Medical Marijuana Applicants Facing D.C. Deadline

Applicants hoping to dispense medical marijuana in the District have until Halloween to submit their plans to city officials, pushing the long-awaited program forward even as federal prosecutors put a scare into the cannabis industry’s prospects in California and other states.

The D.C. Department of Health began to accept paperwork Oct. 3 from pre-approved groups that hope to be among the five picked to open a medical-marijuana dispensary.

Barring an extension, the District should wrap up its two-part application process by the end of the month. The first part was to select 10 groups to grow marijuana at secure cultivation centers and ran from Aug. 15 to Sept. 30.

D.C. residents have waited more than a dozen years for medical marijuana, since approving the plan in a 1998 referendum. The plan was stalled when a congressional rider known as the Barr Amendment banned the city from funding legalization efforts. However, the ban was lifted in 2009, which cleared the way for the program’s implementation.

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