Tommy Chong to Obama: ‘Pardon Marc Emery and Legalize Marijuana’

Funnyman Tommy Chong with Princess of Pot Jodie Emery at CCHQ.Funnyman Tommy Chong with Princess of Pot Jodie Emery at CCHQ.CANNABIS CULTURE – Iconic filmmaker/stoner/activist Tommy Chong stopped by Cannabis Culture Headquarters this week to discuss Obama’s continuing war on medical marijuana and the latest on imprisoned Canadian pot activist Marc Emery.

Tommy, a former Vancouver resident who has been a friend of Marc and the CCHQ family for many years, spent some time talking with Marc’s wife Jodie Emery at our magazine office and bong store, and even had a chance to talk with the imprisoned Prince of Pot directly by telephone.

A former U.S. federal prisoner himself, Tommy was sentenced to nine months in prison after a dubious government sting called “Operation Pipe Dreams”, where he was eventually found guilty of sending glass bongs to a state where drug paraphernalia is illegal.

Never camera shy, Tommy let us set up our Pot TV equipment to record a personal message. Watch the video below:

“I think it’s time that we started making our voices a little louder in protest,” Chong said, “and one really good way to protest is to sign a petition.”

Tommy asks viewers to sign the Pardon Marc Emery petition at the White House’s We the People website. At the time of publication of this article, the petition has over 6600 signatures, enough to get a response from the White House according to the rules – but every extra signature helps. The more signatures on the petition, the more powerful the message!

SIGN THE PETITION asking Obama to Pardon Marc Emery.

The Pardon Marc Emery petition made mainstream news on this side of the border. South of the border, the press took notice that 5 of the top 10 We the People submitted questions are related to marijuana, hemp or the drug war; the top asking to “Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol”.

Marc is currently serving a five-year prison sentence in the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds in Canada, after being targeted by the government for his political activism. Read more about Marc Emery at or on his CC Blog.



  1. Buddy Sinstems on

    Are a very disgusting and ignorant person, and I can’t wait for your turn to have your tax dollars fuck you over as hard as they want, at anytime they want, for any reason they want. Hey, probably ending your simpleminded life without any concern for you and your family, while laughing at the fact they just fucked you ever so horribly with your own tax dollars, pocketing some of course for “doing their duty” protecting America.
    Your lack of interest is as needed as aids and you’re probably one of the fine examples of someone who had a brain and lost it from not using it. Get one and then talk…. but with proper grammar too if that’s not too difficult for you please 😀

  2. Anonymous on

    so many times.

  3. Purple (Robyn Kozie) on

    I believe, if you are a smoker that wants to improve this system; you should show up @ your local police station with a lit joint and turn yourself in.
    Imagine the stress on the police & then the courts if they had just 100 people per day looking to get busted.
    Of course, you REALLY need to be a strong supporter because this will screw your US travel.
    Oh well, I don’t need to travel to the USA anyway. There is an entire world out there that will not hold the fact that you are a smoker against you.

  4. Anonymous on

    lay off the dope dave…your delusional and dumber than a 5 pound bag of dick hair

  5. Dove on

    I like his comment of get high AFTER you sign the petition…

    same as don’t go out with more $ (or cards) than you can afford to spend! lol

    Thanks for sending that out for Marc, Tommy!

    peace & pot

  6. David on

    here’s the big deal about taxes. for one thing, the government uses your tax money to wage war against you and a plant. the money is extorted from you under penalty of law. when the government takes your tax money, and you have identified yourself as a seller of bongs, or seeds, and then turns around and busts you for making the money from which you paid your taxes, that’s a total fail. you say you were raised to believe it was your “duty and responsibility” to pay taxes. you were also raised to believe in santa claus, the tooth fairy, America is the savior of the world, there’s an invisible Father in the sky who judges you, etc. Sometimes, anon, you have to go the extra mile and actually, god forbid, question what you were brainwashed to believe when you were young. marijuana helps you un-brainwash yourself. you ought to try it sometime soon.

  7. Anonymous on


  8. Bud Grinder on

    And the official response is likely to be words to the effect of “tough shit, fuck off.”

  9. Anonymous on

    Petition (Online) >>> We still need over 4,000 Signatures >>> Only 10 Days to go!!!
    Prisoners being held for the peaceful,non-violent possession,sale,transport or cultivation of cannabis must be released
    I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People.
    Will you sign it?
    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama
    Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets
    enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.

  10. Anonymous on

    what’s the big deal about paying taxes….many of were raised to believe it was your duty and responsibility….something you did and didn’t brag about

  11. Adam H on

    Hahahaha I bet the government was suprised when he suggested they legalize weed. Lol

  12. Guitarod on

    Tommy is one of the victims of the American war on drugs & a survivor. He did pay American taxes and was rewarded by the Feds with prison. Sound familiar.
    Marc Emery & him do have something in common other than smoking pot.