshipping satan.

  8. Anonymous on

    If you ask Marilyn manson for a favor. Maybe he’ll do it.

    If you ask Obama for a favor, he’ll just look at you.

  9. Bhonze on

    Now this dude’s HIGH!

  10. Bhonze on

    Take another Toke bonehead! Ever heard of sarcasm? (now that would be creative) Anyone knows by now that the petition web site is bogus just like all the town meetings Obama host!

  11. Anonymous on

    Hopefully who ever practices satanism loves marijuana users far more than the people against marijuana.

    Hopefully satanist feel they could one day do in public satanic rituals in public.

    Just like marijuana users hope they can one day puff a joint in public.

  12. Anonymous on

    Somebody should do that to Harper. lol

    Since Harper got america stuck way up his ass.

  13. Anonymous on

    If marijuana was as bad as the government say they think it is…

    I think the bad people who smoke marijuana.

    What could make marijuana users so bad that, rich snobby people in the government can’t stand to live in equality.

    They think marijuana is as bad as a satanic ritual.

    Or human sacrifice.

    If marijuana was as bad as the image it is given. You would image the people smoking weed would be satanist!

    But instead celebrities people’s children love to watch. Are far more involed in satanism. More than people think.

  14. Anonymous on

    Marijuana is not addictive at all. Unless you do satanic rituals while smoking. Marijuana is addictive to former crack and cocaine addicts. Like the drug czar who feel cocaine is better than pot.. Or maybe they want alcohol to kill people.

    What is addictive! – Cops crazed to catch criminals with guns.
    – 1000s of soliders wiling to kill and die for nothing

    – Alcohol and children getting alcohol poison, from drinking accessivly
    – Cocaine addiction for rich people who live on cocaine, like celebrities
    – Cocaine and media influence on drugs to children

    Sounds like mind control and entrapment.

  15. Anonymous on

    Beer Industry VS. Marijuana Legalization


    People should stop drinking alcohol completely. NOT EVEN A DROP!

    People should stop smoking cigarettes. Keep it only for adults, and teach not for children.

    Instead of people die from smoking, and children who are young! Feel their not affected and it is not harmful. Because their so addicted.

    After the government lose these sales of these things they put so much tax on.

    And still have it on the market, yet none of it is being marketed.

    Then the govnment would have a problem.

    And the people would have alot more money saved!

  16. Bhonze on

    Hey lets start a petition to impeach Presd. Obama!!!

  17. Anonymous on

    Obama has failed the people of America and has set the black man back 100 years.Bam-Bam fails again…sigh.

  18. Give us all a break! on

    Start a petition to overthrow the government? Do you think that would do the first bit of good? Jesus homeboy, what planet are you on? Pot is supposed to stimulate creative thought, not produce ridiculous hallucinations. If you want to overthrow, read the “Anarchists Cookbook” (and stop smoking so much!) You can overdo something relatively innocuous like hemp.

  19. Smurf on

    Jesus kid, when will you get a life and grow up? You keep pissing and moaning about “the system is corrupt” and the “system is broke.” So how long did it take for you to figure that out, boy? Did you really swallow all that bullshit the teachers dished out in elementary school and think it was truth? What a retard. EVERYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD IS CORRUPT! Could you name ONE aspect of our society, culture, government, economic system or history that WAS NOT subject to favoritism, manipulation, deception, theft, graft, criminality, hypocrisy, ignorance, malfeasance, greed, nepotism, selfishness, stupidity or negligence? Research that, Einstein. To make it in this world, you have to make accommodation with corruption on a daily basis! This ain’t Disneyworld, junior! As soon as you quit your bitch ass whining and stand up and be a man, you might start to get somewhere- other than living in your mother’s basement and sitting around pecking angrily on your keyboard. Go out, get a job, stand on your own two feet and try to make something of your miserable life. What’s the point of living in America, the land of opportunity, if you’re just going to be another scumbag in Loserville? Get an education and register to vote – if you go to class enough, they might teach you how to spell. Make your momma proud, Buckwheat; even though you grew up without a father, you can still turn out to be something other than a sack of human garbage. THIS SYSTEM RUNS ON MONEY! If you don’t have what it takes to play, then for you it’s never going to pay! Ask Marc and Jodie – if you ain’t got the cash, you ain’t nothing but trash! Financial success is your measure of stature in this country. I am the owner of a successful business that grosses over 1.5 million dollars a year. I net 18 percent of that amount. I served eight years in the Marine Corps and got a college degree on the G.I. Bill. I have met president Obama personally- that’s what a $5,000 a plate dinner gets you -I also contributed nearly $20,000 to his 2008 campaign and the Democratic Party. My Uncle is on a first name basis with Mr. Obama – he contributed over $50,000. My voice counts in this country because I play the game. If you don’t even vote, you are a complete non-entity. You may as well go live in China. This system isn’t broke- you’re broke! It works just fine for me! I have two or three political campaigns a week calling me asking for help. Last month I spoke to the Mayor of our city for over an hour on the phone – I and my girlfriend contributed $500 each to his election this spring. I can call any politician in the state and they will take my call because I’m on the “List”. I can get what I want. You just have to know somebody. Now get out and get employment! Jodie isn’t going to hire you – you have no job skills, interpersonal skills or even a Canadian work permit. Besides, she already has enough women working in her store.Why does she need another one? And from what I’ve heard, the pay ain’t that great. But it’s more than you’re making now. Go on, curse some, guttermouth, you hate everyone and everything, but mostly you hate your own pitiful life. Obama in 2012! Bite me, dorkwad! Your mom said to clean up the basement! Texas Sucks! Get a Life!

  20. Worm on

    The pipeline will not do anything to stop the oil coming from the middle east, all it is doing is making the oil they “buy” from Canada easier to get to texas. It would make a great pipeline for shipping cannabis through.


  21. Bhonze on

    we need to start a new petition to overthrow the govt. and the current administration!!!

  22. Bud Grinder on

    Marc should not be seeking any pardon from the thugs. Marc has done nothing wrong and certainly has nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of.

    Instead, Marc should be insisting on EXONERATION and written APOLOGY signed by the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of the country of Canada… AND reparations – financial compensation for the harm that has been inflicted on him and the damage that has been done to him at the hands of the government’s ignorant, mercenary thugs.

  23. Mrs. RatsRectum on

    Every high-powered successful U.S. citizen who has smoked pot, whether they admit to inhaling or not, should be ashamed to be an American, ashamed to claim to live in the freest country on the planet, then put Marc Emery in jail for cannabis non-crimes! I hope after the U.S. does legalize, Marc gets back into the business and shows them all what for. Everyone agrees cannabis prohibition is a lost cause, yet D.C. keeps wasting money on it going after high-profile individuals who try to wrest control from the violent cartels and going after little fish puppets of the cartels, with the Mexican drugs illuminati switching out one purported drug kingpin for another by handing him over to the U.S. and letting someone else take his place. Talk about smoke and mirrors and a dog and pony show.

  24. Chuck on

    Again, you’re a complete idiot. You don’t seen to grasp the concept that the system itself is corrupt beyond repair. It doesn’t matter how you vote, the people in power will always be corrupt in a disgraceful, corrupt system. Obomba, right-wing, etc.,…it’s all the same, fool.
    Don’t waste your time trying to convince me or anybody else otherwise.
    And no, that’s not the reason he pulled (hasn’t yet) troops out…again, just propaganda on your part…any fool can pick that apart with ease.
    You are truly an ignorant fuck.
    Do your research

  25. Smurf on

    Let’s deal with facts – Something you’re obviously not used to doing – and look at the future – something you also don’t seem to comprehend.
    SOMEONE will be elected President November 6th, 2012. Who do you want that person to be? A whacked out right wing bible thumper, determined to see the creation of God’s “Kingdom on Earth” as scripture prophesies, but only after the destruction of the existing world? Or a sane, level headed person who isn’t obsessed with the Apocalypse and war with Islam? The system itself is “broke” (sic) because people stand on the sidelines, not participating and criticizing everything without offering any solutions or assistance, like little Rush Limbaughs. There are NO Bush era staffers in the current White House, but hundreds of Bush appointees in other levels of the Federal government. I’m not certain who will win the U.S. 2012 election, but I am certain who will be the next President of the Russian Federal Republic – Vladimir Putin. He is no fan of the American Empire, and will do what he can to see the U.S. pushed back and given a bloody nose. If the Russians are our friends, why do they have over 500 missiles targeting us and our Allies right now? We didn’t defeat them in the Cold War, we just changed their strategy somewhat. If we invade Iran, there will be a major military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia. American forces are stretched thin around the entire planet, and no longer have the capability to concentrate overwhelming force anywhere. The reason Obama pulled our remaining 20,000 troops out of Iraq was that they are vulnerable to attack by Iran. Do the math- 500,000 Iranians (plus thousands of Iraqis) versus 20,000 Americans. Not a pretty picture. The only way the U.S. will be able to fight and win future wars is by the use of nuclear weapons, as outlined in the Pentagon’s ‘Bush Doctrine”.
    There is strong evidence to suggest that the U.S. is actually run by a “Covert Dictatorship”, consisting of a cabal of the military high command, upper level intelligence officials,national security technocrats, top law enforcement executives and selected political office holders. There seems to be an institutionalized resistance to drug policy reform, not arising from facts and pragmatism about the subject, but the desire to create and maintain large police forces. Someday, the “Dark Forces” (as they were called by the Soviets) may just have to assume control. Think about what your life will be like then. After you get the tracking microchip implanted in the bones of your wrist, you’ll be able to visit your local food dispensary and get a meal. After trudging home through the jagged rubble of your city, you can watch for an hour or two the government approved TV shows “Christian Warrior” or the fun game show “Trap a Traitor”. Go ahead Chucky, stay home 11/6/2012 and don’t vote- when the GOP lunatics take over, you’ll get just what you deserve. Just don’t blame me – I’ll be fighting for Free America and laughing while dumb losers like you are rounded up and put into labor battalions. I hope you like chains,’cause that’s the only future you have waiting for you.

  26. Anonymous on

    The cannabis movement has been dealt a big blow to the head by supposedly pot friendly president Obama.The movement is made up of naive people who genuinely think that they can make a difference by talking to politicians.
    The more people speaks to politicians the more unlikely it gets that marijuana will ever be lagalized. Instead of wasting your time talking to blind deaf and dumb politicians why dont you take a few cannabis seeds and sow them everywhere you can in the wild. The planet will prefer that over endless constant sterile rhetoric.

  27. Eve Lentz on

    WOW, Robert! Great idea! FILE A FORMAL REQUEST to RELEASE MARC EMERY to: RONALD ROGERS, THE U.S. PARDON ATTORNEY at http://www.justice.gov/pardon/index.html Then, pray like hell! 🙂 This could work!

  28. chuck taylor on

    Wow! You’re a complete moron. I like how, obviously out of convenience, you left out that Obama and company were kicked out of Iraq cause they didn’t offer immunity for war crimes (among other reasons). Oh, and the “Former Bush staffers and administrators by the dozen will fill the White House.”; hahahah, they already do under Obomba! And that’s just an intro into your insanity–debunked– for your pathetic excuses to support Obama. Like he is somehow different?—it’s all the same, jackass! You must be part of the government to lay that shit out. The system itself is broke, fukhead. Doesn’t matter who you vote for: They are paid off! Get it?
    Doubtful you do.
    Nothing will change so long as we have idiots like this parading around trying to get people to vote for Obomba….fuck, I give up….almost

    If Jodie ever reads this, I need a job…please. Good research skills I have, and the crappy experience of living in the states most of my life!

  29. 420countryboy on

    I have been following the whole ordeal since day one. altho I am sad to say I havent wrote to Marc , YET. but I am always thinking about his sad situation. I agree with Marc about voting for Ron Paul. his plans and ideas , i think will make the U S a much better place in the whole worlds eyes. We have been slowly losing our freedoms here and its time we did something about it. and getting Ron Paul into the white house is the first step. so please spread the word about Marc and promote Ron Paul every where you can. Thanks. Peace !

  30. 420countryboy on

    I have been following the whole ordeal since day one. altho I am sad to say I havent wrote to Marc , YET. but I am always thinking about his sad situation. I agree with Marc about voting for Ron Paul. his plans and ideas , i think will make the U S a much better place in the whole worlds eyes. We have been slowly losing our freedoms here and its time we did something about it. and getting Ron Paul into the white house is the first step. so please spread the word about Marc and promote Ron Paul every where you can. Thanks. Peace !

  31. Anonymous on

    In the big picture of it all Marc Emery is the peanut gallery of crime(I don’t even concider he even committed a crime). And then there is the DEA and DOJ and CIA. They have a track record of the worst crimes EVER..but we don’t see them being sent to jail.

  32. Cliff on

    Obama has been a major disappointment when it comes to doing the right thing. There is no reason to believe he will change his evil ways if he wins again. If one of these republican idiots win big money will run everything again and we are guaranteed four years of pain and suffering. There is no easy answer.

  33. Anonymous on

    the conditions are simple: do the time ordered by the judge, then be released and
    shipped back to Canada in chains. Confinement in Prison already guarantees every one of the points you stipulate 1 through 6, that’s what prison aims to do – keep these influences away from the inmates and you got to admit, like it or not, steel bars, security cameras guards and high walls does a pretty job of doing that.

    I fear that of Marc gets out in 2015 and decides to get stoned publically as is his lour proud custom, he will be immediately picked up and re-sentenced for drug offenses that will be _much harsher later than they were when he surrendered to the US authorities. His next drug conviction will be his third strike and therefore, he would be facing a bunch more years in prison.He would turn into an old man behind bars playing guitar in a hole worrying about spider bites and tuna for the rest of his life. We the free must always remember this multiple offense thing is not a fucking game

  34. Anonymous on

    the conditions are simple: do the time ordered by the judge, then be released and
    shipped back to Canada in chains. Confinement in Prison already guarantees every one of the points you stipulate 1 through 6, that’s what prison aims to do – keep these influences away from the inmates and you got to admit, like it or not, steel bars, security cameras guards and high walls does a pretty job of doing that.

    I fear that of Marc gets out in 2015 and decides to get stoned publically as is his lour proud custom, he will be immediately picked up and re-sentenced for drug offenses that will be _much harsher later than they were when he surrendered to the US authorities. His next drug conviction will be his third strike and therefore, he would be facing a bunch more years in prison.He would turn into an old man behind bars playing guitar in a hole worrying about spider bites and tuna for the rest of his life. We the free must always remember this multiple offense thing is not a fucking game

  35. Smurf on

    Once again the political hot potato of marijuana law reform has been tossed by President Obama. While this may come as a shock and disappointment to his many supporters (myself included) it isn’t unexpected at all. The Pardon Attorney himself is a Bush administration appointment, as are most personnel of the Department of Justice and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. George W. Bush ruthlessly weeded out federal offices of Liberals and Democrats during his terms of office(obtained through fraudulent means). Example: the firing and replacement of U.S. Attorneys by Karl Rove and Roberto Gonzalez. That the arrest and prosecution of Mr. Emery was blatantly political in nature isn’t unusual, as most actions of the Bush presidency were political. President Obama is simply unwilling at this time to address to subject of drug policy reform, as the well funded Republican propaganda machine would pillory him for any progressive action before the election. The U.S. Federal government is controlled by conservative Republicans, who on one hand denounce the concept of “Big Government” while in reality expanding and funding Washington’s powers more than any executive has done since FDR. Bush got America into two wars but didn’t win or resolve either one of them. Obama got the U.S. out of Iraq, and is winding down the war in Afghanistan. The Republicans want to expand the so-called “Drug War” because soon it is the only war they will have to fight. If Obama is re-elected, I guarantee you that national drug policy reform will be addressed in his second term. If any Republican is elected President in 2012, I guarantee you there will be another Reagan style escalation in Federal Law Enforcement efforts to arrest and prosecute people that use or grow pot. If you don’t want to vote for Obama again, consider what someone like Mitt Romney or Herman Cain would be like running the most powerful nation on earth. Remember this slogan – “Bomb Iran, we can’t afford not to!” That is what you will be hearing in 2013 if the Republicans win. Somehow as if ignoring domestic issues and spending trillions of dollars and miring the country in another Middle Eastern misadventure is the answer to all our problems. If you don’t like the way things have gone since 2009, do you think returning to the ways of George W. Bush will make them go better? Wake up, get organized, get active, save our nation and the world from the ultra-conservative nut jobs trying to take over America. Look what the Republican led House is doing to this country – damaging the economy, shilling for the super rich, lining their own pockets(again) and spitting on the suffering, impoverished and unemployed voters that elected them. Supporters of legalization movements may have to bide their time for a little while, and work for better days in the future.Supporting a Republican like Gary Johnson or Ron Paul may sound nice, but neither one of them will EVER be the GOP nominee in the general election. The current field of Republican candidates (or the “Crazy Eight” as I call them)is merely a classic exercise of bait and switch marketing. The GOP kingmakers, millionaire and billionaire donors, are pushing for Mitt Romney as their candidate of choice, and the others are just “straw men” (and women) to get voters interested. They have to attract the attention of all wings of the party; the southerners, women, religious and social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, foreign policy fanatics, even semi-moderates. Then they will push Romney forward as the most “electable”. Let me warn you – all Romney is is recycled Bush. Former Bush staffers and administrators by the dozen will fill his White House. The United States barely survived the last Republican in the office of the presidency – could it survive another? Get out and vote! It could be your own life you are saving!

  36. RJ on

    I know that most people frequenting this site will be strongly opposed to the Keystone pipeline. However I am going to ask you to take the same open approach that we expect people to take in an effort to end prohibition. The fact is that right now you are dependant on oil and you need to find the safest, most ethical source available. Avoiding the pipeline will only continue your status quo of having to buy from war torn unstable middle east countries which have no human rights, women rights or any kind of rights at all. That oil is then shipped in thousands of ocean going vessels through who knows how many sensitive ecosystems. The ocean contains wonders that we have not yet even imagined are possible. Contrary to the propaganda the “Oil Sands” are not near as dirty as many activists would have you believe. Is the news even covering in your Country the fact that Nebraska has come to a unanimous agreement to move the pipeline out of the sensitive water aquifer. It will be interesting to see what Obama will do now. He is stuck in Campaign mode and too afraid of pissing off contributors, whether Hollywood rich spotlight activists or his middle of the road supporters that he thinks want him to persue his ridiculous tough on drugs about face. I strongly believe that a pipeline is much safer than ocean vessels and an ethical supply of oil is a far superior choice to the current dictatorship oil. It comes down to the same argument as ending prohibition. If what you are doing is not working, has never worked and will never work then try something newer and safer based on science and reason instead of rhetoric and propaganda. i do live in Alberta but do NOT work in Oil in any way and can assure you that we will not all be getting rich. Unlike the few dangerous dictators in the middle east on the Green Mile to armageddon. Like prohibition all I ask is that you do your own research, look at the facts and alternative and make the better choice. I can’t wait for solar or hydrogen to be a viable option but we are realistically could be decades away from that. Electricity is not the answer unless it is nuclear since North american power plants are still mostly coal or gas. Just because you don’t see the footprint doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Sorry again if I have offended you, but discussion is good – Right??

  37. guitarod on

    What will be the conditions for Marc’s eventual release:

    1. DNA sample
    2. No firearms or weapons
    3. No alcohol
    4. No drugs including marijuana
    5. No profit from any book or movie rights.
    6. No involvement in Prohibition movement.
    7. American parole conditions although sentence served in full.

    You are public enemy number one in Harper’s eyes.
    Sharing a joint or bong,is considered trafficking.

    This is the new Canada which is so American.

    There are millions of Canadians , Americans & other Nationals from all walks of life behind you Marc.
    We shall fight on in behalf of freedom.

  38. malcolm kyle on

    Start a “Neighborhood Watch” in your area.

    * A neighborhood watch does more than just ally against horse dealers: all quality of life crimes are reduced when neighbors are vigilant and do not compromise their stance. A weekly meeting with a few spliffs and pizza helps create a bond.

    * Take pictures of the riders (surreptitiously of course), the paraphernalia left behind, like empty oat bags, provides hard evidence for the police to do their job.

    * Children require alternatives to horses, so work with your community to ensure quality options to Equasy.

  39. Psychedelicious on

    It doesn’t matter what Obama thinks because he answers to people much more powerful than Marc Emery. Unfortunately these people, including organizations like the CIA, appear to be above the law at times. The world wide DEA representation is a sign that the American goverment has no intention of pulling back on its drug war or assisting victims of it. When you have the Feds going after terminally ill people don’t count on them releasing one of the ring leaders of the movement to legalize. Obama still has the C.F.A.T. (Center For Advanced Torture) at Guantanamo Bay, and he is also the guy behind hundreds of civilian deaths via his covert drone wars in other countries like Pakistan. Wake up if you think Emery is either a priority, or has a chance at any forgiveness by the U.S. goverment when they sanction the death of innocent children in the name of war.
    I want Emery out of prison as much as the next freedom enforcer but it aint going to come from asking. It is going to come from mass scale civil unrest and demands or not at all.

  40. HerbMan on

    Hopefully Obama *at least* heard about it. The whole point is for him to think, “why the hell is he not out of prison yet?”.

  41. Anonymous on

    I received a response today. The response I received was the same as listed above.

  42. Anonymous on

    and an early release will only happen if it truly seems that Marc will not re-offend, but as long as everybody keeps talking drug revolution his chances of early release back to a climate of resistance leader, do the math. He will be denied. Early release from prison is a privilege, not a right. All those hundreds of angry druggie letters that reach him in lock up only drive home the point that hes still a big and a bad influence over the world cannabis culture. I am sadly prepared for marc to serve every last minute of his sentence. No deals for international drug bosses & he is not earning any brownie points for reforming in jail.