Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Embattled Dispensary Owner Runs For City Council

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: Charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking marijuana after his medical dispensary was raided and closed by RCMP, Randy Caine could be Langley, B.C.’s next city councilor. Caine joins the show in studio.

In this episode, CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer interviews founder of the Langley Medical Marijuana Dispensary Randy Caine, who is running for city council and facing cannabis trafficking charges all at the same time.

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Jeremiah also goes over recent news HIGHlights, including a new study from B.C. experts showing that pot prohibition fuels gang violence.


Tell Christy Clark to listen to the experts who say it’s time to end marijuana prohibition. Call the BC Liberal office: 604-606-6000 or send an email.

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Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Anonymous on

    .. are you on crack ?

  2. David762 on

    No doubt to any other readers here that you haven’t gotten that ‘quality’ education that even public schools offer, so I have to assume that you are either a juvenile (delinquent), dropped out of junior high school (7th grade?), or have been home-schooled by like-minded (narrow) bigoted Fascist parents.

    Maybe you will live long enough for your eyes to be opened, your horizons broadened, and your bigoted narrow-minded outlook on life to radically alter. Then again, considering your perceived intellectual capacity, you probably will not — hopefully, before you start breeding more little fascist piggies.

  3. Anonymous on

    “…But one thing is true,
    those who judge the others
    they’ve never met,
    those people are usually quite dumb..”

    you dope addled leftist turd

  4. Anonymous on

    how is everything going at
    ” Occupy your Parent’s Basement ? ”

  5. David762 on

    Even a Canadian should have some sense of the history of common English Law, based upon ‘natural law’ and codified nearly 800 years ago with the Magna Carta. Cannabis use, like any other hallucinogen or plant / herb is a matter of personal freedom including and especially freedom of religion. Quest for communion with god, or a supreme being, or the universal consciousness predates all organized religions former or present day, as well as known written history. Then factor in the basic human right of individuals to have control over their own bodies including what basis for medical treatment one chooses, be it modern ‘western’, traditional ‘eastern’, or nativist ‘shamanic’ and the ridiculous basis of your position is exposed for the Right Wing Authoritarian status quo Big Brother Monopoly Capitalist rant that it is.

    And by all means, do keep on about voters’ necessity to perpetuate the false dichotomy of a ‘2 party’ political system in which those 2 parties are nothing more than 2 wings of the same single wholly bought-and-paid-for Corporatist Party. Democracy is not, and historically was not, built upon the rise to power of an artificially entrenched ‘professional’ Political Class, but upon private citizens inspired to be a voice for their fellow citizens. Your blanket denigration of ‘pot-heads’ as being totally unqualified to pursue public office is naked bigotry born of a shill of the Crony Corporatist elite.

    If voters were educated as to the nature of modern politics as well as their right to use the “Write-In Candidate’ option (e.g.. Yes / No / None of the Above), the 2 existing prominent political parties would have become as extinct as the do-do bird. Corporate ‘Person-hood’ is not a natural societal construct — they cannot ‘vote’ (yet) but can only spend vast sums of money to proffer Their candidates as well as trying to influence real citizens / voters. That is The remaining power of We the People to affect populist change.

    I don’t expect you to actually learn any lesson from my response — as Upton Sinclair once wrote
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
    Put another way, with another quote is this Q&A from literature:
    “But are there not many Fascists in your country?’
    ‘There are many who do not know they are Fascists, but will find it out when the time comes’.
    — Ernest Hemingway, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

  6. Anonymous on

    The Illuminati was a private club founded in the 1700’s for scientists and intellectuals who wanted to pursue scientific study without the Roman Catholic Church sentencing them to death for speaking against the creationism philosophy of God.

    Any traces of the Illuminati are simply fanatics trying to make themselves feel special by having a secret club that no one else can join. The Illuminati was about knowledge and science, not control through covert means.

    And yes, Obama toked, stopped toking, ran for office, eventually became president. But the USA was already in financial ruin when he had taken office thanks to the previous two terms of G. Bush Jr. and his flagrant spending. Those wars you speak of were started by his predecessor, their duration of combat operations already decided.

    I’ll agree, toking a joint does not qualify as an inalienable human right, but freedom of expression and freedom of choice are human rights, at least in Canada anyways, along with the freedom of health care choices.

    Arguing that cannabis consumption is a human right, kind of far fetched. But if government were to reenact alcohol prohibition, or bring about tobacco prohibition, many would argue how that would constitute an infringement of their human rights, regardless of how marijuana is far less harmful than either drinking or smoking.

    Besides, with Randy Caine running for city council, it just demonstrates how democracy works. Would you rather live in an oligarchy where only the upper class can hold political office? How about a theocracy where the church dictates the rule of law.

    Democracy, despite its many flaws, is a work in progress. If democracy does not allow for the every-man to run for political office, then democracy has failed. And just because someone smokes pot, it doesn’t mean they’re a joke to others. Some of the stupidest people on this planet are perfectly sober. Some stoners are incredibly successful. It all depends upon the individual.

    But one thing is true, those who judge the others they’ve never met, those people are usually quite dumb.

  7. Anonymous on

    The Illuminati insist that none of their members deal with the pirate economy in any way ever. That means use sketchy hallucinogenic drugs of unknown purity or strength
    President Obama could have stayed a stoner like you couighing up vague stale dated Woodstock Nation brainwash lint or he could clean up his act and do something
    with what was left of his life, he did and bankrupted America and kept us fighting on more war fronts than ever before. You’re right- he’s abad example

    It is not a human right to be stoned. You’re making this up between bong pulls What Is this ” natural law? ” you refer to – survival of the fittest Darwinian Eugenic Nazi stuff that went down bigtime a century ago? or is this another one of your stoner statesman gas bubbles ?

  8. Brian Kerr on

    The only vote wasted is one not cast. (vote for what you believe in)

    “Stoners make great stoner rights advocates but they are pretty much useless for anything else.”

    That is so funny. Obama was a stoner. He became president of the usa. Oh wait, bad example.

    What are stoner rights ? There is no such thing. There are only human rights based on natural law. There are no other rights.

  9. Anonymous on

    Elect Randy Caine – on a grudge platform & chances are he will never win. Vote wasted
    time wasted everybody gets a little older and a little more frustrated. Consider if he did win: even worse- because his entire life experience and frame of mind is getting stoned, growing pot and vending pot he wouldn’t be able to accomplish any other governing duties at all because all he could ever propose would be to get more stoned. Then you’d either have to impeach him – or wait him out as a dead log the four years of his term in office. Four years of civic life shot to hell

    Stoners make great stoner rights advocates but they are pretty much useless for anything else. Even Marc Emery never won a single election. Ever.. or even came close

  10. David762 on

    This is the type of political activism that will ultimately restore our populist democracy. We the People cannot depend upon the current crop of politicians of any particular political party to abide by the wishes of their constituents — they (mostly) are a product of the status quo and will maintain this fubar situation. Giving money, support, and our votes to people like Randy Caine will win us our freedoms back — supporting politicians indentured by crony corporate interests is akin to pouring money down a rat-hole.

    No matter how much money the monopoly capitalists spend on the political campaigns of their bought-and-paid-for political lackeys, it doesn’t actually buy a single vote, only influences weak-minded constituents. We can and must do better, and we will win this war waged against the people. Not voting is not an option — smart voting by an educated populace is the only option.