Thanks For Your Mail And Letters

In my 20-plus months in prison for this ‘legalization’ offense (to quote DEA head Karen Tandy), I’ve received about 3,000 letters from supporters, 95% of whom I have never met, and responded to about 1,250 of them.

When I was at Sea-Tac in Seattle last year awaiting my sentencing, I received 1,500 letters, and responded, remarkably, to about 700 in six months. Because prisoners at federal detention centers do not get to go outside in a yard, I would use up to five hours a day on writing letters, about four letters a day, but sometimes up to seven letters written in response, or as few as three. Plus I had three hours or more of Corrlinks (prison “email”), and I wrote 15 chapters of my autobiography at Sea-Tac .

I was at Sea-Tac from May 20th to October 18th, 2010. The volume of letters peaked when I received, in one day, 45 letters on my 21st day in solitary confinement (June 25th). In the 21 days in solitary, I received over 400 letters! Catching up was very hard to do!

From October 19th to November 18th I was in transit at the South Nevada Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada and the Oklahoma City Transfer Hub of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP); I received 20 letters and was able to respond to seven letters.

I was at D Ray James Immigrant federal prison from November 18th to April 4th, and received 800 or so letters in that time. I was able to respond to about 400 while there. At DRJ, I had no Corrlinks email, so I spent about four hours a day writing three to four letters a day. I was able to go into the yard for recreation and I had a job at the library pretty well every day for six hours (morning, afternoon, evening) doing legal work for other non-American and illegal immigrant prisoners. I also did a weekly newsletter largely about the ineptitude of the private prison management who ran DRJ. From January to March, 10 issues came out as a blog on and, and a copy of the most recent two or three editions went out to each correspondent I wrote that week.

From April 4th to April 19th, I was back at the Oklahoma City transfer hub on my way to Mississippi. I’ve been at Yazoo City medium-security prison now for nearly seven months (April 20th to present), have received about 600 letters, and responded to only about 160. I know, that’s a drop! And when I don’t write back, I get fewer replies, of course. If I write back, I almost always get a letter in return. My excuse is that I have a music regimen of bass guitar practice that takes up three hours a day, a job four nights a week in the music room, recreation for two hours daily outside, and three hours of email daily – so I have, I admit, only written about two letters a day, but at least they are long, detailed letters of significance!

I hope each of my correspondents that receive a letter from me know it’s personalized, detailed and completely original and unique to that person’s questions, comments and life story. I have received letters from Australia, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Indonesia, Peru, the Philippines, Finland, Russia, Costa Rica, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Norway, but most come from the United States, then Canada. The only negative or hateful letter I have received is from Sara Glatt in Amsterdam, a woman I once gave $4,000 (in 2004) to help her get her ibogaine hospice off the ground again after she was raided by police. That brings to mind the phrase ‘no good deed shall go unpunished’. She’s been ungrateful and vindictive ever since! She wrote me here at Yazoo to say I “deserve to rot in jail”. Whew! Glad it’s just one nasty letter out of 3,000.

I try to answer the serious letters that come to me here, but it’s simply not possible to keep up. Each letter I write takes me about 90 to 120 minutes, is usually four to eight pages long. I simply can’t write a note that says “thank you for your letter”; I try to make it worth their while to get a serious bit of correspondence in return. Besides, if I’m going to write a letter, it’s going to be a keeper.

Sometimes people understand if I only write them infrequently. Len Preslesnik of Holland, Michigan, writes me every day! Len has written me every day for 16 months now! (Len has sent me about 400 of the 3,000 letters.) Not only does he write me a letter, or postcard (always of his hometown Holland, Michigan), every day, but he also includes photocopies of newspaper articles, Larson cartoons, editorials, cartoons, or magazine articles in every letter! Additionally, he decorates each envelope with anti-government slogans highlighted by a brilliantly selected graphic. I have sent home to Jodie 25 or 30 of the best “Len” envelopes so far. I only write Len once every two or three months. He’s fine with that. He sees my blogs and Jodie’s weekly YouTube show, so he’s up to date on what’s going on with me. I read all his letters, clippings, and share them with my cellie (cellmate) Wally. I have to ask Len in my next letter to find out where Ted Rall’s cartoons are showing up and maybe he can photocopy me some of Rall’s latest political stuff. Len used to include Ted’s cartoons in the envelopes I got last year at Sea-Tac, but not so much this past year.

Vivian McPeak of the Seattle Hempfest has organized their volunteers into a prison correspondence unit. Once a month they are going to write a prisoner in the US and try to offer encouragement and greetings. It’s a praiseworthy effort and I was the first beneficiary of their prisoner-letter-writing-bee. I received 14 letters in one envelope, including one from Vivian himself. Vivian is a great activist; the Seattle Hempfest is such a staggeringly large and monumental endeavor, and it has all been done by volunteers for 20 years now. Vivian has been involved in all 20 of these annual events. I know Jodie always feels so welcome when she speaks there on our behalf, and is treated so well by Vivian, Sharon Whitsun and all the Hempfest volunteers.

Sharon wrote me a letter among the 14 I just received, but she also writes me a wonderful, heavily illustrated-with-photographs letter every few months or so. Each one delightfully recounts her most recent adventures as the physical display co-ordinator of Hempfest, or going on zombie walks with her son, or visiting her folks in California, or going to the Playboy mansion in LA at a Marijuana Policy Project wingding. Sharon is a cancer survivor, pulling off a miracle in 2009 and 2010, when it looked like she might succumb to the dreaded killer disease. It’s truly an honour to receive these loving and detailed letters that take me into her life and reality. Her letters and photos are so good I believe I’m there experiencing her life just a bit. The last letter showed in photographs how Hempfest is constructed over a seven-day period, an amazing mechanical and logistical undertaking!

Another remarkable person is Steve D’Angelo of the Harborside Medical Center in San Jose. Steve is on TV these days in a reality show about his state-of-the-art medical marijuana center called WEED WARS, which I hope hasn’t gotten him into trouble with the DEA, although I worry, because a TV show is risky that way. Over the most recent 12 months now, I’ve received probably no fewer than 100 letters from patrons of his dispensary. My understanding is that Steve gives a small discount if you write a letter to me from Harborside; that’s the return address, “2106 Ringwood Ave, San Jose 95131” on virtually every letter I have ever received from San Jose, California! I think Harborside has a giant FREE MARC poster. It’s a terrific gesture of support from Steve D’Angelo to have his clients write me.

Some letters have some built in drama! Earlier this week I received an 18-page letter written over a period of time from grandmother Jessica Thomas of Kansas City, Missouri. On the third page there was a splash of blood on it! While in the midst of writing the letter on her kitchen table, Jessica took her grandchildren outside for a walk and when she returned, a pistol-wielding intruder had kicked in her front door and aimed to take her and the grandkids hostage and rob the place! The assailant cracked the pistol over her head, blood gushing out, broke her arm in a struggle, and Jessica gave several kicks in a fight to the attacker’s groin, whereupon (howling in distress) the attacker fled, empty handed. Her ordeal got covered in the news. In fact, if you Google “Granny Sore Balls”, you can read all about it! What’s really remarkable (aside from the blood on page three, the letter was under her during the struggle!) is that Jessica felt it was the most blessed thing, as neighbours, friends and so many people came by to help and be supportive over the following months. She even held up a sign for a photographer saying “I Forgive You” to the intruder. Her extensive letter was written in five parts over six months.

Many letters I have received, and others I have written in response, have been the springboard for blog essays of mine. I have one correspondent from Ottawa, Canada, who has written me every three weeks or so since 2004 when I was incarcerated at Saskatoon Correctional on a three-month sentence for passing one joint. He includes $100 with every letter (since I’ve been in jail, he sends the money to Jodie to help out), and he offers me brilliant and extraordinary information and perspectives that I have often used in my essays and blogs over the last seven years. He has access to an incredible wealth of material, documents, books, quite stupendous, and he is a brilliant thinker who inspires me with every incredible letter – and I don’t know his name or identity, he always signs off as “A Fan”. For over seven years he has supplied me with inside information, hope, inspiration, and by now, over $6,000 in donations. He reads everything I write, so he’s reading this. Thank you, dear friend; as you know, you’ve inspired me greatly.

I am never short of great reading material. Competing for my time is my daily bass guitar practice, my music studies and Monday night studio rehearsals, three hours of email a day (at $3 an hour!), reading my letters of support, and two to three hours writing letters. I receive roughly 30 magazine subscriptions, some weekly, monthly or bi-monthly, for a total of 50 magazines a month! I read each one thoroughly. I receive MacLeans, Time, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Newsweek, Bloomberg Business Week, Islands, Caribbean Life & Travel, Conde Nast Traveler, Backwoods Home, Wired, Discover, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Bass Player, Premiere Guitar, National Geographic, Guitar Aficionado, Reminisce, Reminisce Extra, Mad, Rolling Stone, Harpers, UTNE Reader. I get the NY Times daily and I read it thoroughly, although it arrives about four to ten days after it’s issued. I read two books weekly, and I get all 52 different titles of the new DC Comics series monthly, and one or two graphic novels each week!

All the books, comics and magazines I receive get circulated to the other inmates in my unit (120 guys in here) after I have read them. This is important because few inmates get magazines, none get comic books, and few new books ever enter the prison. All the books in the prison library are older ex-library books donated from local church sales and that sort of thing. I try to read any magazine within 48 hours after I receive it.

Supporters have sent me guitar song books, magazine subscriptions, books (they must be from a publisher or online bookshop like Amazon), and I am grateful for all I have received (and circulated to other inmates), but I must especially thank my dear and unceasingly supportive friend Dana Larsen for many magazine subscriptions, all my comics, and most of the books I have! My wonderful wife Jodie has sent me numerous subscriptions and dozens of books also. Thank you to everyone who writes to me and sends support. It makes surviving this ordeal possible.

If you want to write a letter to Marc, read the brief guidelines HERE at and send letters or books to this address:

MARC EMERY #40252-086
P.O. BOX 5888

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Bill Rosser on

    Thank you for your good works. And remember there are a lot of people backing you up. I’ve seen firsthand the oppressors at work. They’ve raked me through the coals for years. I got caught with three grams of pot (which I believe was an entrapment thing) while my script was expired. Every day I become more dedicated to defeating these tyrants. I’d like to use my site for activism as well as to service the cannabis community and lovers of freedom.
    Bill Rosser

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

    According to Shakespeare: A rose by any other name is still a rose. I think actions do speak louder than words. I don’t picture these DEA agents reading the Koran and going to mosque themselves or tapping bombs to their chests. But it’s called treason. It’s illegal for a cop or DEA agent to arrest someone for drugs during a time of war due to its treasonous implications stemming from the cause and effect of the 1961 U.N. Single Convention. Would you call a man throwing poisonous tablets into a crowded shower full of naked Jews an anti-Semite or was he just following orders? They don’t have to follow orders . . . not every American soldier working in our prison took naked pictures of other prisoners . . . not every grunt in Vietnam raped women or burned villages or killed children, though all is fair in love and war. Osama’s ‘Guide to Jihad Revolution’ had ideas of using a kind of tactical warfare, which would force a nation to stay a long time, thus creating a war of attrition . . . part of our economic problems comes from this war and part of our problems come from outsourced jobs and part of our problems come from the fact gasoline cost $3 a gallon (which ties up money) and not the typical $1 hempoline fuels would cost . . . China is our largest benefactor of Hemp and yet DEA agents don’t go to China or place any restrictions, but they will not let Americans farm hemp regardless if American farmers met hemp regulations and the regulations are cruel and unusual and not fit for business standards . . . the DEA lets China sell us more expensive goods (imports) from hemp because Americans are not allowed to and this is a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act:

    “To protect the consumers by preventing arrangements designed, or which tend, to advance the cost of the consumer”

    “It has since, more broadly, been used to oppose the combination of entities that could potentially harm competition, such as monopolies or cartels.”

    “…who merely by superior skill and intelligence…got the whole business because nobody could do it was well has he could was not a monopolist, but that it involved something like the use of means which made it impossible for other persons to engage in fair competition”

    The DEA controls a product and lets China benefit off of it at the cost of increasing the price for America . . . at the cost of reducing jobs in America. This is a part of attrition . . . in no ways did I state the DEA knew they were Muslim Terrorist and commit Jihad, but they do commit treason and they do give aid to the enemy, which makes them Muslim Terrorists . . . In World War II, lets say you are pro-Nazi, though you’ve never been briefed or paid or given orders by the Nazis themselves and you bomb a munitions factory –would you not be a Nazi Sympathizer or Nazi? If you were an actor and you put a bullet in the President’s head, though you never once shot at any Yank troops or wore any Confederate uniform and didn’t do any spying for them –would you not be a Confederate Sympathizer. Do not the DEA arrest American citizens during a time of war, thus taking away tax payer money during a war and recession? Do not their act of keeping drugs illegal help influence Drug money, which finances terrorist activities . . . no greater ally did Osama have than the DEA –They made sure Osama could sell smack illegally with an increase in profit. Not knowing that killing Jews is bad as a Nazi Youth, doesn’t make you any less of a Nazi . . . when good men fail to stop evil, then evil prevails and I would think not standing up against evil makes one evil or at least an evil sympathizer . . . Terrorism is evil and the DEA are evil, therefore the DEA are Muslim Terrorists . . . the DEA are also rebel Liberian soldiers since many wars are sponsored by drug money or drug money sponsors blood diamond mines, which sponsors war and the DEA increase the chances of violence and increases violence themselves . . . It would be logical to assume the act of keeping drugs illegal, which creates drug money and drug money sponsoring 8% of the Massacre in Cambodia during the late 70’s or 3% of the Rwandan massacre would make the DEA agents of genocide . . . Hitler never once killed a Jew or killed any American soldiers or Brit . . . He never drove a tank into France, but we consider Hitler to be a blood thirsty tyrant . . . Hitler made WWII more probable and plausible and possible with words and handshakes and the use of his pen . . . the DEA agents use the same tactics and then some. It’s not just the DEA who are Muslim Terrorists or sympathizers, but the cops, judges and prosecutors as well, especially since they have access to books and access to world travel and access to saying ‘no’ to their job . . . LEAP has made a stand . . . a DEA judge made a stand and just said ‘no’ to aiding and abetting a system that aids and abets the enemy . . . remember what Eric Holder and Leroy Baca said about California’s Legalization proposition, given it passed . . . they said they will not respect the laws and it would be business as usual: arresting marijuana users in California who are ‘legally using it’, thus demonstrating their agenda to keep it illegal and to keep it on the black market, a black market where terrorists sell it, thus further proving they are Muslim Terrorists . . . you don’t have to practice the religion to be a Muslim Terrorist, just like you can be a native of Washington state during the 30’s and 40’s and still be a Nazi sympathizer. Actions always speak louder than words and speak louder than beliefs . . . they have the freedom to say no and they have the freedom to educate themselves like you and I have . . . remember that the DEA does missions in Afghanistan, thus jacking up the price of Afghan/Paki opium/heroin when they raid labs and fields, which increases the money the Taliban or ISI etc makes off the drugs not destroyed (Supply and Demand) . . . they have gotten U.S. soldiers killed on missions –missions about keeping drugs illegal for the black market to offer the terrorist a bountiful feast of financing. Not doing it on purpose doesn’t negate the fact that ones actions have consequences and these are treasonous actions with treasonous consequences.

  3. wanda De Justus on

    More often then not,the global corporate state knows whats best-relax-interesting reads-thanks

  4. Bud Grinder on

    “the DEA are a bunch of Muslim Terrorists”

    Uhhh, Sonny, Nothing you’ve written here has convinced me that:

    A) The DEA is a bunch of Muslims, and,
    B) That those DEA Muslims are terrorists.

    Sure, we all know that there’s Muslim terrorists out there but I see no evidence from you that these Muslim terrorists are law enforcement officers employed in the DEA.

    The actions of the DEA probably do facilitate international drug trafficking by Muslim Terrorists but you haven’t convinced me that the agents of the DEA are a “bunch” of Muslim terrorists themselves.

    Its just their common, typical and primitive police mind-set that results in them being bitten on the ass by the law of unintended consequences.

  5. Bud Grinder on

    “the DEA are a bunch of Muslim Terrorists”

    Uhhh, Sonny, Nothing you’ve written here has convinced me that:

    A) The DEA is a bunch of Muslims, and,
    B) That those DEA Muslims are terrorists.

    Sure, we all know that there’s Muslim terrorists out there but I see no evidence from you that these Muslim terrorists are law enforcement officers employed in the DEA.

    The actions of the DEA probably does facilitate international drug trafficking by Muslim Terrorists but you haven’t convinced me that the agents of the DEA are a “bunch” of Muslim terrorists themselves.

    Its just their common, typical and primitive police mind-set that results in them being bitten on the ass by the law of unintended consequences.

  6. Son of Sam Walton on

    Simply go to the DEA website or War College Website or U.N.: Key Words are Narco-Terrorism. Iran-Contra for instance gave the Muslims a means of obtaining dope money to buy guns and guns were used to defeat the Russian Army and the act of keeping drugs illegal is what gives the enemy their means to fight and if your job keeps drugs illegal, such as the work done by the DEA or cops, then you are giving aid to the enemy, which is called treason . . . remember, it was Anslinger who got the nation on the ‘ban dope’ bandwagon and not some politician . . . it was the cops, since Anslinger was a cop. The 1961 U.N. Single Convention outlawed dope on a global level in compliance to the U.S. wishes and desires -we said jump and the world said how high. If your job made it easier for a terrorist to blow up a building or sodomize a school house of little girls for ‘illegally’ getting an education in the STAN, would you not be a terrorist . . . if your job made it easier for them to get their money (cause and effect), would you not be a sympathizer -regardless if you were aware or not (ignorance of a crime does not always negate punishment in the court of law as you’ve read). If dope money provides the cartels in Mexico their means of killing innocent people, then what makes you think the Muslim Militant isn’t doing the same thing . . . if your job as a cop or judge or DEA agent helps keep drugs illegal (one cop at a time doing their job) and the act of keeping drugs illegal places drugs on the black market and the black market drug sales finances terrorism, then you are a Muslim Terrorist . . . if the dope you busted in the U.S. helped keep drugs illegal in Europe (1961 U.N. Single Convention) and the dope in Europe created 9/11 (plane tickets cost money . . . renting a place in America for over a year costs money . . . food costs money etc) -then you just committed treason. Not knowing your job enables the terrorist to do the voodoo they do so well, doesn’t negate the fact . . . not hearing a tree fall in the woods does not biologically and physically negate the fact that a tree fell.

    You could go to Wiki and look up ‘Narco-Terrorism . . . you can read declassified articles from the War College . . . googling key words does help find government websites which will have articles . . . Al Jazerra is a good source, though its not a government source –its just a popular newspaper. If you google the key words, try to find the CIA website (yes, the actually CIA website –they must give a dog a bone or we’ll attempt to dig up the entire graveyard for the bones) and they’ll tell you something along the lines of 60-65% of all terrorist cells sell dope for their money . . . Many newspapers such as BBC, Huffington, Time, Nat Geo do articles on drug money financing terrorism in the Middle East. If you go to your local college and get on their computers for the scholarly articles that one must pay for outside of University access –you will get this too. When I see a cop bust someone for pot or cocaine, I see him trying to blow up my friends in the STAN or Iraq –though he may not realize it. If I was negligent in my welding of a integral piece of a bridge and it got slag in it and in 40yrs, that slag finally puts a big crack in that metal do to the stress a bridge goes through (wind, cars, rain etc) and that bridge collapses and kills someone –am I not at fault, though it might have been an accident. In 2008 –the DEA released a man called David Headley (google him) from prison for selling dope and David had Pakistani connections with dope and he was going to be their snitch –their narc for a reduced sentence and David was sympathetic to a Paki Militia and the DEA and CIA were warned about this . . . he used to talk to his girlfriends about the Muslim struggle or something along those lines and how righteous it was . . . in 2008, David helped the militants attack Mumbai in a series of terrorist attacks (2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks). CC has great articles from other sources . . . I have friends who will never be able to go to college because they are dead from war or too messed up in the head to go to college . . . I have no right on Earth or anything better to do than give my friends justice . . . I didn’t see any shit –I just worked alongside the Ghost Busters (CIA) . . . If I would have seen shit –I might be too messed up to think rationally . . . I might be too grateful I have legs or am alive and get lost in American society that is sports, shopping and Celeb news –soft news that does not conjure stress. Have you ever heard of Air-America . . . drugs were illegal in the 60’s and bought by the Nam troops and sold by the Thai, Vietcong, NVA, Cambodian, Laotian opium/pot growers . . . Vietnam was nowhere near as industrial as China and couldn’t always really on Chinese and Russian aid since it was risky for opening up another war –this tells me since drugs were popular in Russia, Britain and America and worldwide in the 60’s, then logic dictates that drug money killed roughly 6,000 U.S. troops and wounded triple that. You must use logic when sources are denied or lacking . . . when will you get good reliable sources coming from both the black market and war . . . not every drug user, grower, and dealer snitches on themselves and spills the beans about how much they grow or used and much detail is twisted in war and must be untwisted.

  7. Bud Grinder on

    “It’s common knowledge for a few to know that the DEA are a bunch of Muslim Terrorists, but that sounds crazy with but a few talking about it.”

    Uhhh, Sonny, if I can call you that, can you provide a credible source for this comment?

    I’m ready to believe it if the source is credible. Its up to ME to judge the credibility of the source, though.

  8. Son of Sam Walton on

    They care because millions of Americans have seen them . . . their deaths cost us 2billion a week (cause and effect). The deaths in Mexico cost of very little money. Illegal immigration is still illegal. You don’t have a whole lot of Mexican citizens serving in the Middle East . . . that river south of Texas is nationally wider than you think. Drug money caused 9/11 and 9/11 caused us to go to war in two places . . . events happening before the December 2006 Mexican War on Cartels. Why would Americans care about people in jail who broke the law . . . drugs bought that ended up killing people in anothe land or in the ghettos with gang violence. Our allies bought the dope that created 9/11 and our two war fronts . . . in 1961, the DOJ at the U.N. Single Convention told the world to outlaw drugs . . . the DOJ said jump and the world said how high . . . shortly after that, groups like IRA used drug money and it spread. Even though half our troop injuries and deaths come from drug money -80% of drug money created 9/11 and its hard for 20% of an airplane to ram a building and 9/11 created the war in the STAN and Iraq, which means we really do spend $138-140 billion a year to keep drugs illegal since it was drugs that brought about 9/11 and war . . . more Americans will care about that than prison sentences. High Times could be actual legalization gurus and Marc was famous enough to get on High Times . . . High Times also has people like Cheech and Snoop etc . . . give these celebs the info, then they will speak the truth about the war on drugs and not just a little bit of the info. The legalization world should always remind the prohibition world that they created a war at 2billion a week . . . not this BS about Medical and raids . . . how many states have Medical? that’s what I thought. Have you ever had a Nigerian (African immigrant) in Amsterdam threaten to cut you up if you didn’t buy coke -coke he either didn’t have or if he had -it came from Africa -from the Muslim terrorist Cartels buying it from South America . . . coke he got off somone who got it off somone who got it off a dealer sympathetic to a terrorist network or working for a network. Those guys are not dumb and they have their hands in every nation and city in Europe for coke deals. Cocaine being used by a Brit kills Afghan or Iraqi civilians and U.S. soldiers . . . a single gram of cocaine in England or France cost $2billion a week. We cannot win the war on drugs . . . the Muslim terrorist is well armed in 80’s Iran-Contra connections. The taxpayer who knows drug laws created a $2billion a week war lasting longer than Nam will either not care or care -but its more important than Medical since more people are affected by the war and recession than Medical pot or by people being busted by pot . . . the whole nation is affected by what 9/11 and recession has done -only a few are affected by DEA raids and Mexico and jail time for drugs.

  9. Son of Sam Walton on

    I’m not trying to rag on you CC . . . its just I’ve been following you guys religiously ever since my undergrad thesis proved drug money was a huge culprit in 9/11 and the War on Terror and can you guess what website gave me access to further investigate –can you? Hint: They are called Cannabis Culture and your excerpts from other media sources gave readers the freedom to go to the library or travel or to research another story or some documented history or documented declassified memos from the Government etc. Why would you post stories from other sources which can be divided up into dozens of bits of info for further investigation and those bits can be further divided up etc and negate earlier bits you’ve done. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to investigate Iran-Contra and the 10yr War with Russia to prove dope money from earlier Iran-Contra connections and how it created the vessel for 9/11. The real war on drugs isn’t in America as much as we want to pretend . . . Spain too was hit by terrorist attacks after 9/11 . . . Look at Tanzania and Kenya as well . . . Uganda soccer watching event . . . Mumbai 2008 . . . China Olympics. Americans are too busy to focus on jail sentences . . . too much going on in personal lives to write to politicians, but if we used some common sense and logic to connect the dots to how Marcs’ prison sentence and a blown up humvee in the STAN have more in common than chocolate chips to cookie-dough, then American heads will be turned. “Letting our enemy control drug money during war” should be a show stopper if the word was spread . . . a hundred politicians would be demanding an end to the War on Drugs if they wanted a paycheck and reelection . . . cops would demand an end to the war on drugs if they realized their necks could snap at the end of a rope for conducting treason during a time of war . . . the 13 million Vets and their 40 million family members and their 100 million friends would demand an end to the war on drugs. Driving is more dangerous than drugs . . . divorce is as dangerous as drugs . . . eating bad foods is as dangerous as drugs –so therefore all those should be outlawed or drugs legalized . . . shooting hypocrisy in its foot because of troops and 9/11 and our recession. Would we rather make drugs legal or letting soldiers die and buildings collapse and people go without jobs? This would be the choice Americans would have and not a bunch of ignorance making the ‘drug problem’ look small. Yes marijuana is medicine for some and has high potential for rejuvenating cells and healing cells and stopping cancer, but medical marijuana is a joke of a loophole for legalization . . . the national consensus is “suffering from depression because of hair loss –get some pot from the Doc . . . no motivation for walking the dog –get some medical . . . a little bit of pain in your back –get some medical pot.” Vets need jobs after the war –great idea: invent hemp jobs to create gasoline and plastics and clothing and paper . . . this is more serious than a couple of people in jail and when the people know family members get killed or wounded in a foreign land and their jobs are threatened by the War on Drugs, then they will speak out against unconstitutional jail terms. Marc could go for the record: I wasn’t busted for selling marijuana seeds . . . I was busted for keeping Al Qaeda and the Mexican cartels from selling pot . . . I was trying my best to make sure regular marijuana users got their medicine and got their weed from their garden and not a terrorist/cartel/gangbanging dealer . . . The DEA busted me because I was attempting to keep more airplanes from crashing into America or even Canada” —-then comes the cause and effect facts using history. Get every pro-marijuana group shouting the same things –people will hear. Legalization of pot has absolutely nothing to do with one’s right to smoke pot –but everything to do with giving justice to the 9/11 victims and returning the troops home. The victims of the War on Drugs are best seen with the folks wearing ‘Iraqi or Afghanistan War Vet’ hats and T-shirts . . . Americans wearing uniforms . . . crying spouses who do not know if a loved one will come back in one piece . . . its cheap(er) to visit a loved one in prison, but impossible to visit a loved one in the Middle East. You get a few vets and people talking about drug money kills half the troops and 80% of the 9/11 victims –it doesn’t make a difference –but if you get the nation talking about it, it will make longer lasting impacts. It’s common knowledge for a few to know that the DEA are a bunch of Muslim Terrorists, but that sounds crazy with but a few talking about it. Real War on Drugs Stories are about getting hit by an IED or seeing a friend get killed or seeing dead Iraqi/Afghan children . . . that makes a greater impact than sliding jail cell doors and a marijuana user getting his dogs killed in Missouri during a raid. The wrong approach is still being made at the legalization end and Cannabis Culture is probably the most accurate site given they don’t turn Iran-Contra into a myth . . .they are better than Norml and more worthy than High Times –but they cannot state for the record that Iran-Contra didn’t happen when they talk about 9/11 being an inside job . . . drug money flew airplanes into those buildings and anyone who has ever spent any real time working with high electricity creating 6,000-10,000 degree welds with metal, understands the connection . . . what happens when you place 10,000 degrees of heat to concrete –you get cracks . . . what happens when your welding machine for stick is turned on all the way up –you get metal melting and disappearing into vapor . . . no burn marks on the Pentagon lawn –kind of like hitting glass with a baseball: the glass goes mostly inside the structure. Our government is evil, but they are too dumb to invent a war out of notional terrorism . . . they don’t need to invent it –it was there in Beirut killing 200 Marines . . . drug money financed pirates and war lords destroying our aid efforts in Somalia . . . 1993 WTC bombing etc. Cause and Effect is a bitch . . . cause and effect is a ghost for the ignorant.

  10. Bud Grinder on

    “Well, that’s one less Mexican to cross our border and take my job.” . . . that’s the mindset. But if they wanted to report the truth about all the Iraqis and Afghans killed by the drug cartels (drug money financing), then Americans will care and their minds will open up to think more about cause and effect.”

    Uhhh, why would the Americans care any more about Iraqis and Afghans that they would about Mexicans.

    Why would most Americans think about this at all.

  11. Son of Sam Walton on

    All I know of Civic Duty is from the Military side since 9/11 happened to my generation a few months after high school graduation. I worked in a prison camp in Baghdad and you would think the only prisoners were Shia and Sunni and Wahhabi (Osama’s lot), Al Qaeda and a few others . . . but you would never expect to see Italian Mafioso and Russian Mafioso in the prison as well . . . it was the place we held Saddam in, so it would be an ideal place to put Non-Muslim prisoners in as well. Not to say the place was crawling with Godfathers and what not, but a few . . . why else would the CIA have their own prison inside our prison . . . our prison, even the President could visit, but a three minute walk away: “Bush who . . . you really think you looking like Bush with all your documents and Secret Service personnel will fool anyone . . . I’m sure you want everyone to think you are really Tony Blair . . . anyone could have glued Obama’s fingerprints to their fingers or had an Obama face implant –where’s your security clearance?” This tells me that drug money created 9/11 and 9/11 created the war and the enemy is 50% or more financed by dope.

    If legalization groups jumped on the American Band wagon during these times, they might get more heads turned in their direction . . . if the legalization group wrote stories about the cause and effect of drug money killing their friends (the troops), then they will find an ally. CC always wants to post something about the murder in Mexico . . . but Americans as a whole do not care “Well, that’s one less Mexican to cross our border and take my job.” . . . that’s the mindset. But if they wanted to report the truth about all the Iraqis and Afghans killed by the drug cartels (drug money financing), then Americans will care and their minds will open up to think more about cause and effect . . . the real war on drugs is not in Mexico, but in Iraq or the STAN . . . how does violence in Mexico affect us, though the War on Terror does affect us and the War on Terror was created by dope financed hijackers and is being fueled by dope financed insurgents/terrorists . . . drugs are the only reason why we went to Iraq . . . no 9/11 gets us no Iraq . . . yes someone in some lobby or mansion might want us to be in Iraq, but we’ll never invade Iraq unless they invade us first –which was the fear coming out of 9/11 and all the hype. Iran-Contra gave the Muslim terrorists the means to sell cocaine European and African and Asian wide and now invading the STAN made the Taliban realize how badly they need opium and thus they reversed their rule on opium . . . the Taliban never once outlawed opium from the STAN, nope, they just made sure only a select few grew it . . . allow the whole country to grow opium in pre-9/11 times, then you run the risk of the people getting rich and uprising with a dope financed coupe.

    The legalization movement should go out of their way to show full support for the troops since it’s the troops who would love to not fight . . . no one in the military knows who Marc is –‘Was he that one guy who got his legs blown off?’ . . . getting the support of the military via letting them know you support them and that you are trying to save their life by stopping drug money, which would bring them home and stop their injuries and death, would get the support of the people and the soldier’s families. A recession and a war makes us forget about people in jail. Many times, legalization groups are chasing their tales and getting no results –similarly to the DOJ for over 70yrs trying and trying to keep all from drugs and getting the same results. Get Marc Emery and Jodie and High Times and Norml to talk about the real war on drugs, which kills soldiers and keeps a spouse’s bed with but one person in it . . . keeps a parent away and not spending Thanksgiving with the family . . . people in jail for drugs or seeds are in jail because they broke the law –that’s the mindset . . . people in war are in war because drugs are illegal and that’s the real world. How many Blue Star Moms and Patriot Guard Riders read CC or write to Marc? I understand High Times did an interview with Marc, and High Times has more fame . . . its time for Legalization groups to start talking about legalization instead of beating around the cannabis bush . . . American drug policy totally affects Bill C-10 and nobody has ever heard of Bill C-10 –Americans have a war and a recession and ball games to think about. Yes, Marc is not supposed to be in Jail and its common knowledge that the DEA and Gil and Eric Holder and Harper and Leroy Baca are all Muslim Terrorist Sympathizers according to their cause and effect actions and it is these Muslim Terrorists whom kill soldiers and jail Marc simultaneously. The real war on drugs is only noticeable in Iraq or the STAN . . . few Americans are aware or concerned with Mexico or who is in prison or how Bill C-10 will affect Canada . . . but more are aware and concerned about Iraq or the STAN or the $2billion a week we spend fighting the War on Terror, where half of that is fighting drugs and if 9/11 needed dope money and 9/11 brought us to war, then logic dictates the $2billion a week is because drugs are illegal . . . figures shadowing and covering up Marc Emery. If I didn’t work next to and with the CIA prison complex in Iraq (Ghost Busters), I wouldn’t have been aware that 9/11 was from drug money (80%). Common Sense in Logic when dealing with 9/11 as an inside job states it only happened as an inside job if and only if Iran-Contra and the Invasion of Panama were not real, but if Iran-Contra and the Invasion of Panama were real, then 9/11 came from drug money . . . the facts are hidden in the details. Not quickly stating out the capital of Mozambique right this very second doesn’t negate the fact that Mozambique has a capital. Why would CC post stories about Narco-Terror, which gives the reader detail to further investigate and then to go deeper and deeper, but then state 9/11 was an inside job with the whole ‘Smoking Mirrors’, thus totally stating they do not believe in the accuracy of the stories they post . . . the stories found in trusted news medias giving details one can access and investigate with other news medias and facts . . . bridging the gap with logic and much library and travel time. You will not get proper infiltration when you abuse the ones being abused by the war on drugs, such as the troops and 9/11 victims. I frequent this site because they are accurate with details one can investigate with other sources, which is very academic, unlike high times that talks about weed legalization as rock and roll and shake your booty and smoke your green buds etc, which is a magazine for teens . . . CC needs to step up and play the ball game they started . . . focusing on Marc keeps Marc in prison . . . focusing on the Real War on Drugs in Iraq and 9/11 will get support and then that support will flood Marc out of Jail on top of the shoulders of the soldiers. The Media gives aid to the troops as seen in advertisements and surprises at sporting events . . . why doesn’t the legalization world give support to the troops with stories about how drug money killed a soldier or caused that soldier to be messed up in the head or caused that soldier to blow his brains out . . . those are the real victims to the war on drugs. Most people would rather be in prison for five years than to have their legs removed from dope while in a humvee.

  12. s schofield on

    Well said Sam, if i was younger and knowing what i know now then i would have done the same.
    Every crooked regime was atomised by infiltration which in turn completly undermines the moral of the the man or woman serveing, not knowing who is friend or foe in their ranks is just devestating to moral.
    Some call it the actions of a traitor, personaly my view is its the most patriotic act one can undertake ever . JUST SAY NO to corrupt bent regimes, the words of Robert Peel, spring to mind, the people are the police and the police are the people

  13. Son of Sam Walton on

    Become cops or soldiers and dilute the system and then Marc will be free . . . quit wasting your time with writing to politicians and protesting. You get better results if you join the police force or Corrections or military . . . why doesn’t the weed activist protest while wearing their real issued police or military or Fire Department or EMSA uniforms? Drop out of college and serve your nation so others will be forced to respect you -so you’ll have the right to live the life you want -quit doing your own thing right now for a few years so others don’t have to be killed by your lack of actions: drug money makes war and death and genocides . . . quit smoking pot for the glory of legalization given the PD requires drug testing. It was the cops (Anslinger) whom made drugs illegal, not the politicians, so writing to Obama or politicians is like spitting in the wind . . . how many times do you see a congressman or senator or mayor or city council member raid homes for dope or make traffic stops? Only those who’ve been arrested or are not physically fit to wear their uniform need to march the streets waving signs, while working other jobs . . . other than that wear your uniform as required and dilute the system. By being brave and doing your part, you will gain the respect of your fellow cops, jailors, judges, prosecutors, soldiers, fire-fighters, ambulance drivers etc . . . if you have their back during a robbery or war or fire, then they will see you as citizens and not lawbreakers who couldn’t handle how hot the kitchen was . . . its harder to deserve jail if you are a real citizen . . . that’s how they think and you must dilute the system or at least quit paying any taxes on anything, such as taxes on clothing, gas, food etc. If over 15% of the police force were potheads and another 30% were against the ‘War on Drugs’, it would be very hard to arrest drug users and fire police officers whom are activists. I’ve done my part by serving my country in the uniform while protesting the war on drugs and letting everybody know how I feel while I had their back in a gunfight -what have you done?

  14. Catharine Leach on

    Hang in there. I miss you on FB. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for writing Marc. Don’t beat yourself up, we all have rough times in our lives. Be well, Howard. And take care of that adorable pup.
    If you ever need someone’s ear, I’m here [email protected]

  15. s schofield on

    Not good to see that the vermin are still at it with their protestations and crappy attempts to justify what they have done over the last decade.
    The real story is how the thugs in the private security industry managed to manipulate the system and goverment to snuff out legit competition.

  16. howard U on

    I have a whole story about my contact with you and Jodie. I have so much to say and so value the contact we have had in our correspondence. I am sorry I cannot do better. I have disappointed many lately. Its been rough. You’ve been a great friend to me even though we’ve never met. I’m going to call into free talk live soon and tell the story I got. itll be good.

  17. RG on

    Bud, I see your very clear point however one must keep their spirits up when being held prisoner. If Marc wants to refer to himself and fellow inmates as Opa Loompas, let him. I, for one, am amazed at his positive attitude under such dismal conditions. I find Marc to be an inspiration. Peace.

  18. Julius Wirffel.Mean.bud on

    Mite not me but I’am behind you and will see you on the out ……bro !

  19. Anonymous on

    bud grinder ,why don’t you put down the bong for 5 minutes and go down and spring them out

  20. Jean Marlowe on

    We love you Marc. We appreciate all you have done to spread the seed and to help those of us who wanted quality products.
    I pray for you regularly, as I have been an inmate in federal prison due to cannabis and my need of it myself.
    I hope you are able to stay healthy, stay safe and protected and beware of any medical procedure they want to do on you.
    We love you and wish you were home in Canada with your lovely wife.
    I honor you and admire you, dear friend.

  21. Bud Grinder on

    Marc, why do refer to you and your fellow incarcerants as “inmates?” The reality of your situation is that you are being held in confinement against your will in a concentration camp at GUNPOINT by a gang of vicious thugs acting under colour of law.

    If I were in that predicament I would consider myself and my forced companions to be PRISONERS and would never sugar-coat that reality with obfuscating euphemisms like “inmate.”

  22. J.Mark on

    Thanks much for your labors-freedom ,just a word for nothing left to lose-

  23. Ray Christl THC Ministry global on

    Wow, I get tired just listening to the amount of reading & activity this guy manages to accomplish…Unless we have a very good 2012 initiative season in USA,we’ll be closer,but not completely cracking the egg of FREEDOM.

    Marc & Jodie will still need to work on relegalization even when he comes home.

  24. Cat Leach on

    Hang in there friend, 2014 is coming!!
    Soon you will be reunited with your wonderful wife Jodie, and we will all celebrate your freedom and:
    ****TIME SERVED!****
    *hugs from Rhode Island* your devoted fan, Catharine Leach.